Trumpeter ASU-85 Group Build Update II

Trumpeter ASU-85 Group Build Update II

Hi everyone and welcome to the second update on the “ASU-85 Group Build”. As you can see i finally made some progress, the model is completely assembled, now i can move on with painting the model. I glued all the parts of the running gear in place already,
even the tracks. I won´t remove them for painting later. I do not mind this, i did it this
way a couple of times in the past, gluing the tracks in place and then painting them
is not as hard as you might think. The problem was that i glued the sprocket wheels on the hull already, but
then i discovered that the tracks fit very tight on the sprockets. I had little hope to get them removed from the running gear without damageing
them, so i simply keep them on. Its not a big deal. On the back we have those straps for the additional fuel
tank which were included in the kit as photo-etched parts. It was very difficult to assemble, i had not the nerves to do that
so instead i glued paper bands with instant glue on the fuel tank. When painted it should look nice. The towing cables are glued in place aswell, i was surprised
how easy it was to get them into shape. They conform to the shape of the model very
nicely and should look great when painted up. I´m indeed surprised how well this worked, i had to work with
those copper cables in the past and they were a nightmare. Those frames on the front lights are made out of wire by myself, not because i
did not like the included plastic ones, but i lost one of those parts. I had to find a substitute. Their shape might not be perfect but for me its alright. I added the antenna on my own, its just a stretched plastic sprue. You can see the aerial on some reference pictures, on some pictures its missing. I added the antenna because there is this aerial mounting on the
model so i thought it might be a good idea. I did some extra work on the log as
you can see, it looks quite nice now. I applied filler with this rough brush and then i sanded
over it one or two times with rough sanding paper. Thats it, it looks very nice in my opinion. I will install it later when everything is painted,
you can simply slide it in these mountings. Then i want to talk about the participants of this Group
Build, i´m very happy that there are so many participants. The quality of your builds is awesome! storm22tpt is finished already, incredible model my friend, the
weathering is insane! Very subtle weathering, its ultrarealistic. Its one of the best weathered tank models i have ever seen. Then we have Mark O´Neill on board, great work so
far mate, i´m looking forward to see more. russ2471, you made some nice progress already, you guys are all ahead of me. And Fernando Duarte, its nice to have you on board aswell my friend! Maybe i can catch up with you guys soon. I hope i did not forget someone, its
difficult to maintain the overview on everything. If i forgot someone please tell me, maybe someone is participating
and i haven´t noticed it yet, could be possible. Alright, see you in the next video, your Hamilkar Barkas.

54 thoughts to “Trumpeter ASU-85 Group Build Update II”

  1. Looks great Michael. I'm interested to see how you paint the tracks while installed. I know that a lot of fellas do that, I've tried it twice and botched it both times. Knowing how you do it would be helpful.
    That log looks awesome too.
    Nice work buddy.
    New camera? Your voice sounds different.

  2. Sieht sehr gut aus Michael! Die Kette im montierten Zustand zu lackieren stelle ich mir aber sehr mühsam vor. Insgesamt finde ich das Fahrzeug ausgesprochen interessant und bin sehr gespannt auf das Ergebnis. Viel Spaß beim Weiterbauen…

  3. thank you mate 🙂 as long as you do not have too many wheels and you can reach everything its not that hard, i did it on my panzer I models and the T90 this way. if the main colours are quite dark on the model its good, it would cause a lot of trouble on a sand yellow tiger tank for sure!
    i just use a brush and paint it up carefully, thats the secret 🙂

  4. Ah… I see there's the problem I had then haha I was painting a DAK Tiger I . It's yellow and has tones of wheels.
    Well there's your problem haha.
    Thanks Michael.

  5. danke dir 🙂
    das geht schon, es sind ja nicht so viele räder und auch die kette ist gut zu erreichen mit dem pinsel. ich habe das früher schon bei den panzer I, panzer 35(t) und T90 modellen gemacht. unterm strich dauert es icht wirklich länger.

  6. well a DAK tiger tank is definately the worst choice for this painting technique, it would take ages and the result would not be pleasing at all, too bad for you mate.
    i forgot to answer your question about the camera, i used my new smartphone to make this video just to test it.

  7. des is auch zu erwarten weil meine digitalkamera auch nicht mehr das neueste modell ist 🙂 jetzt muss ich nur noch rausfinden wie das mit HD videos funktioniert und mir irgendne halterung zulegen damit ich das smartphone nicht halten muss mit meinen zittrigen händen.

