Roland TD-27KV Electric Drumkit | NAMM 2020

nice John Pollen here, I am the European drum manager for Roland and I want to talk to you about an incredible amazing new kit that we just brought out called the TD 27 KV. So this is a replacement of the TD 25 kit that we all absolutely love and know, and the first thing that we worked on was the module. So the module now features some of the benefits of the TD 50 flagship model, first being the larger screen. Also the possibility to use digital trigger pads which is fantastic. So there are two trigger inputs, so the snare is digital and the ride cymbal is digital, just like the TD 50 and also some other output options. So there are direct outs which are fully assignable as well as the Masters, so that’s the TD 27 module and inside the module we put in some new sounds. So the sounds are part of the TM 6 range, for the TD 17 and also for the TD 50 and what we did is we made those sounds better, remastered our sounds and they’re now in the TD27. So there’s 700 presets, sorry there’s 700 sounds, made 255 presets and inside there as well as a fantastic sounds. We have a new pure ambient, acoustic ambient technology which is a new ambient setting within the module and it’s really really really powerful. You can do many many things, tweak many of the key benefits of the ambience. So yes, I hope you want to check it out, please come and take a look on our website. Thank you very much.

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