THE RAMONES Guitar Lesson  – 10 Songs

THE RAMONES Guitar Lesson – 10 Songs

Hi I’m bobby crispy this Video is part of a guitar Lesson Series So today i’ll show how to play 10 songs by the Ramones They’re All Power Chords other Songs okay Song Number One Chinese Rock Okay start off With the Intro I’ll play it first That’s F Top string First fret Power Chord Slide up to Third fret G That again The Fifth string first fret B-Flat Power Chord Slide up the [3Rd] fret See oh and the Verse So that’s F Top string first fret power [Cord] [Slide] [Up] Third fret G do That four Times and the Chorus First Fifth string Fifth fret Power Chord D Top String Fifth fret Power Chord A Third fret G. It’s a threat you You get Four Times in The bridge the Middle of the Song goes Okay, so that’s Pop String open E? 3Rd fret Top String G [Fifth] fret A do That again Hey And Fifth fret the string D Top string [for] threat A From Cheek you Okay, song Number Two beauty is a Punk Okay, I’ll play right Through it first okay It Starts Off 5th String 6, fret Power Chord, D Sharp for 8 Beats and Top string Six Threat B-Flat Four beats and Top string Fourth fret Powerful G Sharp Be flat I’ve done A G-Sharp Fourth fret Sixth fret B-Flat and the [Fifth] string 6 fret d Sharp and Up dev Top string 6 fret B flat Do that Three Times And you play Through it again Around the Second Time Let’s put Instead of Flame [D] Sharp and B. Flat Three Times You Play eight Times and Through the Third Time Around Instead of Playing the D Sharp and You Fly Three Times you play it four Times Simple Enough Okay, [hey] song Number Three, sheena is a Punk Punk Rocker Okay, I’ll Plate it first Okay, that’s the Intro Verse okay to us Fifth string Second fret Power Chord, B. Slide up to C Do that eight Times After Eight Times then Top string 6 fret G power Chord Back to the Fifth string Second fret Power Chord, B Slide it C Do That again That’s Top string Fifth fret Power Cord A Into the Top string first fret Power Cord F Do That again Into The Fifth string Third fret Power Chord See Top string Third fret [Power] [Chord] G Okay, Another Course I’ll play it first Okay, so it’s Fifth string Third fret Power Chord See Top string First fret Power Chord Half Slide Up two frets Third fret G you do that several Times Sometimes it Goes Right Back to See Into The First fret Power Chord F to the Fifth string Third fret Power Chord [See] Top string Third fret Power Chord G The Fifth String for Shred Power Cord B-Flat Goes Back To Beginning Repeats Okay, song Number Four surfin Bird’ Though they, Didn’t write it it’s on Their 1977 Album Rocket Russia So it’s a pretty simple Song Three Chords Just Repeats So the Beginning is a site You do that eight Times so Once Would be Almost Follows the Words You get eight Times and it Goes to e power Chord It Goes to Fifth string Fifth fret Power Chord D Many Times It’s a pretty Simple song okay song number five [I] want to be sedated Okay, so I’ll play Through it first and Show it’s played Okay, so it’s E48 [beat] A Power Chord for Four Beats Then [Ii] for [Four] Weeks and Repeat it again Then [5th] string [2nd] fret B power Chord 4 Beats key [for] [Beets] Do That again and a third [type] A [four] four beats The Power Cord Four Beats The Courts Or the solo Re4 Four beats A [Four] Four Beats Be for me Before me [Late] again Okay and it Goes up whole note so i’ll play that Okay, that’s Top string second fret Power Chord F for [ats] B power Chord Four Beats [F-Sharp] The end for [Beat] the whole Thing Repeats again It’s Fifth string Fourth fret Power Chord C Sharp Four beats Top string Second fret Power Chord F Sharp Four beats That again What’s Work? the B power Chord Four Beats C-Sharp Four Beats You Know, Psalm Number Six, Rock-And-Roll high School Okay, so I’ll play it first okay Actually Song Starts Off as a power Chord Fifth fret Fifth String Fourth fret C Sharp Hold For a While okay, then it goes Into the [Main] [door] Switches [Top] String Second fret F sharp Power Chord