  8. Great stuff Michael. The cable was a lot easier than i thought it was going to be too. I am glad i am not the only one who sometimes loses a part! I would not have know the straps on the barrels were paper – they look very good. A nice tip for future builds..thanks

  9. cool and your English subtitles are great. I never understood why tanks would have external fuel tanks…would they not be a target for the enemy ? Again, super work!

  10. thank you Mark 🙂
    the paper straps get in perfect round shape right away in contrast to the photo-etched parts. i got a bit mad on them so i decided to do it this way. I figured it out this way because i use paper to replace straps on figures aswell if necessary so i thought it might work on a tank model aswell.

  11. hehe i have a cold indeed at the moment but the sound difference is mainly because i filmed this with my smartphone instead of the digital camera i normally use.

  12. It's looking great Michael…can't wait to see it all painted…I wish I did my tracks this good but as you can tell by my videos I have none on my vehicle..I have to purchase after market ones…I ruined the kits

  13. thank you very much fernando 🙂 i painted it up already, i might do another update today if i have the time.
    you are not an "armour" guy right? those tracks can be quite difficult to assemble when you are not used to it so don´t judge yourself too hard on that. the aftermarket ones will look better anyway 🙂

  14. Looking very good Mike! I love your idea of working without those f*&?%$ PE straps for the oil barrel…god they made my life miserable 😛
    you are a much better builder than me Mike, much cleaner job!

  15. ah, low tech solution 🙂 I recall when the USA and USSR were in Iceland meeting for some reason: Icelandic authorities refused to allow Americans to use copy machines but the USSR came thru with Soviet technology, carbon paper 🙂 that cracked me up for sure 🙂

  16. there is another cool story 🙂
    to provide pens for their austronauts which can write under zero gravity conditions the NASA spent a lot of money to develop the ball pen – the Russians simply used a pencil. haha Russian ingenuity 🙂

  17. funny but that's this country, spend millions while the pencil is already available 🙂 btw, are you on facebook? Rob is on the same bunch that I am in…a good way for me to give you a website. chuck

  18. ture, sometimes countries try to surpass themselves all the time for no reason at all!
    i have no facebook account, i´m sorry. i might create one for this youtube channel as it is easier to keep the people updated but i don´t need an account for me personally.

  19. I accept that, every time I see something I believe would be interesting for you, your 'hamilkar barkas' is not a genuine address or a good email addy…and that's why I go to your channel to give you that information…btw, if you are checking STASI stuff, while we were in Dresden in 1975, this beautiful woman sat down beside me and spoke English…I had no idea why and it did not occur to me that she might have been STASI 🙂 it would be fun to see if I had a file 🙂

  20. Watching in the wrong order now, but it doesn't matter.. at least not to me! 🙂 Interesting to see it before the paint, you've done a brilliant job as usual. 🙂

    I took some videos at the show & may edit them together tomorrow, including a video showing my purchases & post it all together, rather than several short videos. Tried to film some stuff I knew would interest you and some other subscribers of mine. I also met two subs of mine at the show, it's always fun meeting the 'fans'.. 🙂 🙂

  21. hey hamilkar ne frage hättest mal ein interesse ein jagdpanzer E-100 zu bauen und zu bemahlen wüsste eine seite wo mann günstig modelle bekommst kenn denn händler auch . schreibst halt einfach drauf

  22. thank you very much robert, i´m looking forward to see the documentation of the show 🙂
    never met a "fan" in real life, i´m actually not really eager to do so as i´m a simple man who does not like it to get unwanted attention.

  23. Ha ha ha ha.. trust me, you can't get much simpler than me.. 🙂 🙂 Just happened to bump into a couple, which I had met before at other shows.. certainly no fuss or attention drawn, but I was bitterly dissappointed they didn't want my autograph, even though I offered to pay them for taking it.. 😉 It will be a couple of videos after all, I have posted the first one of my clubs show table and my purchases. It's not a talkie though as I am too tired after yesterday to say anything sensible! 😛

  24. Great summary so far. As I understand it you will bring this to a model show? After you do some weathering it will look great!!! Take care and have a wonderful day!

  25. thank you 🙂 i will take it to a model exhibition next weekend where i display some of my work, of course i will take some kits with me which i will assemble as it can be a bit boring from time to time and people might be interested in seeing how the models are made. demonstrating how i weather tanks might be cool aswell so i will take this model with me and weather it if someone asks me to demonstrate it 🙂

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