What’s in my Violin Case?!

What’s in my Violin Case?!

Hey guys! It’s Esther here. Welcome to my channel. Today’s video is going to be ‘Whats in my Violin Case’. I just brought my violin upstairs and I did not open it. I did not look through it yet and I’m actually very curious to see what I keep in my violin case. Right when I open-*laughs* omg this thing fell So why don’t I start with the photos. So this is a picture I keep of me and my sister and or is it my sister and I? This was us in Chicago for prom. This one is just like this concert that I did. If I could play a different instrument I would learn the cello. And then over here I have series of polaroids. So this one’s bent which I am SO SAD about. This one is my best friend Rachel. Actually this was at the end of my first year at Juilliard with her and we went to this festival and I like to keep this in my case because it kind of reminds me that life is also about having fun. Ohkay, so this is another EDC photo. The next two are from Aspen. This one is just me and my friend, Noel and um this was after our concert at Aspen for this program called the Wu Han Finckel Chamber..Music…Program and this one is Wu Han and Finckel! It was one of the most inspiring programs I’ve ever been to. And then I have this like gigantic Aspen sticker. And then the last photo you guys might have seen it in some of my like in B Rosette there was a little footage of it and it’s actually this really adorable picture of my parents. Let’s move on to my pouch here. Ohkay, so first thing is this cloth. It’s a cleaning cloth so you clean your violin strings if um they’re all dusty from the rosin. Obviously I have-wow I have all these bandaids. I need to carry this around with me because sometimes you get blisters on your fingers. It’s a useful thing to have. I have this beauty mirror. Next! Oh, very important. A musician should always carry 2 pencils. I mean not 2 pencils but pencils in general. Ohkay, I have no idea why I have this. um This is Teavana Mint Majesty. I mean I love tea. I am a tea – herbal tea drinker. These are hair accessories. There are bobby pins and hair ties here. Sometimes when I do concerts or competitions or even lessons I want to keep my hair out of my face so in case I did not bring a hair tie with me I use the extras in my violin case. I have a marble in here. I also have some coins and actually I used to keep coins in my violin case because at my music academy there was a vending machine and I really wanted to buy snacks during the break time but I forgot to bring money so I would make sure I have coins in my case in case I got hungry… in the middle of rehearsal… #storyofmylife Oh yes! Very important. Rosin. I’d be surprised if you guys did not have rosin in your case. It’s an essential item for at least string musicians. Oh I have two mysterious black bags. The first one… (trying to open it) wow k gimme a second-OH Ohkayy so I have this really cute Despicable Me key chain and I’m pretty sure I got it from this really cute little girl that I used to hangout with at the library. Now that doesn’t sound creepy at all, right? This is a symbol of my childhood. I got this when I was really young and actually all the little key chains in here, they’re from different parts of my childhood and I keep this in my case with me. It’s kind of like a good luck charm. Next black bag! If you’re not a musician, this might look like a very strange item but this is a very common thing – I hope – that violinists use and it’s for um your chin rest. So if you wanna tighten it, you use this. It’s kind of like a screwdriver for your chinrest. Oh yeah This is one of my favourite items. A must have. Nail clippers. As a violinist, you’re not allowed to grow your nails too long. I mean you can if you want to and if you’re able to play the violin that way, but it’s a lot easier playing the violin with shorter nails so nail clippers are very important to carry around. This is from a violin teacher who is like a mother to me. I think she was the only person who gave me gifts for my birthday and this was one of them. I have this really random origami rose. Kind of reminds me of Beauty and the Beast, right? Maybe I should make a cover on that. *laughs* And then, last but not least VOILA These are violin mutes and I have 2. I think I got this from a friend of mine. And this one…there’s an interesting story to it. The first violinist of the Emerson Quartet gave me his mute. I had a coaching with him at the summer program called Heifetz. We were playing Shostakovich quartet? Nono We were playing Ravel string quartet and there’s a part where I needed a mute and I didn’t have one. I didn’t own a mute at all so he just gave me his. It’s a very valuable mute. Anyways, that’s the end of my video. I hope you guys enjoyed that. If you guys like what you see, please be sure to subscribe as I post content almost every week. There’s a bell notification as well beside the Subscribe button and if you click on that, it’ll give you notifications for my next videos. And last but not least, these are my social media handles. Go check out my facebook and my instagram. I don’t have twitter yet, but I’m deciding if I should make one or not. So that’s it for this video and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye! 🙂

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  1. hey esther! i have a question!! do you carry a school backpack and ur violin case? where do you usually put your music sheet and your snacks when you are on the go?

  2. My case has a bunch of stickers and clips that I got whilst traveling and two bows as well as a cloth, rosin, lots of band aids because I get lots of blisters, and a snack:)

  3. I use a soft case with a big pocket. It has a spare e string, a cloth, rosin, tuner, lesson fee envelope, metal mute and one of the green humidifying tubes for winter.

  4. Typical blatant monetising…. I mean PLAY violin….. come on – let's SEE…. please…. (but then again, yeah, I'm just a grumpy old man)…. excuse me if I got it wrong…. happy to be corrected…

  5. My viola case has-
    Cloth to put over viola (not cleaning)
    Shoulder rest
    Inside my pouch, I have-
    Nail clippers
    Practice mute
    Keys for my case (I never lock it)
    In my music pouch I have-
    3 folders
    3 pencils
    Practice journal

  6. For some type of reason, almost all the people who play violin (who I know), want to play the cello if they didn't play violin. I myself want too aswell!

  7. For the people saying a violin and a bow is it that’s not true my violin case has way more than that like rosin extra strings sheet music a cloth and a bunch of other random things like that so yea it’s not just a violin and a bow

  8. Wondering if you and Nathan are dating…or just professional pals…? 😉 You guys (would) make a great couple!! 🙂

  9. I have:
    Scherl and Roth Violin (Made in 2018)
    Carbon Fiber Bow (unsure of brand)
    Eastman Strings Rosin
    Lesson Notebook
    Everest Shoulder Rest
    2 Gold State School Music Competition Medals

  10. Don't wait learn cello now😉😉😉😉 no problem ✌️ i play cello, violin, lyre and dizi and bansuri flute. One is never too old for learning 👨‍🎓

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