The Roland TD 17 Review – Is this the best electronic drum kit you should buy ?

The Roland TD 17 Review – Is this the best electronic drum kit you should buy ?

hey guys welcome to this new video so
what is the best edrum set to buy that gives you the best experience for your
bucks this is a question that I have all the time and although I don’t have the
answer because it depends on your money your needs your preferences I’m gonna
give you my insight on the new Roland V drum the TD 17 so this video is for you
guys that has a fairly good budget between 1000 and 1600 bucks if
you have less than that stay until the end for some advices okay so if you
didn’t check my last vlog right here I love to do this I have been invited to
the Roland headquarters to attend the launch of the TD 17 so I have been able
not only to try it but also to talk with the staff that participated in the
creation of this drum so I’m gonna give you my thoughts so you can see if it’s a
good investments for you guys true story I swear I didn’t make this up before
being invited to this event I had a gig in France where I brought my TD 50 and
when I was packing my drum I told myself that I wish that they had like the same
brain the same quality of sound but really smaller so you can transport it
and this is actually what they did so the idea was to take advantage of their
flagship drum set the TD 50 and to create a more affordable version so the TD
17 has the same brain the same sounds as the TD 50 it has the same prismatic
engine this is a technology that recreate the feeling of an acoustic kit
producing different sound depending on where and how you hit the drums so the
question is what is new and how it can help you to practice the drum
efficiently so you have three different models you have the TD 17 kvx so you
have the new drum brain with a Bluetooth connectivity so you can play on your
favorite music without any wires very cool for iPhone users that doesn’t have
a jack input anymore you also have a smartphone slot so you can put your
phone on your drum brain and work on your favorite videos for example as I
said you have the TD 50 sounds plus new processed sounds and you have the same
technology huge editing possibilities you can layer two sounds on one pad
so if you want a clap on your snare drum you can
do it you can also assign whatever you want on your rims so if you want a bell
so you can had a cowbell on the rim of any Tom’s or snare it means that you can
have four different sounds on one pad and most important you can import your
own samples so you can play on your favourite drum kit you can import from
superior drummer Steven slate drums or whatever software you like you have in
my opinion great practice function such as the quiet count and the time check
that allows you to improve your timing you have also great songs to practice
with a metronome and you can slow them down to learn the difficult part you can
also directly import your own songs and slow them down very easily if you need
it concerning the hardware you have a new 12 inches snare drum with no sensors
on the center it means that you don’t have the sweet spot when you hit the
center of the pad so it reacts more fluently and you also have the
positional sensing you have three choking cymbals including a ride cymbal
with three zones you have the new 10 inches responsive hi-hat and for the kick drum
you have the new KD 10 that is more responsive quieter and more stable than
the previous one so this is the top range drum set and just below that you
have the TD 17 kv that has the same snare and toms but only two smaller
cymbals and for the hi-hat you don’t have the vh 10 and just below that you
have the LT with no bluetooth connection and rubber pads for the toms so to me
right off the bat the drums feels great because of the sounds the response of
the pad and the size that is big enough to feel like a regular drum set so for a
comfortable practice at home the TD 17 kvx is the new standard for this price
range I will not go deeper in the analysis of
this drum because a lot of in deep content already exists but what really
matter when you buy a edrums is that it sounds great it feels great it should
gives you a great experience when you practice and provides great tools to
progress so in conclusion if you have enough money and enough space of course
go for the TD 50 this is to me the best edrum out there but if you just need a
drum to practice go for the TD 17 I personally prefer the TD 17 to the TD 25
but both are great drums so if you hesitate between the two just try it
and choose what is best for your ears and the price for the t17 is totally
reasonable for what you have now if you don’t have that money don’t freak out
you still have a lot of great drums to start with I know that now there is a
lot of competitors in the Edrum industry but I don’t really know them well so I
can only talk about what I know and what I like so you have the TD eleven the TD
15 and the TD nine that are great they don’t produce it anymore but you can
find it at a good price on the second-hand market they also have
cheaper drum set but I don’t really know them because I’ve never tried it now if
you have a specific question or if you have tried another brand that feels
great for you guys or if you have a different point of view I would love to
hear it and to start a conversation with you so feel free to leave a comment in
the comment section below okay guys so that’s it I hope you
enjoyed this content if you want to have new content like vlog reviews or drum
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  1. C'est vrai qu'un entend un peu tout et 'importe quoi ! Some say TD9 or TD12 sounds are even better ! Im' still waiting to be sure je crois qu'il faut essayer !

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