The Phenomenon of Street Music (documentary movie)

The Phenomenon of Street Music (documentary movie)

Music I think is an universal language something that unite everyone from every culture…every part of the World There is no language that can be beyond music It is something that unites us It’s not a material activity. It’s a spiritual activity I play in the street – it’s like a job
but I play for the people I play to communicate with people
the same spiritual frequency as mine Because music has the power
to increase your spiritual frequency It’s my life, you know. I think music 24 hours a day I think it is one of the most universal language I meet people here from all over the world Sometimes I don’t sing any words, just sounds;
and people feel it and dance I think that’s one of the cool things about music Connecting people, getting them together Music is a way to express myself I don’t really like talking, I just make music. If I want to communicate,
it’s better for me to make music I love to give spontaneously music to people Just to make more alive the street Because sometimes, nobody look at each other,
people are always a little stressed It gives some relaxing waves to the street Music is the only language that everybody can understand And this is it and that’s why it’s magic It is the best link for everyone around the world It’s life! It’s life mate! Nobody can live without it, nobody can It’s something very magical which can reach
a human being to a very high conscious level It’s like channeling, listening in the silence You find some universal rhythm, melody It’s for trance, it’s a kind of meditation It’s nice to see people from everywhere‚ how and what they do and most of the people are not on TV
or festivals or big stages so you can find people who have their own style and it’s not corrupted by the commercial seen of music I think it’s now like kind of a mess because
the music which is passed to the business has been a little bit changed
and it’s not there anymore it’s hard to do something original
without changing yourself Street music is free in all senses
it’s a free activity Concert activity normally is critical with
people who say if you play good or not good because of the system… but a street music is very free because you can play somewhere style‚
somewhere experiment and experimental music‚ and old style music Speciality of street music is freedom If you want to stay and listen you can
you don’t have to‚ you have no obligation Just listen to it or not listen to it. And that it is.
That’s why it’s cool There is no program. If people like to hear it they stay In the concert people pay usually to come‚
and you are on the stage and people expect something from you before they hear your play but in the street you just create a surprise and people want to stop because they are feeling something very good, that they stop and they listen to you and it’s very nice to make this surprise in the streets. Here is the best public because it’s very spontaneous. You never know what will happened The difference is you can have free stages and free music. It’s just a gig. Everyone is free to enjoy whatever he wants Sometimes, musicians just ask me to play with them or tourists ask me for a song It’s very strange in the street because every day is different When you wake up in the morning and go to play every day‚ I come here every day… and it’s really different kind of people‚
sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s not Sometimes you are like a ghost
and seem to be invisible It’s awesome. It’s very cool. I think it’s important. I mean for me it’s the way that my music is going to more people and connects, you know, and I think it’s good to put together because there are a lot of people doing very good music in the streets And a lot of people survive from street music,
more than from making concerts I think it’s more easy to earn money in the street than in concerts I mean there is a lot of good staff here Prefer that freedom you know‚ and you don’t have a time
you don’t have a boss, and you have nothing. Just sit and play. This is a cool thing about street music I think WSM is a great project to understand
how musician can live with music… and differences between cultures and everything I say fantastic idea because the music is a free activity of a man It’s very good to communicate with all the people in this situation Internet is very good tool for this I like the idea. It’s beautiful because it
makes people from all around the world see that it’s possible to create this free space
in the public space in cities where the people are stressed by work and time,
and they rush all the time and the crowd It’s very inspiring‚ we are free
to express ourselves with art It’s very beautiful to make a movie about that

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  1. There are a lot of very very good videos are not included we sorry about it but it's easy to find all of them on World Street Music's channel.

  2. Появились субтитры на белорусском! Включаются кнопкой "сс" справа снизу. В ближайшее время будут также русские, французские и испанские. Спасибо за поддержку всем кто из Минска! Для нас важно.

  3. Ребят , а что за музыка в самом начале, помню её из мультфильма "Том и Джерри"

  4. People,  and that for music right at the beginning, I remember it from the animated film "Tom and Jerry"

  5. это фрагмент из "Венгерской рапсодии №2" Ференца Листа.

  6. Сейчас поздний вечер и я дома, а посмотрела,- и как будто прогулялась по улице и окунулась в эту музыку!..) Спасибо за приятную прогулку! )

  7. не знаю, что написать, эмоционально, живо, в общем, с чувством… так держать!
    и спасибо за интересное видео!

  8. Very proud that this was made by a Belarusian! Awesome video, amazing people. Сапраўды цудоўна атрымалася, рэжысёру прывітанне ад земляка з-за мяжы!)

  9. Хорошая работа, друг) Ханг я смотрю за рубежом не такая уж и диковинка)

  10. I like(d) the film. However, the way interviews are structured (or cut into the film) does not really fit the phenomenon of street music – they are more about music in general

  11. At first part of the movie they speak about music in general and after they speak about street music. The idea is also to show what buskers think about music in general.

  12. We've been in India but after filmed this movie. You can find some Indian musicians on World Street Music channel.

  13. There is something magical about music. Peace, love, freedom, and all the great emotions that lift people up and gladden their hearts.  Keep up the good work and keep bringing the ethnic music from around the world. 

  14. I'm a street musician in the Netherlands, which is a very rushed country. Everybody's constantly trying to get somewhere in time. So people never really stop to listen to my music. I do get the occasional compliment, and since I play my own songs, those compliments have more value to me than any money or fame in the world <3

  15. I like music in street! I see so much in Italy…Fantastic!… poesy forever, for everybody,for life… Thanks!


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