Patience Solo 🔷 GUNS N’ ROSES 🔷 Guitar Lesson – EASY!

Patience Solo 🔷 GUNS N’ ROSES 🔷 Guitar Lesson – EASY!

Hi Bobbi Crispy This video is part my guitar lesson series So today I’ll show how to play the acoustic solo from patients by Guns N’Roses So I’ll play it first and then I’ll show has played note for note using the tabs up above Here it goes Okay compress the time on the soul a little bit I left out the big time gaps Okay, so I putting it up in a little bit. So no each part that I’ll show us playing off road eating tabs So there’s the first part You guys on the first string a threat pull off the sun–the eight Slide up to death 8th 2nd string 10th fret slide up to 12 The tenth and twice on the eighth Okay, next part is this Which is the first string 8th fret often 7th 88 slide up to the 10th. That’s what the 12 Okay, the next part was exactly the same as the part before first part Exactly the same Okay, the next part is this Okay, that’s right like this yeah first string 10th fret Just slide up to it to 12 no the tap twice 12 slide up to the 14th 12 10th Amaranto as well All right, the next part is this Just second string third fret and up First string open third fret Second string third fret that up First third Third string second fret Second string first fret third Third string second fret Bend up played over An expert is this Possesseth second string third fret First string open third fret Simon Stern any third fit First 30 stop to the fifth first string third fret Fifth fret Third fret Second-string to go through Okay expert is this That’s all on the first string just start at the third fret Fifth rep Bend up Baby get it fifth Yes And practice their end up in the fifth Sir this Sir yes, sir Slide it to the south and 25th The next part is this So second string for threats slide up to it third Third string fourth fret full up aloft a second Fourth string third fret hammer on to the fourth third string second fret Fourth string over Okay, the second string it’s a threat And play together Just play that part again It was exact same as before seemed it fit their sub thread Exactly the same as before Okay, and the cords after that Okay, so that’s a D The sus so it’s a pinky first string third fret lift it An open bottom string with a D chord And aridity d for bees work Yes, I know but chars out tuning from it’s from bending all the strings the G chord for four beats That’s this first slice up So I do is a Four-string just slide up. Isn’t that? anywhere and then to the first string 10th fret Okay, the next part is this Okay, a little bit of swinging okay, that’s all on the first and third strings so both are the 14th fret Slide down, but you can’t slide down as well Did you get enough the 12th the third first The first string 10th fret your string lava threat twice I Slide that whole pattern down two frets first string 8th fret 3rd string 9th row Then both still on the 3rd my first strings 7th fret both again Okay, Robert, I would slide down to the 5th Bunch of the first string third fret third string fourth fret twice And four more times And that’s about it, okay, I hope this lesson has been helpful and thanks for watching

66 thoughts to “Patience Solo 🔷 GUNS N’ ROSES 🔷 Guitar Lesson – EASY!”

  1. I really do hate to ask, Bobby. But I can't seem to find a full lesson of Smoke on the Water. I can find lessons of the riff, but none have the chorus, verse or solo, do you think you could teach it sometime please?

  2. you sir are doing great things to the world 🙂 my favourite song, i already no how to play this song but i like to watch how others teach and show the song thanks for all your help in teaching ive learnt some stuff from you 🙂

  3. Awesome one Bob! Can you please upload a guitar lesson on how to play carnival of rust by potf? I really wanna play that song

  4. let me say, Bobby thanks for the lessons. i don't know if it's just me or what but i just figured out how Bobby writes his tabs. for the longest time i was confused. the way i was taught to read tabs was there are 6 lines for each string. with the top line being high E and bottom low E. when writing or reading tabs you start from the left and work to the right. in some of Bobby's tabs he starts them on the far right,then you have to go back to the left side.
    like i said it might be me.

  5. I'd love if you upload My Michelle by Guns N' Roses =( I mean it'd be great if there are song that don't have at least 1 tutorial

  6. By that definition, he should stop making videos then. Guitarists just learn the song from watching him rather than using their ears.

  7. Great lesson!  I don't understand the last riff though because I can't see what you're doing with your right hand.  Are you finger picking the High E and the G string at the same time?

  8. I'm trying to learn it and on my guitar it sounds one fret bar higher , do you think it'll be easier for me to just tune it down or play what your playing just one fret bar lower ?

  9. This was awesome help compared to the other tabs i found online. But excuse me, I was wondering if the 10 and 8 on the B string is an error.


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  11. Damn Patna…. It looks like you just learned it yourself. Unless your just camera shy. I can play a piece perfectly 3xs back to back. Turn the camera on and it all goes to shit.

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