Hello, Hongsi! Today’s menu is Mala Enoki mushroom and pork belly. I will have the Enoki mushroom first. I had to wipe out the sauce since it was all over my mouth hehe. I cooked the pork belly that I bought in the market in an air fryer. Dip it into Mala sauce~ When I buy the pork belly that is thin, I tend to cook it well done. It will be delicious if it’s together with Enoki mushroom right?! This Enoki mushroom with spicy sauce dish is from China. It’s called 麻辣金针菇 (Mala jīnzhēngū) Jinzhengu means Enoki mushroom in Chinese and Mala is a spicy spice from the place Szechuan. I made the sauce base with Gochujang, Mala, pepper seed oil and sugar. Then pour it onto Enoki mushroom and stir fry once more. Instead of using Mala sauce, you can also make an Enoki mushroom dish using soy sauce or oyster sauce. From someday, I noticed there are lots of new Malatang and lamb skewer restaurants. These days I’m into Malatang and Chinese hot pot so I go often for dinner. Especially I could easily make Malatang since I can get the Mala sauce from the market. So it’s easy to make at home also. Since I got the Malatang request recently, I will make it at home and upload it! For the first time when you eat it, it might be too spicy for you. But as you keep on eating, you will get addicted to it. You will keep thinking of this spiciness as time goes. It will be a better combination with thick pork belly. I love to eat pork belly with mushrooms and especially the Enoki mushroom is a good match. Of course the button mushroom, king oyster mushroom, and shiitake mushroom are also delicious hehe. Chilli oil…❤️ I stir-fried with lots of chilli oil so it’s juicier. My Enoki mushroom dish was successful and delicious! Last bite~ Wow! I really enjoyed it!! Coke for the last is the best! Wow so sparkling! See you again later guys!!

100 thoughts to “Spicy Enoki Mushroom ASMR 팽이버섯 먹방 NO TALKING EATING SOUNDS MUKBANG”

  1. شنو هذا الصوت كلش عالي😂😂😂😂😂😂 بس الصراحة حلو شهتني اكل. وياهة يمي

  2. えのきにかけてるソースの作りかた知ってる日本人の方教えてくれませんか?

  3. Y porq no se deja ver la cara yo creo q usted tiene una panza grande todo lo que come imposible no engordarme claro q no parece q se engordara de igual déjese ver de cara completa y come normal

  4. If my mouth were that big, it would be so delicious to be able to eat that much right away and it would be really delicious if it piled up in my mouth ☺️💜

  5. 오우ㅡㅡㅡ오늘도 맛있게
    드시는군요 ᆢ부러워요
    나도 해먹어볼려구 배우고있어요

  6. 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😝😜😜😜😝😝😝👍👍👍👍👍✋✋👅👅💖👅👅👄👄👄

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