Travel Story S2Ep18 Emmanuel and Amidou’s Rhythm in Korea

Travel Story S2Ep18 Emmanuel and Amidou’s Rhythm in Korea

a rising dancer from Burkina Faso West Africa he has mastered traditional African dances as well as modern dance and ballet he is a man who loves dance more than anything else in the world he’s Emmanuel sanu his love for dance is matched by another man’s passion for music this man began learning music at the age of 50 that I vonnegan up and he plays all of Africa’s instruments with finesse for him music is life itself he’s a me to Bimini emmanuelle and a me do have come to Korea to share Africa’s music and dance and to discover a new rhythm in Korea this is a park in some dong goo soul here so lights have come out to enjoy a day in the Sun from the distance brings the exciting sound of drums this is where we find Emanuel and Emmy do early this year they joined a special group to share African music with more people who are unfamiliar with the genre cigar devil Africa’s moody team and more price and Rico damn my hips and equal talents to attempt a cute ebony cucina hunky you had all the cream cheese Emmanuel dances with fervor to a Madhu’s djembe he says that when he dances he feels all the bad energy escaping him leaving him in complete happiness he moves with passion hoping to convey that happiness to everyone watching two nails hold hundred available to see me that we toys oh gosh this is mixing Brazil element and Africa assignment we play together I come here I justice I just performers I’ve come from Korea poor poor performance in 2012 emmanuelle and a me do came to Korea to work as dancers for a local Africa museum they were surrounded by an unfamiliar language a strange culture and a foreign scenery so they decided to get closer to Korea through music and dance if we were a queen I want to show my pocket these people and if i can get something from this before too I want and I want to meet many artists too and I want to really meet many many artists and Korea a few days later Emmanuel and Emma do decide to try something they’ve never done before they hear lively rhythms on their way in this is a tap dance academy Emmanuel has been trained in African dance modern dance and ballet but he has never learned to tap dance oh hello hi oh I think you can do yeah yeah wow that’s this I’m gonna loan distasteful from usually doc gaga to cook up with your crap to put up doc okay okay the instructor begins with the most basic rhythm it’s time for the lesson Emanuel and Emmy do are no strangers to rhythm and they pick up the moves in no time it’s hard to believe this is their first experience with tap leading me down William signified a photo I set up when you’re done I’m van joking with an optional thing about it the students have prepared something special for these visitors from Africa a tap dance performance two Koreas folks on Arirang then a me do brings out a traditional instrument called ogoni and joins the music Africa and Korea come together in a tap dance to the added on they are communicating through rhythm not language yo tengo que se llama want an SPCC permanent residence oh SI vas kumar sivan frama upon dango gem assistant ebrima Alice epi SE te conoci gramin aqui la cama zonnos upon departure still continue from GV cuneta today Emmanuel and Amy do take a special music trip together this is ahsan in chungcheongnam-do province where a hip-hop festival is in full swing while walking through the small market set up at the festival a stand filled with colorful scarves catches a madhu’s eyes jo jo John Tucker do coolio his Korean helped him land a bargain next they hop on electric bikes to ride through the festival absorbed in the festive mood they greet everyone passing by with a high five I forgot something I figure we found Emanuel and Amy do slow down to watch a performance by a Korean indie band if you feel like you’re busy see the truth because I’m just then a staff member at the festival recognizes in manual and a me do and ask them for an impromptu performance they’re surprised but happy to oblige anh dau co Emmanuel and a me do have always wanted to share Africa with Korea through music mellows out a little bit again our puzzle that I am pika yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah their performance brings the audience a little closer to their homeland limb bushings are not we all can they move it on again both things we do Kyung didn’t Morgan Saachi triggers in and run yogi I’ll just want to eternity music silicone Sofia the music’s a famiiy no grandpa visual music compare is using music don’t succumb to sin nadie de you seen the Italian music the Sun sets in Assad and the hip-hop artists take the stage their beats turn the festival into a wild concert and the highlight of the