Sonnox Oxford Drum Gate – Mike Malyan interview and playthrough.

Sonnox Oxford Drum Gate – Mike Malyan interview and playthrough.

Hey, my name is Mike Malyan. I’m a
professional recording session drummer primarily focusing on the progressive
metal and ‘djent’ kind of drumming styles. I’m really looking for the best
tools for the job for what I can give my clients as far as pre-prepared mix stems
of my drums and one of the things that’s super important with this is having a
really good noise gate going on. Cymbal volumes right up and there’s loads of
ghost notes on the snare, there’s ghost notes on the kick sometimes. The toms,
they need to come in really quickly and go out really quickly and a lot of the
time they’re struggling with detection. They’re having really unnatural release
or decay times. They take a lot of dialling in, a lot of time spent and
usually I’ll find myself ending up just trimming the files manually which, is
great, it’s very accurate, but I do find myself wishing for a faster and easier
process with noise gates. I recently got in touch with the guys at Sonnox who are making this new drum gate, The Oxford Drum Gate, and this really interested me
because it seems to use a lot of algorithms to know what kind of drum is
coming in and preset profiles to really understand is this a kick coming in? Is
this a snare? Is this a tom? And make decisions under the hood without me even
having to bat an eyelid really. It’s really, really impressive how quickly it
works and how accurately it works straight way. So, I thought I’d have a
bit of a play along to a track and see if I can really push this to
its limits! So, what I’ve got going on is, I’ve got my
hi-hat in its most comfortable place with the snare miked up the way I like
it. The bleed on the hi-hat might be quite
prevalent. We’ve got a lot of cymbals around the floor tom, and with that condenser microphone we’re getting a lot of beautiful top-end, brightness and
power in the mix on that floor tom, but we’re also going to have a lot of bleed
coming from those cymbals. So, it’s gonna be really interesting to see just how
well that gating and that internal filtering is going to work with honing
in on that drum sound and making it cut through really nicely in the mix. you you

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  1. Sorry, it must be me, but I didn’t understand this video. Is the plugin already at work? If so, how? Or will there be a part 2 when it is applied? Thanks

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