Rape Me – NIRVANA – Guitar Lesson

Rape Me – NIRVANA – Guitar Lesson

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this video is part of my guitar lesson series So today I’ll show how to play Rate me by Nirvana So I’ll play the wrist first and then I’ll show how to play no flow using tabs okay, so first of all the tuning is down half a step the G flat That’s proved the original recording Okay, so it surfs off four times muffled Then [into] goes into riff number one which is this okay, so the chords there are a power Chord the top string fifth fret C the Eighth fret top string e top string open and G third string. I’m sorry third fret open top string okay, so the strumming pattern is like this Twice a day uh for a couple times C Times E A couple of signs gee it’s all play it again That riff is all in the wrist [your] picking hand. I’ll pay it again of course Okay, so riff number two is this okay starts off as an a chord fifth string you’ll Play the 2nd fret on the second and Third strings Okay, and play the fifth string open again comes a part of a C chord so a fifth string third fret third sorry [Third] fourth string second fret Third string open back to the fourth string [second] fret Ye cops room open and play the two Middle strings so I can fret back to top string open and like a g power chord top string third fret fifth string fifth fret the two Middle Strings [V] right So once again slowly Okay, riff 3 is pretty much exactly the same as riff 1 but the only difference is there’s some heavier [distortion] [I] don’t think there’s as much wrist action going Okay, so same as before top string a fifth fret power chord Eighth fret C. Power-Chord open E top string open Third fret top string G power chord I’ll show the rest structure at the end of the video Okay, so that was the third Riff riff number four is this Okay, that’s a D-Flat power Cord So that’s a fifth string for threat power cord there Then a open fifth string out top string third fret second first once again slowly Let’s play four times Okay, then it goes into this one. Which [is] out with number five So that’s basically an f power [chord] top string first fret G 3rd fret Power Chord an open E chord Okay, that’s pretty much it. It’s a Simple song so the song Structure is drifter one twice Riff number 2 for x Riff number 3 for x Roof 1 for x riff three four times or four four times Riff five Back to riff line four times then it ends with riff three put eight times And that’s the lesson. I hope it’s been helpful and thanks for watching

92 thoughts to “Rape Me – NIRVANA – Guitar Lesson”

  1. Hey Bobby,
    I want to put a Floyd Rose on my fender have the trem on but I want to know how you put the locking nut (or what looks to be a locking nut) on the headstock. Thx 🙂

  2. Hey Bobby, I have a question (beginner here), I understand your pull of finger pulls the string down but how do you keep the lower string silenced? I try it and most of the time I get an unwanted note from the string below or if I pull too softly to avoid the lower string, the pulled note sounds to low… Thanx for the help.

  3. Not to sure if I understand the question, but you asked how do I not strum the low E right?

    When I first started I had that problem too. I just put my index finger down and don't bend the string, but touch the low string with the tip of your index finger, effectively muting it.

  4. Great Lesson =) A bit slow but if you follow it correctly, you've learnt the song. And besides, some people like to have lessons suited to their pace. Nonetheless, Great song, Great lesson.

  5. This is shockingly bad. First off, no one requires lessons to learn anything from Nirvana, as absolute beginners can easily play Nirvana and don't require lessons as all are capable of learning Nirvana on their own. Secondly, the teacher of this garbled mess can't even play this song in the first place. So how can he possibly teach it? Third, Rape Me is plagiarized from Mudhoney's Need. So its not Nirvana's song to begin with. Forth, playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is far more difficult.

  6. i thought the same way… i have been practicing this song for 3 weeks now.. daily and i learnt 1st and second perfectly and rest is easy…. all u need is practice

  7. to the dude below me, google + is fucking retarded so i can't directly reply to your comment, but e flat means the guitar is half a step lower in tuning, you can do it by tuning it to the 6th fret instead of the 5th

  8. sorry however this is not correct execpt you h ave the notes right, but he used chords and power chords to play this song. 

  9. Thank you Bobby, I love your videos, they are almost perfect.. Just add the strumming patterns please and you'll be the most complete guitar teacher in youtube 🙂

  10. Does anyone know how Kurt actually played it? I keep finding lessons that don't look the same as how he played it live

  11. I've been playing guitar since 1995 and know how to do power chords but I keep forgetting the names of them. I played rape me on open and standard tunning, but I have to do power chords if I want to sound like Kurt Cobain.

  12. This is absolutely useless just fucking a png with the tabs in there and it would be better the this piece of shit

  13. This makes no sense, why would you play powerchords when you can just play the chorus for the entire song (except the bridge) , they're the same

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