The Ant Song Violin

The Ant Song Violin

La primera canción que mis estudiantes aprendan
es llamado “La canción de la hormiga “. Listo? Tocar! Each, each, each, each and every Ant, ant, ant, digging in the Dirt, dirt, dirt underneath the Ground, ground, ground. y subiendo G G G D D D A A A E E E Divertirse con esta canción. Vamos a dar un paseo ahora . ¡Adiós!

4 thoughts to “The Ant Song Violin”

  1. I'm currently in fifth grade, I joined orchestra and I play bass! My orchestra teacher taught me this song as well! it goes "Each, each, each and every ant, ant, ant, digging in the dirt, dirt, dirt, going underground, ground, ground, all the way to China, China, China (and sometimes as a joke people say "all the way to China, China, China Town") :> but that's just how my teacher does it, personally.

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