26 thoughts to “Official Call of Duty®: WWII – Blitzkrieg Community Event Trailer”

  1. 1:47
    >Wears Waffen-SS oak camouflage smock
    >has Wehrmacht collar tabs
    E x c u s e M e W h a t T h e F u c k?
    Also why is this called Blitzkrieg? Yet it’s focusing on the western allies kicking the Germans ass even though by the sound of the event it should be the Germans kicking their ass….

  2. make sure please through business nobody attempts to hack my laptop . before anybody can account for what i have posted ; these drug addicts i live with think they are hilarious .

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  4. I have downloaded the war machine pack even i have paid for it but it's not working at all I have the game on disc Can Someone please help me how to play the DLC?

  5. I love call of duty ww2 because of campaign am in death factory and step dad pass all of it and also put more war mission and put war to all of call of duty

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