The Carbonaro Effect – Haunted Violin Quartet | truTV

The Carbonaro Effect – Haunted Violin Quartet | truTV

Hey, I’m Michael Carbonaro. Now, there’s nothing I love more than the often creepy world
of unexplained phenomena. Tonight, we’re gonna highlight
some of “The Carbonaro Effect’s” strangest and scariest bits
from the archives with all-new
never-before-seen reactions to some of my favorite tricks. Welcome to “Double Takes 3.” Keep the lights on
because it’s about to get dark. Yeah, look at that puppy. That looks pretty
in the case, though. Yeah. Remember Nigel? He was hired to help me
clear out an abandoned garage, but a brush with a haunted
violin left him so shaken, he was almost unable
to phone a friend. What the [bleep]?!
Okay, now that’s weird. -Whoa. Whoa.
-I’m calling my girl. I just need somebody to talk to.
What the [bleep]? Well, before Nigel,
there was William… You could probably get
$500 to $800 at least. -500 to 800 bucks?
-Yeah. …who trembled through
a different version of the trick that unleashed
four times the terror. See if it — What the hell? Um… Whoa. Okay, I’m not
touching any of this. I’m sorry. I can’t do this.
-I can’t do this, either. Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
let me call the guy to get us. Hang on a second.
Okay. [ Violin playing ] And you can hear a violin,
like, like… Hold on. [ Violin continues playing ] Jim? Hey, listen, I’m standing
out here with William. We’re — We’re — There’s a violin playing. Hold on. Is that — [ Violin continues playing ] [ Music stops ] Oh, my gosh. ♪♪ William, what the hell
is going on? Okay, um…
We need to get out of here. I’m — I’m not touching any —
-What would make that happen?

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  1. Did he say "phenomenon"? I thought only uneducated Americans said 'phenomenon' when they should have said "phenomena".

  2. That sent chills down my torso even though I've binged watched his tricks for the last 3 days… The creepy ones are the best. The voodoo doll ones gave me chills too!

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