Toss A Coin To Your Witcher (Virtuosic Piano Solo)

Toss A Coin To Your Witcher (Virtuosic Piano Solo)

At the edge of the world Fight the mighty horde That bashes and breaks you And brings you to mourn He thrust every elf Far back on the shelf high up on the mountain from whence it came… He wiped out your pest got kicked in his chest He’s a friend of humanity So give him the rest! That’s my epic tale A champion prevailed defeated the villain Now pour him some ale! Toss a coin to your witcher O’ valley of plenty O’ valley of plenty ohhh.. Toss a coin to your witcher A friend of humanity

96 thoughts to “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher (Virtuosic Piano Solo)”

  1. Not bad vocals. I like the beatboxing. The vocals sound, fresh, as if you just learned yesterday. I would add more vibrato and practice long tones. But great job!

  2. I always wondered what Sonya did after Player Piano stopped uploading, good for her for continuing to make great music.

  3. Beautiful voice and beatboxing!
    Only i don't know what i here it looks a bit tense i'll ask somebody with more singing knowledge.
    And as always Amazing piano playing! 🙂

  4. I personally don’t know this song, nor the extra song, nor where these songs are from..
    But this is GREAT. And sure, the singing isn’t quite the best yet but with practice some epic arrangements could be made in the future 😛

  5. How does the Legendary Lionel Yu only have 117k subscribers?? Multiple Youtube accounts prior to this, I used to watch your videos since you released Waltz of the Rising Star and to this day am still trying to learn that song piece by piece. It's more evolved into my own style but it's still my favourite song of yours. Keep up the fantastic content <3

  6. If i can give some advice on the workpoints for your singing, since the piano skills don't need any more work xd. I suggest practicing on your belting on higher notes since they feel and sound q bit tense atm. Good job overall!

  7. that was hilarious. What some more of this kind of covers. Left a like and sub here. └[∵┌]└[ ∵ ]┘[┐∵]┘

  8. Dream oonnnnnnnn, dream ohonnnn, dream oohooonnnnn, dream oonnnnnnnn, dream ohonnnn, dream oohooonnnnn, dream oonnnnnnnn, dream onnnnnnnnn

  9. I did not expect the beatboxing or the vocals, I'm a beatboxer myself and what you did here with both was amazing

  10. I’m weeks late but I just found your channel today and I’m just mesmerized by your skills and I just love this piece. I’ve never heard of this before but it is wonderful. I was scrolling through the comments while hearing this for probably the 5th time and saw that many were surprised to hear you sing. I didn’t think much of it but as a student in learning, in my schools choir I just wanted to point out some things that I noticed that my teachers have told us about.
    1. You sing through your nose. This causes your voice to sound slightly strained and like you’re sick and have a stuffy nose.
    2. You’re singing in your head voice. Again, it sounds like you’re straining your voice, probably because you are not accustomed, like you mentioned, to singing in general. Try finding your comfortable voice.
    3. Vowels. Try pronounciating your vowels a little more, I understand that you may have an accent and that’s okay but most of you words sounded slurred and I had a little trouble trying to figure out what you were saying.
    This is all I noticed currently but again, I’m still learning myself and I may be incorrect but this is just what I noticed. I love your videos! Please keep doing more as they are entertaining and very educational.

  11. Kudos for trying something new. 😄 I liked the singing aside from towards the end of your phrases it sounds like you get really nervous and the sound changes. (I do the same thing, so it sounds familiar 😅)

  12. This is amazing, especially the part where you're singing it. But for some reason the non vocal version I like best is somewhere between the intermediate and advanced level of the other video, they seem to sound more like the actual song I think, not that all the extra frills and such in the tougher versions aren't cool but they get so complicated they seem more to distract from the main tune at times, heh

  13. For the singing, just breathe more. Let the breath out more like a sigh as you sing, and it (should) come out with a fuller, more relaxed sound. I loved the change in style, definitely would like to see how it plays out

  14. Ah, this take on TACTYW was great! I didn’t expect to hear vocals, but they were a welcome surprise. The more you practice, the better you’ll get! As for the beatboxing, it wasn’t bad, but it’s not my style, so I personally didn’t enjoy it. What was the song that was played at the very end? (It sounded like a nice one, and I hadn’t heard it before now so I was curious lol)

  15. Awesome performance! I was thinking that you could do my favorite piece next, Reminscences de Norma! Its a difficult one, but I think you can play it!

  16. I appreciate the dexterity but I don’t enjoy the over the topness. Much rather hear the simple original compared to this. Too much of chasing tail. It doesn’t flow imo. But you’re one talented person!

  17. The vocals and beatbox killed it for me. Otherwise amazing work. if you do decide to stick to adding vocals and beatbox, might want to consult a professional engineer on how to properly integrate them.

  18. Piano: 32653 / 10 (far beyond comprehension of common mortal)
    Vocals: 6 / 10
    Beatbox: 6 / 10

    Average rating: 10 888 / 10
    Three Yeses congratulations!

  19. It was really impressive the advanced ones! I'd barely be able to do the easiest one. Then going to the one that you really did to cover it was awesome. Great job!!

  20. The vocals feel a little off time. Not sure if that's because the pace of the piano is a lot different than I'm used to hearing. You also end your vocals short which might be making them feel hurried to my ear.

    I'd say the vocals are about 7/10 to me. (Far better than anything I could ever do) Keep it up

  21. Warning: pet peeve incoming!

    Wasn't a fan until the vocals and beatboxing part, felt like you butchered the song tbh by not including the essential rhythmic parts which make the song "work", like the "backbeat" in the instrumentals, and the overall "aggressive attack" on the notes for both vocals and instruments (sorry, don't know the right terms, hopefully on the off chance that you read this you understand what I mean). Both of those things, along with some playing around with tempo, give the song "forward momentum", keeping it interesting. Listening again I noticed you added back much of those elements when you added the singing, not sure why you left them out before? Like I said this (people ignoring crucial rhythmic parts when doing covers) is a big pet peeve of mine, sorry if I came across as too harsh! Like I said, I loved it when you did add many of those elements later.

  22. Do you plan on making the sheet to this song? If not I wanted to ask if I could upload the sheet onto musescore (because I'm currently working on it, only for myself though), I wouldn't make money out of this, it will be completely free. If not that's completely fine though 🙂

  23. you sure seem to know what you are doing. well played.
    But it also seems like you asked a lot if you could and stopped asking if you should.

  24. i didn't think you'd go through with it. i really didn't. i thought you'd let it go after the first aerosmith nod.

    you madlad

  25. There's an accent in your voice I cannot place, but I enjoyed it! Accents are different generally, and can often denote where a person is from, and that also be reflected while singing! Love how you threw in Aerosmith into your cover! Well done!

  26. Man I have so much respect for the people who can play piano. I wanna learn it so bad but I just can't fit that into my schedule but someday I will definitely learn this beautiful instrument and might open a YouTube channel as well to do the covers of some of my favourite melodies. Someday❤️

  27. This was great! I’m not sure if you’ll see this or care, but I think that you should play misty mountain cold from the hobbit. Tbh I’m only suggesting this because I like the song and the movie 😂

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