Four beats Fifth string Second fret per Chord B for eight beats Capturing Open Chord E for four beats Back to the [B4] Beach [Cast] Remove Fourth fret G Sharp Two beats E for Two v’S Back to the G Sharp to be To be Then the P41 be T-Shirt for what Be4 Would be F sharp [Three] [Bees] Experts uh Nope Okay, so that’s Top string the second fret F sharp [Four] beats Fifth string [B] Four beats Do that again I’m Sure Again the Bee [II] for Beat B. Would be G Sharp Would be Open Eve Would be F Sharp Would be do that again Okay, Number seven Rockaway Beach, okay so i’ll play it first okay, Shirts off A Fifth String Fourth fret C-Sharp Just slide Up one fret to [D] You Play for four beats you do that Twice That’s Top string Fifth fret A for eight beats seven Fifths String Fifth fret D power Chord Four beats and Top string Open E for four beats do that twice Through the Course Is Top String Fifth fret 84 Beats Fifth String Fifth fret [D] four beats Back to the a Top string Fifth fret Four beats and [e] open Top string four beats Play That Twice Through okay in The next part Is [this] Okay, so that’s Fifth string 10th fret 2G our? [Smartphone] Down to the 5th fret D for to be Up to the eighth Half for One Just one Stroke Down to see Third fret to be Yes away! you Then The Top string second fret F sharp Four beats Fifth string A for four beats Actually F Sharp Four beats The Fifth String Fifth fret [T42] These Two frets [e] juvies Number eight the Job that ate my Brain so play at first okay Starts on the Fifth string Fifth fret D slide up two frets to e Up to the [Tenth] fret G. After the seventh fret E you do that Four Times Four [Times] The Verse it’s Top string a a threat to beat Down One fret A flat two beats And One fret to G to These Down Another fret G. Flat two beats you [got] twice Okay, the next part Is this the Course? That’s Fifth string Fifth fret D to be Top String Second fret and Half Sharp to these, we do that three Times? It goes [sorry] it was the B fifth string second fret? You Play the Intro again then the bridge fill the Middle is yes Which Is Top string Third fret G One Beat B-Flat six Threat [Get] up to the Ninth fret C-Sharp B Four Times Number nine Psychotherapy Okay, that’s Enough must be a G-Sharp all right okay so i’ll play it first [ha] [okay] [so] it serves on the Top string Fourth fret G Sharp Fifth String Second fret B Slide Up two Frets Fourth fret C Sharp yes Please Top string 9th fret C Sharp 5th string 7th fret [E] Ah Just Twice The Fifth String Fourth fret Trophies It Up to the [right] threat uh Sure Back in The Fourth fret Second fret do That again Then The next Part Play it first It’s Fifth string the second fret B [four] beats Then Half-Shirt Stop Shooting Second fret for, We [get] that Four [Times] Then it’s Top string sang fret F sharp More Beats The Fifth string Fourth fret Fourth Beats do That again Once Again Seems before be Sure [Got] Four Times and Top string Open E 4 beats 2nd fret F sharp our Four beats Force for Tight You’re Number 10 I believe [in] Miracles okay so i’ll place it first okay, to us fifth string second fret Be three Times Four Times [it] The Top String F Sharp [2nd] fret Twice Fed Up to G Four Times The Fifth String Seventh fret E Twice You do that Three Times Top String for Threat A for seven Bees There’s A 15-7 Threat [E41] be [in] the Chorus, sorry the first Is Just the Same as the Intro There so it’s Twice Through the Third Time Around Throw the Same with the b f sharp Then eight Beats on the G34 Beats and the G A The Chorus Plate First Displayed Four Times so late twice so it’s chopped during the 7th fret B 4 beats [V] [ret] A [4] beats Then [3rd] fret G 8 beats you do that four Times Through In The Middle Part Bridge is A 8 beats G for a Piece A for a [beach] Me for Four beats A 440 Okay and that’s Lesson I hope you [found] it Helpful Thanks for Watching and don’t Forget to Check out my guitar Lesson Website 450 Videos With tabs Bob’s Guitar Lessons Yola okay, Thanks for Watching

