Perfect Pitch: The World’s Greatest Ear!!

Perfect Pitch: The World’s Greatest Ear!!

okay Dylan we’re gonna do the hardest ear training test of all time are you ready great all right turn around here we go fancy can when you start with single notes so we’re gonna do some intervals than chords okay here we go okay good two notes at once here we go great how would this about this great what about this and then how about this what is that easy flat correct okay I’m gonna do some poly cords for you these are really gonna be hard you ready what’s this okay sing a b-flat very good what’s this chord great singing f-sharp excellent what’s this chord great what’s this chord excellent

100 thoughts to “Perfect Pitch: The World’s Greatest Ear!!”

  1. That's what happens when you practice a lot
    The younger the better
    If only one could be evolved self-consciously enough to do it out of your own accord
    We'd all be great at something

  2. It's not really "talent", it's obvious that the kid has learned the notes and has heard them so he knows them by heart.

    Mozart could do it, Beethoven the same, Chopin, Liszt and many more composers.

  3. I have perfect pitch
    But can’t recognize chords like that
    But I can tell what key a song is in and can tune an instrument without a tuner

  4. As a musician but not a father I still know exactly how you felt upon discovery of your kids gift. Success is coming his way good luck sir.

  5. Yeah yeah, I know…

    The YouTube recommendation page has brought you here, idek wtf is going on in the video 😂

  6. I am not sure if it is a gift or a curse. I have a bit of perfect pitch with violin because I was trained when I was very young. The constant pitch matching in your head sometimes are very distracting. The old cassettes and old CDs are basically all un-listenable because they are all out of tune.

  7. I very much dislike when kids have “natural talents” as I tend to believe that their parents force them into a profession or skill and they grow up believing that it is what they want to do but it is merely the parents desire for “greatness” . Maybe not the case for everyone but I sure get skeptical

  8. Wow, this is really amazing!! Sometimes I can tell what key a song is in by just listening to it, but that's about all I can do 😂😂

  9. God damnit this frustrates me lol. I can do the same but nowhere near this quickly. He's just so quick at it what the hell :'D

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