Tips on How to Set Up a Guitar : How to Replace Strings on an Acoustic Guitar

Tips on How to Set Up a Guitar : How to Replace Strings on an Acoustic Guitar

Hi, my name is Tim Ambrosius. I’m a professional
guitar tech. And what I’m going to show you today is how to replace a string on an acoustic
guitar. What you’ll need is just one of these peg winders and a tuner. First, just loosen
the string. Then take the peg winder, it’s got a little slot on it to take the peg out.
Slide it in, pull the peg out, and just pull the string off the post. Next, with your string,
you’ll see that it has one ball end on the string. What you want to do is take that end
and put that end in the hole and push the pin below it, or next to it. Now it’s not
when you, when it gets in there, it’s not going to sit like that, it’s not going to
sit with the ball end like that, it’s going to sit like that jammed between the body and
the pin. So, it’s kind of tricky. You put that in there, and you’ll sort of see it slide
past the ball end. And, so pull the string tight, push down, and pull the string itself
tight. They’re gonna give you a lot of extra string. You don’t need all that string. All
you need is about a post of extra string. So, since I’m changing the “e” string, I’ll
measure it off the “a” post. Bring the string back, run it through the tuning machine, bring
it up to where I marked it. Bend it, so just in case you know you lose your spot, something
happens, you can just bring it right back. Take your peg winder, so just spin it. Make
sure that the wraps go inside, follow the same like pattern on the same side. So, all
these are facing on the inside. So, you want to follow that pattern. Pull the string tight.
The other thing you want to make sure is that the strings, the wraps go down the post. They
go underneath each other as you wrap it. That will help the string break over the nut so
that it won’t rattle through the nut. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have about
two or three wraps down the post. And you just want to tune it up to pitch. If you bend
the string it sort of helps tighten the wraps. Tune it up to pitch. Now, what you want to
do is run your fingers below the string and stretch it out. This will help tighten the
wraps around the post, help it hold it in tune better. Do that twice. Get your wire
clippers. Clip of the end of the string, and there you have it.

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  1. finally a video where I can actually see what's going on during the whole slack, bend, wind, snip part, lol, I've felt like a noob for a week now! 😀

  2. Not really but you wanna still be a bit carefull because there is a small chance of the string snapping depending on how old it is.

  3. i strongly detest those persons who think they're clever when they use expletives in their comments(swear words) they should be shut down true is the WORD when it says "from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks"

  4. its really that easy huh? Sweet! great vid, thanks… I bought a tuner and the very first day I used it, I brokeded a string 🙁 Never got around to fixing it but now I have no excuse not to!

  5. While simple wrapping around the post will usually work, this is not the best way to string a guitar. Some VERY important things to know and understand were left out.

  6. The important things that were left out ARE simple and easy to understand. The "Tech" simply doesn't know what they are and therefore didn't know to mention them.

    This is how good information gets lost.

  7. To tell you is much harder than showing you. I'd have to do a vid, which I'm not prepared to do. I will tell you that there are two accepted ways to string a guitar. The first is a locking method where the string actually bends (locks) over the string exiting the tuner post. This method works specifically in conjunction with the "tug and tune up" method of tuning. The 2nd stringing method is more for performers that need to do fast string changes. It's the pinching method.

    The Pinching Method; The string is simply put through the hole and the first wind goes over above the exiting string, and the rest go under it. This pinches the string between the top wind and the lower winds.

    This is just an overview. I had to leave out all the details of each of these methods due to length. Both methods can use "tug and tune up" . Lastly, it is VERY important to ALWAYS tune your strings UP. Never tune down and then play. Tug the string, then tune it up

  9. Your hands if they are strong 🙂 some guitars just get it in tight and then you could just ply it out with pliers.
    Be careful not to pull it inward as it might damage the wood.

  10. Replacing strings on a NYLON guitar sucks major ass! It took my 1,5 hour to replace those damn things and just two months later they already broke again …..

  11. A threeoneh2 you should you a small knife or somthing like that you can put under the peg and use it as a lever to get it out but pliers should work too it not that hard to get it out. one thing though make sure to loosen the sting first or else the tension will make the string slap at your face when you take the pin out

  12. i tightened the string too much on my guitar, so the string broke and hit me in the head.. lol TAT .
    this tutorial was very helpful, thank you. 🙂

  13. @yassodude turn off the subtitles for the video. Click on the (CC) button and shut them off. However I don't think you can for any Expert Village videos.

  14. This is the best of all the instruction video on youtube on how to put on strings. All the others want to wrap them and all kinds of dumb stuff. Thanks for keeping it simple ;=)

  15. ya thanks for the video… although i looked for it too late… my brother tried helping me get a string replaced after it broke… he eneded up makeing the new string unuseable now i gotta go buy another one -_-

  16. Thanks for this video. What a simple reliable way to measure how much slack to use. I'm gonna change em more often now lol. thanks again.

  17. Use your hand to unwind the peg or you can pull the little knob on the bridge and it should come out. That's what I did and it worked. 🙂

  18. have a strong thumb and forefinger and think happy thoughts. ha! Actually, I saw one tutorial tell you put three fingers between the string and fret, with your ring finger on the frets and the pointer finger under the string, then pull the string through until it is taut on top of your pointer and then that way you have slack but you don't have to twist for forever.


  20. You honestly don't need one, just keep turning the peg right to tighten it. The peg winder kind of speeds up the winding process. I'm no expert at guitar and replacing but I tried winding it right and i saw the same results as what he is doing, but just slower. I hope this helps you and feel free to criticize if what I typed did not help. Good day to you sir. 🙂

  21. im a very sad sad person right now cause i was tuning my high E string and it just broke 🙁 and i dont even have these fancy tools or the fancy money to get it fixed lol oh well my guitar playing is over 😛

  22. I've heard some people use pliers but that can kind of ruin the peg. Peg winders are so cheap and they're definitely worth it if you play guitar a lot.

  23. I broke my high E string this morning as I was trying to get it in tune. I had an extra high E string and was able to put it in by hand. It'll be a little difficult though. The bad news is that I'm now too scared to put it into perfect pitch. The Gibsun android app which I use to tune my guitar tells me the new E string is giving off a D pitch.

  24. Every time I string a guitar, my string only goes around the but one time, before it is in proper tuning. How are you able to wrap it around multiple times? If I try, the string has too much tension, and it pops. Thanks!

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