Vintage Vacuum Cleaner Sound + Vintage Fan Sleep Sounds 10 Hours

Vintage Vacuum Cleaner Sound + Vintage Fan Sleep Sounds 10 Hours

Hey everyone, for this weeks relaxing sleep video, a lot of you have been asking for vacuum cleaner sounds. One subscriber actually shipped me this delux, electrolux canister vacuum cleaner from the 1960’s. It has a very unique relaxing sound to it for those of you who really enjoy vacuum cleaner sounds. Coincidentally, I’ve found that the exhaust port in the back of the vacuum, which exhausts upwards, has a unique vortex property to it. I can suspend this inflatable toy globe in it, and it will bounce around, but it will never leave that vortex. An added relaxing visual if you will. To complement the vacuum cleaner sounds, I’ve come across this vintage galaxy, three bladed fan from the 1970’s. On the back side of the fan I’ve wrapped the motor in LED strips. I did that because this fan is actually translucent, or see through. So once we get up and rolling, I’m going to dim the lights for the whole video. And then turn the LED’s on, and the edges of the fan will actually seem to be glowing as they spin. So I hope you find this relaxing, please comment down below and let me know what you think of this. If you haven’t yet, please take a moment to subscribe.

89 thoughts to “Vintage Vacuum Cleaner Sound + Vintage Fan Sleep Sounds 10 Hours”

  1. A big shout out to David who shipped me the Vintage Vacuum Cleaner for everyone to enjoy. Sleep well my friends. Vacuum cleaner sounds have an excellent reputation for putting crying babies to sleep.

  2. Yeah this is true I used to use vacuum sounds for my kids when they were little , also hairdryers were useful , I now use both sounds to relax , as I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis I get quite stressed at times, and find they help to chill out too .

  3. You’ve done it again my friend, another fantastic video thank you for all your hard work! You help me sleep every night, thank you so much. ❤️❤️

  4. Awesome sound, Great combo. and the visual is so relaxing, my favorite color is blue. 💙💠💙I have a long day tomorrow and almost asleep as i write this. Good night, from the North☃️🇳🇴

  5. This one is truly unique what a great way to have a relaxing stress free night 😊 ps: great visuals with the L.E.D lights, blue is my fav color.

  6. I love these videos they help me so much to sleep or take a nap living in la sucks because of everything you hear but this helps me so much thank you

  7. I absolutely love these videos, I have trouble being able to sleep and concentrate and these videos always really help out, I always look forward to Sunday evenings. Thank you for your hard and kind work Randall 🙂

  8. This was such a well thought out video!! I really appreciate the time and effort you put into your stuff! This produced a really nice also!!

  9. The swaying ball coupled with the fan seem to have a hypnotic effect. The vacuum is making a very satisfying machine noise also. Yet another high quality vid Randall!

  10. My sleep time friend, thanks for seeing me thru the nights 🌃 love it…. not only that – I just turned it on like 2 minutes ago, and my almost 2 year old grandson passed out before I could finish typing this,😳🤭😴💤Man, I love you for that 😘🤗now it's my turn 👍🛌🌜💤💫✨🧚🌌🌃🌠 goodnight

  11. Thank you David! When i was.a small child I used to go downstairs in my Parents home to the family room, pull out a 70s vintage Hoover canister vacuum, turn it on and fall asleep. On the hard floor. 😀 If I can locate a 70s vintage hoover vac Ill return the favor and ship one to Randall.

  12. 😌😴 Yes here is my excellent sir, sir Randall with another excellent white noise footage. It is now time to retire for the night.

  13. perfect Combo I Love It So Much ..Its So Relaxing Thanks Randall…your videos always help me go to sleep thanks so much 🥰🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗

  14. The fan over powers the vacuum… Do a video of the vacuum by itself…. nice though… you get a better tingling sensation from the vacuum alone. Funny I used to sleep next to a vacuum as a kid. My family thought I was nuts…. LOL

  15. what can I say? another gem from RRR. i'm listening to this at 8.35am and despite having just woke up from a good night's sleep I am finding I just want to put my head down again.