44 thoughts to “THE RAMONES Guitar Lesson – 10 Songs”

  1. Hey Bobby, just a suggestion, it would be cool if you could do a Halloween song in the next couple of weeks, the "Hearse Song" is fairly simple and sounds great. just a thought. Thanks for the great lessons. If not for you, there would not be lessons on youtube for a lot of these songs.

  2. hi bobby i was just wondering what else you have in the pipeline for lessons? the songs that i suggested are they doable? were they good good choices?

  3. When I first started taking up guitar, I started with two-finger power chords, then moved to three-finger power chords, and then finally barre chords, which are what Johnny Ramone uses. So this tutorial is good as an introduction to the Ramones. I would not recommend using the pinky to finger two notes, as this does not provide an evolutionary path to playing barre chords. I really should be the pinky and ring finger each fretting a note.

  4. Hi Bobby Thanks Alot , i'm going to have fun with these over the holidays , if you want could you also post a video for "I wanna be well" ?  Either way man thanks Alot for what you do, I've learned Alot from you. 

  5. I immediately stopped the video as soon as I heard "they're all powerchords". 
    NO!!!! NO THEY ARE NOT!!!! Johnny Ramone NEVER used powerchords!!!!

  6. 1) Chinese Rock 0:20
    2) Judy Is a Punk 3:43
    3) Sheena Is a Punk Rocker 6:06
    4) Surfin' Bird 10:21
    5) I Wanna Be Sedated 11:36
    6) Rock and Roll High School 15:30
    7) Rockaway Beach 19:09
    8) The Job That Ate My Brain 23:15
    9) Psycho Therapy 26:22
    10) I Believe In Miracles

  7. It's starting to get a little bit frustrating, how almost all the teachers on youtube teach Ramones songs with power chords instead of barre chords. All Ramones songs use major barre chords and downstrokes. That's it.

  8. Lolz this sounds like shit. Johnny used only barre chords and all downstrokes and sounded like a boss. Anyone can take a look at one of the band's live performances and see that's how he played. This vid earned a dislike. CONGRATS.

  9. Please link the times of each song in the info section so I can skip around in the video without having to stream the whole thing..

  10. (3:57)
    #2 – JUDY IS A PUNK
    4:26 – 5th string, 6th fret (D# power chord for 8 beats)
    4:40 – 6th string, 6th fret (Bb power chord for 4 beats)
    4:50 – 6th string, 4th fret (G# power chord for 2 beats)
    4:58 – Bb power chord for 2 beats
    5:04 – G# power chord for 2 beats
    5:09 – Bb power chord for 2 beats
    5:15 – D# power chord for 2 beats
    5:24 – Bb power chord for 3 beats
    5:41 – 2nd time play D# & Bb 8 times
    5:53 – 3rd time play D# & Bb 4 times

    6:59 – 5th string, 2nd fret (B power chord)
    7:04 – Slide to C power chord for 8 beats
    7:17 – G power chord for 2 beats
    7:30 – B to C power chord slide for 2 beats
    7:39 – Top string, 5th fret (A power chord for 1 beat) 
    7:47 – Top string, 1st fret (F power chord for 1 beat)
    7:54 – Play A & F power chords again
    8:03 – 5th string, 3rd fret (C power chord)
    8:11 – Top string, 3rd fret (G power chord)
    8:28 – CHORUS
    9:06 – C power chord
    9:12 – F power chord
    9:21 – G power chord (Play C, F, & G 7 times)
    9:38 – C power chord for 2 beats
    9:43 – F power chord
    9:49 – C power chord
    9:56 – G power chord
    10:04 – 5th string, 1st fret (Bb power chord)

     #4 – SURFIN' BIRD
    10:37 – A major chord
    11:09 – E power chord
    11:17 – D power chord

    20:11 – 5th string, 4th fret (C# power chord for 4 beats)
    Slide to the D power chord twice
    20:33 – A power chord for 8 beats
    20:44 – D power chord for 4 beats
    20:53 – E power chord for 4 beats
    21:03 – CHORUS

  11. Kids. Learn your two barre chords really well all up and down the neck and you'll do fine. This demo is a sounds-like method.

  12. Look, this video might be useful if you just want to know a method of playing the songs, but it is very incorrect if it means to teach the songs as originally played. Previous posters have nailed the problems (power chords instead of barre chords, incorrect strum, etc.) so I'll just add that he's sitting down and therefore cannot properly bring to bear the muscles of the elbow and shoulder in in order to play the 'downstrokes' and 1-345678 rhythm a la Johnny. He doesn't sound to be playing all-downstrokes anyway (much less doing the rhythm) so maybe 'm being a bit nit-picky, but the Ramones had a unique sound and many of these 'how to play Ramones songs' seem to just completely ignore it…

  13. You forgot "Something to Believe In" that is an outstanding song ! Thanks for this video anyway but please use a Noise Gate.


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