Playing Violin While Getting a (Painful) Foot Massage

Playing Violin While Getting a (Painful) Foot Massage

Ohh!!! Ah!!! Ohh!!! Hahaha! I’m crying… *Screaming* Oh!!! Hey, how’s it going? Welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin. Today, we’re in a very special place as you can see… This is a foot massage parlor in Taiwan. Foot massage. And today’s challenge… Is we’re gonna try and play the violin while getting a foot massage. For those of you who haven’t had a foot massage, it can be very painful or very ticklish. – At the same time!
– Yeah… But it’s a tradition here in Taipei to have foot massages. – Or Taiwan. Yeah, yeah.
– Taiwan. So basically guys, you have to like.. Bathe your feet in here… In this warm water… To kind of clean your feet. And then they can start touching your feet. Mmm… And they also serve you tea… Just… Cause, why not? All right. Scissors, paper, rock. – All right. Scissors, paper, rock to see who goes first.
– All right. – Scissors, paper, rock!
– Scissors, paper, rock! You go first. Oh, I’m playing first? – Yeah, you’re playing first.
– Oh, f***. I’m very nervous right now. – So we’re starting.
– Are we ready, guys? – What are you going to play?
– I don’t know, Mendelssohn or Bach? Up to you. Ah… Oh! I need to change songs… Okay, I will play Bach. Ohh!! Ahh! Dude, it’s so painful! I’m crying… Ooh… No, no, no, no, no. Huh? Huh? I’m too tense. Oh my… Ooo! Ooo!! You lasted pretty long. Yeah, I think it was like some parts I can… Hold on. But when she like moves to the inside – under my legs… It was just so sensitive and I just couldn’t do it anymore. – My turn.
– Bye, bye Ooh, I’m so nervous. Alright, Eddy. Here we go. It feels good now, but wait – Wait – Wait – Just wait a bit longer… Woah… *Screams* I thought you’re meant to start soft. Ohh! Woo!!! Ohh! – Just relax, okay?
– Yeah, you gotta relax. Ow… Ow… – I can’t.
– Dude, that was so quick… You sleep not so good. Oh, really? You sleep not so good. Let me try one more time. Okay, one more for you. Oo… *Screams* Okay, okay, I just touch you, okay? Ah! I’m sweating… This is what happens guys. I’m like so tense. You need to practice more… When they are in pain, they will… Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh kill me! Kill Me! Itai… Itai yoo… (It hurts…) Appoyo… Appo! Appo yo! (It’s hurting!) Oh! Wodema! Wodemaya! (Oh mom!) And what is Eddy’s? He is like… Argh! Mine is just screaming, there’s no language. Now we are wrapping our legs up after the massage, after the video. Yeah, we only – We only played a little bit… Cause we were like… You know what? We’re just gonna enjoy this instead. It was too painful. It was too painful and it’s too comfortable now. And we just wanted to enjoy while we’re here. – Money’s worth.
– Yeah, money’s worth. – I thought it was so painful. It’s not worth it.
– I thought that as well, so painful. And everyone was outside, listening to us screaming. And I think we scared the customers away. Oopsies. Oh, look at that. I’m a mummy. Eddy, out of ten, how would you rate it? Uh… I rate it a.. interesting/10. I rate it an amazing/10. Alright guys, we’re here for the finale… Beware, it gets faster later. Ohh… She’s gonna speed up! – Ooh!
– Ooh! Okay! That was more than 15 notes, 15 massages a second. I told you she goes harder… I told you. I can’t. Ooh! Okay! Thank you very much! Thank you! I can’t play… This is how I feel right now. Really? – No, not really.
– Cause this is how I feel – I feel injured. Alright guys, so we just finished the massage. Umm.. obviously, in this one here. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Feels pretty good right, Eddy? I think, uh… Yeah. There she is. Umm… So it’s very comfortable. I like it. I think once I wasn’t playing violin, it felt really good. But, umm… When I was playing… My left foot hurt so much, I think it’s like slightly… I don’t know if it’s injured. Because we play – When we play our – We tense our left leg. Unconsciously, actually. – Yeah!
– We noticed that we tense without knowing. And… Eddy made a good point that… Relaxing is actually a conscious thing. – Yeah.
– Sometimes. Well, I think when you get a massage… – Yeah.
– And it’s hard to actually requires focus to relax the muscle that’s getting pressed. Yes! And while our focus is on the violin, you can’t consciously relax your foot muscle… – And then, it just hurts even more…
– I know. – When they go harder and harder.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then… You can probably see in the footage, they were telling us like, “Relax your foot.” I’m like, “I can’t, I’m playing!” Anyway, guys… I swear mine went harder than yours. – Yeah!
– I swear. I mean – Maybe I’m more sensitive. But I swear she just went harder. Because I was holding on pretty well. I think the masseuse just like… “You know what, let’s make it entertaining.” – Yeah. Yeah.
– “Let’s speed it up.” Alright guys, anyway, thank you so much for watching. Once again, please subscribe. And we’ll see you guys next time.

100 thoughts to “Playing Violin While Getting a (Painful) Foot Massage”

  1. The sign on the wall Read "During the massage, any interaction between the customers or laughing will be fined 1000 dollars"

  2. I'm watching this right after getting my wisdom teeth out and I swear I'm about to rip my stitches from laughing so hard

  3. You gave me a great video idea. Probably won't be able to do it for a number of reasons, but trying to play guitar while getting my next tattoo

  4. 第一次聽雙琴講這麼多中文

  5. I will go to hell for this, but someone WILL use your sound effects for 21+ Wattpad ff. Consider yourselves warned.

  6. I can't tell if you annoyed the hell out of that poor lady or if you made her day by being flailing, screaming men surprisingly playing violin at professional levels ghdfkghdfkj lmao

  7. I'm was totally inpressed that you played while having this massage. In my case, I already have a hard time smiling while having one.

    Can we request a video where you answer questions about your personal lives?

  8. can there be a video of twoset speaking mandarin when they're criticising violin playing or something. I NEED IT PRONTO

  9. Brett's Chinese pronunciation was like the most sexiest thing I've heard in my life 。゚ヽ(゚´Д`)ノ゚。

  10. This is why you can't tell 'happy ending' places from regular massage parlors. The customers all scream and moan either way 😂

  11. Eddy: You lasted pretty long
    Eddy: I told you she goes harder, I told you
    Eddy: I swear mine went harder than yours

    that's what she said

  12. Love you guys! Just a side note we are referred as Massage Therapists. A masseuse is…uh…not what you’re looking for. 😆👍

  13. well at least you're getting a massage while doing something you love so it doesn't hurt as much as it actually is

    or maybe i'm speaking bullshit.

  14. There is a sign on the wall says no laughing or chatting, or you will get fined 1000 Taipei money! Haha, did you guys pay extra just to be able to film this?

  15. I'm laughing in tears right now 😂😂😂 Love them so much. And guys, I love it when you speak Mandarin 🥰

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