SOLAR Guitars Factory Tour – September 2017

SOLAR Guitars Factory Tour – September 2017

YARHG! I’m not sure but I think there’s a
problem with his lamp. Hello there I’m Ola and today I’m in Jakarta / Indonesia. Sorry for picking my nose there… I just woke up
it’s 6:30 in the morning. And the reason why I’m in Jakarta is because I’m
visiting the factory that are making my guitars for the Solar Guitars brand so… I’m excited, it’s my first time in Indonesia and it’s my first time in this
factory. Yeah but right now I’m going to the pool and see if I can grab a
swim or two before breakfast. *heavy music playing* *swimming music playing* F&%€ hell… I jumped in with my keycard Ooops… And my breakfast coupons… Sh

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  1. Ola, they are too beautiful!! Strong and delicate, at the same time..!
    And really Metal sounding…I wish I could have one some day..Do they ship them to Argentina?

  2. Are these factories taking care of trees, reforesting or just taking the trees away? "no trees no guitars"

  3. More video about the production of guitars. I want "solar" guitar a 2.7. i like he.
    Would rather bring them to Russia

  4. Congratulations on the success of the launching of your brand. I will check them out. And I will see who's my dealer here in Los Angeles.

  5. Ola .. I didn't know Solar Brand is yours… It's awesome man… But sad non of them are under 200$ hehe… Btw love your Guitars man…

  6. I been having my guitar for 3 months. Once i recieved the guitar the neck was awesome and straight. Now 3 months later the neck is bowed. The tech at DrumCity Guitar-Land told me it was because of the wood fro. Indonesia and that u guys dont let the necks set for long enough before you ship. Now my action sucks and its a set neck so i cant remove it and straighten it out without ruining the paint job. Its a 400 dollar fix. The truss rod wont adjust to flat because the bow is right in the middle and a little to extreme. WTF i pay well over 1200 bucks for the guitar then have to spend 400 bucks because you guys ship out way to fast or set them up as soon as the guitar is built… come on man

  7. Ola England ? I Can't believe I missed this UTobe Vid . I Love This . Can You do one on Schecter Guitars 🎸 . Thanks TroyFrost / Troyster .

  8. What a great video. I would also like to add to Gepy Aldi Rianto's post and say how great it could be if Solar was available in the country of Source at some point in the future. Keep on the excellent work Ola – It's inspiring and we are all behind you.
    Mr.Clippy, The Double bassist.

  9. Quick question…why are indonesian guitars 500 and American made guitars 3000 and up ??? Is the price of labor really that much different.

  10. hi olla, i like your video, my name jati from tangerang, indonesia. i like solar gitar, but very dificult to get it.. in indonesia solar gitar not to sell, how i get the solar guitars? if you come to indonesia again, pleas call me.. thx ola..

  11. Are those factory workers getting a fair pay? By fair I mean they have a contract with the factory, not a job agency and earn more than a minimal wage. Can they make a living?

  12. Such great guitars, Ola. I haven't been this geeked on a guitar company, since Reverend; which is located in my hometown, and I currently own two of their guitars. Wish you much success 🤘😎🤘

  13. yeah great….but as an Indonesian civilian / guitar player I can't afford one or even find them in any local store. So sad.

  14. Hey Ola (or Englund idk what to call u by) anyways,i was hoping u could tell me the magnets for the duncan solar pickups (bridge and neck) thx!

  15. 0:10 dude you are about to get murdered, if you would watch horror movies you would know! damnit. rip best youtubechannel. #preyforenglund

  16. Damn i love those super strat body with satin finishes. Ola pls make an ssh solar. I'm gonna be the one that owns the 01 model

  17. Many brands moved manufacturing to Indonesia, which is why today you can buy a awesome Axe under $500. If you demand mohagony and higher output pickups with better quality parts your still getting it under $1000. But any guitar especially from Indonesia be sure to check the fretwork for any high frets or other issues. I have 1 from Indonesia it's not a Solar but it's got no issues with anything, but I've seen some that did.

  18. I love how when he finally played a guitar from his dreams and it didn't need anything and he almost cried a little from his too eye 😎

  19. I'd be really interested in hearing how the quality of the guitars are when they arrive in their destination countries? These are some very beautiful guitars. I look forward to ordering the blue burst when it comes in stock.

  20. There's really not much difference between this and factories located in the west, at least from what I see watching factory tour videos. We have this image of enormous electronics factories, or sweatshops in our minds, but no – it's just people building guitars, the same machine cuts the shapes out in Indonesia, the same machine does it in the US or wherever else. It's the amount of attention the workers put into every individual instrument, and these Indonesian fellows seem to be really good at their jobs.

  21. I'm working hard to get one of this. I agree with what you said in an interview that I saw, besides from having quality and good sound, it has to look brutal and this guitar company stick out from that aspect. Greetings from Mexico Ola!

  22. Its a guitar players dream to own a custom signature model… But to have your own brand? That's amazing!!! Good luck Ola😈

  23. I can appreciate seeing the process in the factory because I paint high end exotic cars for a living and I KNOW how hard it can be to maintain quality control and a superior product

  24. Ola I am super scared to buy one of the B stock models…. I don't care about a cosmetic blem, but a twisted neck or messed up frets is going to drive me insane, trying to return a guitar from the USA.

  25. Do you offer any E series with a Floyd Rose?
    (Wish You'd make a 24 fret ML.. Floyd
    24 fret Washy 333 Floyd style)

  26. Hmmmmmm a E series with that Blue Quilt Maple top.. Maple fretboard…and Floyd Rose….. Would be Great !

  27. these guitars are well made….it makes me wonder how much "better" a gibson usa model or ibanez or jackson really is.

  28. Fantastic guitars , to me they blow chapman guitars out of the water, the design and colours are amazing

    Hopefully buying one soon from guitar guitar in the uk 🤘

  29. Wohl mit die beste V Style Gitte, die ich je in der Hand hatte. Vor allem für den Preis^^. Auch die Explorer ist ein Träumchen und steht ganz oben auf der haben wollen Liste^^.

  30. Welcome to the Cort factory. Same place Rob Chapman has his brand made. And a million others from PRS to Epiphone to Fender to Gibson because of the extremely cheap labor. I'm not paying 800 or 900 dollars for a guitar made in Indonesia when most of the money never sees the pockets of the people who actually made the guitar. Contrast this to Earl Slick who sells his brand guitars for less than 250 bucks and they're made at the same factory.

  31. Where sould i find this guitar in indonesian guitar store, iam Balinese-indonesia people. But i never fine this guitar yet

  32. I am late to the party but this is fucking awesome. A metal head that plays good death metal and makes good metal guitars that anyone can afford. This is the dream. You're a champion Ola!

  33. Slick looking guitars Ola. One concern I have is with that guitar at 3:52. The wood wasn't book matched at all! If I received a guitar like that, I'd ship it right back to you. Whomever is in charge of book matching should be questioned. Just my opinion. Cheers to your company!

  34. I'm looking into the A2.6TBR – Trans Blood Red Matte; I wish it came with a pickup mounting ring (I like to lock my pinky on them). I'm a simple person. If possible.

  35. It looks like a modified Ibanez from the truss rod cover to the electronics cavity to the shape of the headstock and the strat style body and the V body and the other body styles are ESP… Not really Impressed… Fuck … how hard is it to be Orignal…

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