concert is a performance by DJ Kue a Korean dancer and musician Wow after his performance emmanuel and a me do get a special chance to meet DJ Kue backstage DJ GU was a former member of clone an iconic dance group from the 1990s when they heard his music Emmanuel and a me do became instant fans yeah this is a chance to show their native music and dance in front of a star they admire they are a little more nervous than usual Emmanuel and practice some of DJ goos moves naturally the two began dancing together African desert in Africa also the time field early my cuticles was it another those licenses all like at the homewood yes if Rama Rama Rama arrestee swap it is easy for madiba nasty mft pasta sister Kanta hostility a moment to don’t revoke it red dead answer it as producer for some fat replacers they wrap up their day at a nearby camp site ha they’ve worked up an appetite after their long day and they decide to have a late dinner today one day it’s okay really happy we enjoy we meet many people yeah mama village idiot reliever vevo com GV Musante avocation comviva come in and that we welcome the suit two years ago they were invited to perform in Korea but they were met with harsh conditions and they went through tough times until the community stepped in to help out Cohen rev2 on Sanjay’s don’t Antebellum usuki n’avait pas de choix on David Ravell tena hace que prima de Xiang ji ma na na na boo together hurt by people they were also cured by peoples care the next morning they head to a folk village to learn more about korean traditional culture what they see is completely different from today’s korea the traditional tiled roof houses and scholars outfits are all intriguing to them get up you guys they decide to try making rice cake the traditional way Liza competi topside yeah no no no she could look doc met chi-chi is the process of pounding steamed glutinous rice into rice cake this will determine the chewiness of the rice cake the manual and a minus taped their best swing this is all so how did their rice cake turn out he’s up we’ve got Celia the rice cake is sliced up and covered with sweet bean powder this is traditional enjoy me today deal how does it taste they have no problem with any consistency Julie music city to a fashion to use it in a bad mood on the Sharpie Tony City Zoo music the music naved khan tum premier mah samake akwonton Davao a volley John contam they’ve fallen in love with traditional Korean culture next they head to unsung gyeonggi-do province to watch a traditional Korean performance nevada refers to traveling performance troops from the Joseon era today’s performance is a reenactment of their performances the performance dance with abandoned to traditional Korean music oh okay the climax is dirt ugh a tight rope dancing 3 meters off the ground the dizzying performance thrills the crowd with that grand finale the stage comes to a close the acrobatic type role performance left a deep impression on Emmanuel and Amy do music before departure he put narrative on owns owed some calculation departamentos the depositions bezawada to let musician Ted para SE para treadmill after the performance they decide to try a part of an amsa on performance themselves they try out on a spinning similar to plate spinning but it’s harder than it looks they have a bit more luck with tightrope walking if she said you have to give with something first to you and follow this one and I think if I practice what I can do I really happy to come here to see to learn this one and this good teacher teach us volusia the namm sadang performance have opened their ears to another korean rhythm after their trip they returned to their daily routines for the past year Emanuel and Amy do have been teaching African dance at a high school like this on like this one let me guess this Chuck mm-hmm oh is it thank you d lots of time for yah yah yah yah yah I don’t care for nothing because I really beautiful oh I really if I not really flew i read i have really very good teaching african music and dance to korean students is a rewarding work for the two euros ha ha mera pati already mated to single tail Justice Verma raised about settle to the ATM machine is some drama IRA’s Allah do nice to see Keisha yeah just afraid i doona to see KJ a pre Emmanuel and Amy dues love for the Arts bridges the distance between Africa and Korea Jennifer you know yet is this embassy siege le moyen que sepan que severe acute eladante chorionic sexiest woman hear me clean up on cat hello MPE see rocky tia maria s European African professed a massage if you want resistance exposure I

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  2. Emmanuel Sanou & Amidou Balani made the band 'Koule Kan' in South Korea.
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