We Are The Overby Family Band | INDIE ALASKA

We Are The Overby Family Band | INDIE ALASKA

1, 2 3… (music) I got a letter from my darling, it says hurry home, I got a letter from my darling, how long have you been gone… The music we play is called Jug Band music. There is myself, my sister Alyssa, my other sister Rachel, and my father. Then there’s Tyler, that’s Rachel’s fiance. And then my fiance Telsche. Everybody in the family is a musician for the most part. The biggest place for influences is just the old oral tradition. You know, you go to your uncle’s house, and he’s got a mandolin… And, he knows this song that’s he’s been singing for 50 years or something, you kind of learn it from him, you learn it a little differently. It’s pretty accessible. A lot of times, it’s about stuff I really like. It’s about chickens and gravy, and it’s about the blues. I don’t know… The stories are really neat. The stories are really simple in the songs, but there’s I think they have a lot of really neat character. (singing) I got a letter from my darling, it says hurry home. I got a letter from my darling, how long have you been gone. Got great big eyes, rosey cheeks… It was really nice growing up in Sutton. I think that Alaska is a good place for people to have expressions and feel like it’s their own, rather than having to feel like you’re being influenced… by too much. I definitely think that growing up here has taught me alot… about how to be rugged, and how to be comfortable in what I’m wearing, and, I think that’s really a great thing about being in this band, you know that you don’t have to become anything other than what you are. (music) (singing) I walked around the corner to the peanut stand, but my gal got stuck to the peanut man… you may leave, but this will bring you back. I’m satisfied, I’m satisfied, I got a little gal right by my side. You may leave, but this will bring you back. I got roped in to this family by Jason. Who came down to Minnesota looking for a girl, I assume. And, he found me. I was not a musician before entering this family. But, I was quickly told that I better pick one up. And sit around the fire with them and learn. So, I played clarinet when I was in elementary school. And, so three years ago I got it back out. And I started relearning scales… and I’m still really terrible at it. I just like the old ways of things. You know, working with your hands and finding things. I kinda dream about it, and I don’t know. I just like the way wool pants feel. And I like the way a homemade meal tastes. I just… I don’t see why it wouldn’t suit everybody. At one point, it suited everbody just fine. It wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t have all the modern amenities that we have, I mean, I guess it’s just kind of in my… I just grew up around it. So, any time I hear… That raw singing, everybody just kind of hollering and having a fun time, and these really traditional kind of roots, I just feel at home I guess. You know? (singing) You quit me pretty mama because you couldn’t be my boss, but a rolling stone, it don’t gather no moss… You may leave, but this will bring you back. I’m satisfied, I’m satisfied. I got a little gal right by my side. You may leave, but this will bring you back. Sutton definitely seems, uh, redneck to most people. Living right next to the coal hills, there’s all sorts of traffic, that comes out during the summer time. And people go up there and shoot guns. You can hear guns right now. Which is really devastating, because that area is beautiful, and there was fossils up there… and it’s where we used to romp around when we were kids, and now, it’s just turning in to people going up for the weekends and leaving their trash. Being surrounded by the most beautiful state in the United States, I could have bought some property that was untouched and then cut the trees down… And, then put my own trash on it. But, I just remind myself that I’m cleaning this up And making this look beautiful again. Hopefully that will inspire other people around the area to take pride in the place that they live. There was a moment when I realized I was an Alaskan. Last fall, I went home for my sister’s wedding, And, she had booked her wedding at this fancy farm in Minnesota. It was a bed and breakfast, and Jason and I got this beautiful room, with a jacuzzi tub, and I was wearing a bridesmaid’s dress and high heels, and I walked out of the bed and breakfast, and was looking around the yard for a place to pee. And, it probably took me 15 seconds before I realized… normal people pee inside. (singing) Mama made Papa be quiet as a mouse, so Papa climbed up on top of the house, made a lot of whoopie, made a lot of noise, stood up and cheered with the rest of the boys… I know that music has obviously brought us closer. I mean, weren’t for music, it wouldn’t have that same spice that it has. And my sisters. My mom sees that I’ve had a big influence over their lifepath. She kinda wishes it was a little more traditional. You know. Just working at a 9 to 5, and saving away for their futures with a lot more security. But, our sense of security is different, and our sense of our wealth is different. Like right now, I’m filled with satisfaction. You know? We live kinda in the woods. You know. Might as well be in the woods, you know.

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  1. I just love seeing all of these videos about people in Alaska. It makes me want to live there even more 🙂
    Keep these videos coming, please!

  2. well it is recorded, Trace & Jason are going to master it on some dark cold days this winter, we will have it with us next summer for sure!

  3. Finally ! ! An adult with some common cense. At 6:27 seconds we hear that Mom thinks the whole idea sucks. 

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