Violin Tuning : Violin Tuning: D String

Violin Tuning : Violin Tuning: D String

So for the D string, very similar to the G
string and the other strings you want to hear a ring on top. So when you’re playing you
should hear a little bit of a ring that’ll let you know that your D string is in tune
and it also will help your sound come out even more to have a great sounding string
that’s very much in tune. So you’re actually hearing a little bit of a harmonic on top
when you’re playing that. And so that’s how you know if it’s in tune, you really want
to hear that ringing sound because it lets you know that not only is your string in tune
but it’s in tune with all the other strings. And if you listen very, very closely when
you hear that ring you can actually almost hear, you can hear the ringing of the other
strings as well. So it’s a very rounded sound, a full sound that you want to have and you
can hear it on all the strings. So next we’re going to focus exclusively on the A string
as well as the E string and do some more tuning exercises.

25 thoughts to “Violin Tuning : Violin Tuning: D String”

  1. well ! thankyou so much ! now my violin IS tuned !! and seriously i've listened to a lot of teachers on youtube (and personal teachers at music school) and I got it with you! thx you so much !!

  2. that was very helpful. my chemistry teacher brought in this 50 year old violin with the soundpost dislodged and the strings soo loose. i brought it home, fit the soundpost and with your videos it's in perfect tune and sounds loud and proud. 🙂

  3. I'm having troble with my D string. Every time I get the peg tightened right on the key of D, the whole thing jumps back down. The Peg just won't stay in it's place even when tightening. What should I do?

  4. @KatarinaGH1 I kinda figured out that it takes a couple of days to correctly tune the strings to stretch them out a bit.

  5. Can you actually teach 3rd position d string notes, instead of just whether the notes are in tune? The whole "ringing" concept is in every video!

  6. if i tigh my peg it slowly reverses back to the untuned place and it is very hard i will admit it . My teacher tunes it she tunes it like none of her buisness . I dont know how she does it?!.

  7. My D string sound like the sound of furniture cutting in a forniture workshop. I used online tunning found in play tube that goes by the name G STRINGS. The other all strings sound fine. But D string, ahhh..I want to pull my arms out so that I can have sth to throw you know!! I am a super beginner though. I have followed your lessons and still its the same. I am using a cheap Chinnese violin and I havent changed any strings. The strings I have are from the manufacturers themselves. Do you think there can be problem with the string and changing the string might help??

  8. its taking me already an hour to tune my D string!!! my other strings are good but whenever i turn the pegs it sounds like A string or D string ;-;

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