86 thoughts to “The Marcus King Band Performs ‘Goodbye Carolina’”

  1. Been following Marcus King for about two plus years now nice to see him getting his dues. This young man's going to go a long way. One of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

  2. Saw the band for the first time in December. They’re awesome to watch in videos but in person is a whoooole other level. They even came in the crowd after their show to thank everyone. Highly highly highly recommend.

  3. I saw these guys last May and got to hang out with them (along with Marcus' dad Marvin) for a few hours after the show. The performance was mind-blowing and they were also just the coolest, nicest, and most humble group of guys. I can't wait to catch them on the road again this year.

  4. Man this is awesome! I saw The Marcus King Band when there were only 8 peaple in the room… Now this, AWESOME! Good job guys

  5. Not generally my cup of tea, but I held on because I figured when he took his break there might be some good bottleneck playing…. My fault for having expectations.

  6. If you want to hear the bands he got his style from check out government mule with warren haynes, Derek trucks, and allman brothers.

  7. He's giving some 'Vital Information: For your everyday life" (See if anyone gets this 90's joke)

    But Seriously… I'm loving the hell out of this. I wish this music was more popular than Imagine Dragons lol

  8. This is one of my favorite live bands right now. DO NOT pass up a chance to see them. The first time I saw them (two years ago), I didn’t know any of their songs – but I still loved the show. That hardly ever happens. As good as they are on video, it’s even better in person.

  9. Crazy how far he's come, remember him from middle school. Dude's always been a really nice, down to earth guy

  10. I got to meet Marcus before I saw his show last summer, nice dude and his playing is superb, plus his voice is like a mix of moonshine and swamp water in the best possible way. He opened for Tedeschi-Trucks Band at Red Rocks in July and in a couple of years I’m sure he will be headlining there, he is that good.

  11. I've been a fan of Marcus and this band for years. Do yourself a favor and SEE THIS BAND LIVE! The talent is off the charts. They touch on many genres in their songs and always play their asses off. And they are genuinely super nice guys. They tour non-stop. Find a show and GO! 🙂

  12. The days of seeing this guy playing on a traveling stage are a thing of the past. He was being pulled around by an old pickup truck through the beautiful Spirt of the Suwannee River music park, melting the minds of whoever heard the sound of his guitar dancing off the spanish moss Congratulations you've paid your dues. Now its time to reap your rewards.

  13. Been seeing Marcus and his band for many years now and paying their dues is really paying off! Being on Colbert had to be a highlight! His shout out to his mom made it that much sweeter. Nowhere to go but up for these guys!

  14. weird, it screams country… then you listen, and you hear Mountain, Vanilla fudge, 10 years After… BLOODROCK! I guess that's Americana, yeah?

  15. Hmm they're lovely, I really enjoy their individual sound. Wish they'd come to Idaho, I'd take the hubby to see them. I don't normally enjoy country music but this could be an exception

  16. Great performance by the band! Just wish they woulda auto tuned that pedal steel, bluesy…props to the sax player for giving it a go though

  17. I remember going to see them at a free concert in downtown Greenville about 3 years ago and there was maybe 50 people there. My friend was literally his next door neighbour growing up. So cool to be able to watch this band grow!

  18. I love this band!! Been following since LOCKN I am so thrilled to see them doing so well.Group of very talented young musicians.Marcus is an athlete on the guitar.

  19. Stoked to have MKB back for third straight year at Rooster Walk! Plus, #KingandStrings Round 2!! RoosterWalk.com

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