  16. I absolutely love the sound of the vacuum cleaner! Fantastic video, as always. My new favorite 😊

  17. Another great one Randall I have just slept for 9 hours to this and I feel great. I remember falling asleep last night to this and it was euphoric. This is your best video yet. Thanks Randall 😪😪😪☺

  18. It's a fact VACUUM cleaner sounds soothes colic babies . ❤❤❤Sure wish I had YouTube back 30 yrs ago. Would have saved the life of a vacuum or two. 😁

  19. This brings back so many good memories. My mum used to vacuum at night when I'd gone to sleep and I always found it so soothing. And I've always slept with a fan, when I was a kid my fan didn't look that different to this one actually!

  20. If you're on the verge of sleep, it looks like the Blue Man Group performing in a hamster wheel, featuring Reggie Watts on the right.

  21. Randall…brothah…thats the coolest mood lighting ever. You REALLY put alot of thought into it. Im gonna try it tonight. This is close to the sound im looking for. I would like to hear your diesel engine on a highway trip paired with a hair dryer or a vacuum. cleaner. Anyway…thanks for the new vid. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. Keep up the excellent work! 😴

  22. Your new nickname from me is the sleep man machine. I watched every video of yours at night to fall asleep. And I keep wanting to comment. But your the sleep man machine. Every video of yours I watch I don't remember falling asleep. That's how good your videos are. Most fan sounds on YouTube videos sounds horrible. So I been sticking to your YouTube channel. Because I fall asleep to your videos in a matter of minutes. Keep up the good work!

  23. I love it. My only feedback would be to apply an eq filter to roll off the very highest frequencies as there’s a really high pitched whine that is a bit much above a certain volume. Course, Im just one person and I realize that would necessitate re-uploading the video, which isn’t practical…but I thought I’d mention it anyway. Overall it’s a great track and l love it, so keep up the awesome work!

  24. Ugghhhhuummmm??? .. DuDe.. How the "H" to the "E" to the double hockey sticks "LL" am I just seeing this now??? Lol.. There's a dash of made scientist with a splash of pure genius in this weeks video my fine feathered friend!! Absolutely magnificent man.. Love it. Thanks so much, really. Having something as simple as a good nights sleep was always a struggle for me, and still is mind you. These videos are an amazing help and a great tool to use for people having issues with sleeping. Im a believer in alternative methods then popping pills which is the go to 9 out of 10 times right off the hope by most family doctors. That works for a lot of people dont get me wrong, I just wish those people had a chance to experience your videos or even be exposed to the wonder world of white noise bc its still so new to so many people.. anyway Bud.. ill stop there for now. Thanks Again my Friend!

  25. OMG!! I LOVE THIS!! Oh Man I'm gonna sleep like a baby!! Thanks so much for all your Creative and Wonderful , videos Randal 😉 😴😴😴

  26. Another great video!! I have all my friends check out and sub to your channel, your too underrated for the amazing content you create. I use these sounds to sleep every night and helps my tinnitus lots, I always look forward to seeing what new creative/relaxing sounds you come up with every week. Your videos help so many people get a good night sleep. I hope all is well and keep on your grind my friend.

  27. We have a WINNER FOLKS!! This a great vid Randall. Dope visuals, and the fan/vacuum combo is on point and very soothing. I was knocked out within 15 mins Sunday evening and have listened to it every night this week. Salute to Randall, the Fan 👑 as always

  28. Thanks for the content Randall. Two of my favourite sounds here. I think I grew up with that very same model vacuum cleaner when I was a kid.

  29. Hello Randall… I LOVE LOVE LOVE your channel, not only for the wonderful content but the fact you put a lot of care and creativity into your content. You go all out for us. We, your subscribers appreciate that. I have some content suggestions if it's ok. I LOVE the relaxing sound of laundromat dryers.. it's very soothing. I don't know if you can recreate that..the sound of several of those going at once, but if you could, it would be awesome…also..the sound of handwashing dishes in the sink…the soft sounds of the water, the soft sounds of the dishes and water…would be great content too. One last thing…you don't have a Patreon…you should get one so maybe some of the viewers can contribute to you so you can get more stuff for more content..thanks

  30. This is the first video where the visuals got me to sleep! So mesmerizing watching the globe spin round and round.. Awwh and round.. zzzzzzz

  31. Every time I think I’ve found my favorite you produce an even greater/sleepier video. Another one knocked out of the park.

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