Ted Cruz sounds off on Democrats’ impeachment push

Ted Cruz sounds off on Democrats’ impeachment push

100 thoughts to “Ted Cruz sounds off on Democrats’ impeachment push”

  1. I have so much respect for Ted Cruz. No sugar coating here. Texas is so lucky to have you! Thank god he is also on committee where all of us can appreciate the intelligence & fight for the truth. What a man, Thank you Ted Cruz….from a little farmer in Missouri!

  2. if trump gets impeached, dems win everything in 2020. the house, the senate, and the whitehouse. and they will stay there for decades.

  3. I don’t know why I didn’t like Ted Cruz originally but I’m happy to say over the years I have watched him work and though I can’t say I agree with everything I can say I love the guy, and would love to have him over for a good old Texas BBQ 🍖

    thinking back I think I let people tell me what they thought of him and that became my perspective sooo basically I was brain washed.

  4. totally agree they are the do nothing party! how can they be getting any important work done for the country if they are too busy pushing their agenda and trying to find crimes in anything the republican party does! Total bad mouthing and hate. its not just the republican party its right wing who feel what is morally good and love of country!

  5. Thank You Ted Cruz. And, Thank You for being a Great Senator for Texas. I wish we had MORE like You and Louie Gohmer in Washington for sure.

  6. Maaan! Ted Cruz you’re meaningless to me now! We used to like you in my family, not any more! By the way the people did not elect Trump, the electoral college and Putin did! Other wise he would have never made it. Trump is as dirty as a rim of a toilet in a restroom in a low class high traffic area!

  7. The democrats followed President Trump and helped President Trump in his plan to lower prescription drug prices. Do nothing democrats if they follow President Trump might find other ways to get something done too! Dems can't accomplish anything themselves, they are only incompetent thieves that leave a money trail wherever they go.

  8. Washington shouldn’t be a circus there’s people out here struggling & dying while you guys are clowning around 💆‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️💁‍♂️🙅‍♂️

  9. 90% of the media (mainstream) is owned by only 6 corporations. It's not complicated. It's about POWER and MONEY. They're all singing the same tune to protect their interest and the interest of their cronies at the expense of the American people.

  10. it's weird how msnbc and cnn keep quoting trump, but fox news talks about pretty much anything other than what was actually said..

  11. Interesting, so you (Pelosi) campaign to brats and say you will represent them, and when you try to do the adult thing, the brats threaten to string you up. Very interesting. Actually, Hillarious. Cheap and easy votes up front but bites in the end. I wonder if she ever regrets representing her base. So what promises has she made that they will make her try to keep?

  12. Cruz is a schil don't believe him either. A lizard in the swamp. The govmt will not save us people only we the people with our guns can.

  13. Don't mess with our guns. There is already background checks. Give Dems an inch and soon they will be kicking down doors. Not smart to antagonize the largest armed force in the world.

  14. So I guess Nancy Pelosi is going to declare war against Donald Trump now That foul mouth Beach In any other country they would have smoked s by now

  15. I love Ted Cuz, and I can't imagine how hard it is for such an intelligent man to deal with these completely ignorant, moral bankrupt idiots fighting any progress

  16. Ted is doing it right, in 4 years he will run and win and do his 8 years. He is becoming the best man to replace Trump after Trump does his 8 years

  17. When will the transcript be made public? We are the tax payers, paying for you all to be in office! When do we, THE PEOPLE, THE TAX PAYERS THAT SUPPORT YOU, get to to see the transcript?

  18. Nancy is right about important work like declaring War or a raise for Congress. They all sure voted for that raise.

  19. Pushing Socialism, Delegitimizing the Democratic process, Disarming the population. Sounds like a recipe for a Socialist Dictatorship.

  20. Gun reform…..since 1900 there have been acts of genocide on 16 separate occasions that resulted in the deaths of 270,000,000 innocent citizens by their respective governments after gun confiscation.
    When you argue for your second amendment rights, repeat what I have just written.

  21. Gun law is on the books all ready it is shall shall shall shall shall not be infringed they are violating their oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America

  22. Fu ted you can't prevent violent offenders from getting guns you already have lows that say that can't have theme you stupid Mormon

  23. mr. Cruz pls keep up the good work , the crew what a joke!!!!! pls keep expose the ,B/s they r trying to dish out to the people we need to wake up , and expose the crappppp listen to what there trying to dish out we the people dems. get a grip wake up

  24. If the House Democrats are so concerned about making the country first, then why don't they investigate what the Obama administration and Biden may or may not have done concerning the billions of US taxpayer dollars given by the Obama administration that can't be accounted. This money was deposited in a bank owned by the man who owned the company that Biden's son was an advisor. President Obama put VP Biden in charge of helping Ukraine set up a healthy, uncorrupt government. Biden was supposed to supervise the organization that the Obama administration set up to help organize this. It isn't what President Trump said or did but what the new Ukraine President promised those who elected him he would do if elected that is responsible for the Ukraine investigation. It is Biden's own words and actions as VP that will be looked at. This is a possible scandal to the USA. Any current USA president would want to be kept in the loop if there is a possible scandal of the previous administration going to be unfolding. This had nothing to do with Candidate Trump but was the responsibility of President Trump. The Obama administration thought is was ok to investigate a Republican candidate before the 2016 election based on fraudulent info from foreign countries bought by the Democratic candidate. Even if President Trump had ask for info on Biden and his son, which he didn't, it wouldn't be grounds for impeachment. It wouldn't be opposition research. It would be facts from an Ukraine investigation given to the President of the USA. If Democrats truly wanted to put country first they would have accepted the results of the election, sulked about it for a while and then continue to do their job that they were hired to do. If our country is never the same and we can't get past the divide they have created with their temper tantrum, it will be because they created the problem.


  26. So if a democrat breaks the law, the President gets impeached. These folks know that Trump will take them all down in the second term. Simply had to garner the trust that he did not lie to us in the first term. After a 2020 victory he does not have another term to win. Fix the economy, then fix the swamp. His magic wand worked.

  27. I am a tax payer, and honestly I can't remember when either party wanted to do something to help me and my fellow taxpayer put……………. I really can't tell the difference between either political party……………..

  28. Ted cruz a wimp he let trump call his wife a dog!!! What kind of man lets that happen???!!!! What kind of man says it??!! Wow america sad sad sad!!

  29. Ted is a pu$$y just like Marco. What happened to you little man. You just laid Down. Texas will vote differently, so much for you little leadership. Go hide.

  30. Everyone from the Obama Administration, is dirty in the most heinous ways… billions in missing money, aid and comfort to the enemies of this country lies, cheating murders.. Anyone that votes for a democrat is stupid beyond reality…Clinton’s Pay for Play, selling the US Uranium…weaponizing every agency of the government… Start thinking, use your brain… this swamp is so corrupt they should all be hung.

  31. The next civil war is coming We The People have had enough of the corruption of the seditious democrat Party… We the People, will impeach with prejudice the entire democrat Party.

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