Nobody’s Fault But Mine – LED ZEPPELIN – Guitar Lesson✅✅🎵

Nobody’s Fault But Mine – LED ZEPPELIN – Guitar Lesson✅✅🎵

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this video is for my guitar lesson series So today, I’ll show how to play Nobody’s fault, but mine by Led zeppelin Ropin the Sonic down [under] 5 riffs. I’ll play each riff a little show us played using the tabs Okay, so here’s riff number one Okay shirts off second string third fret pull off to open wait again Mr.. Fret pull [offs] open open Third fret Bend up Third fret pull off open [very] [good] Third string open 2nd fret end up Back to the second string third fret [full] [oft] open open Third fret Bend a third fret up 3rd fret respite right there blah Third string second fret pull off this third string second fret loft first first second pull off the first time first second fret Bend up first fret the Ecord So what’s good solely? Okay, so that was riff number one. [oh], [riff] number two is this Okay, so fourth string second fret pull off to open the open Fifth string second fret pull off open it [open] Top string third fret bet it up and play an e power chord See think same thing again fourth string second fret pull off Yeah fifth string second fret pull off [token] it already get [six] [string–] top third fret bet then a power chord Okay, so [once] [again] [slowly] and I’ll show the pSAlm structure at the end of the video to All the reps [how’s] [it] all set up okay ref three is this? oh sir Okay Yeah, okay, so fifth string fifth fret power Chord [E] [festering] pull off dover For the fourth string seventh fret and fifth string open do that twice Twice D power chord Top string open e power chord at the fifth string seventh fret for three nights fourth string. That’s right baby Power chord same position What’s what’s muffled once again? It’s played as a variation throughout the song, but that’s mainly how it’s played so it’s Supposed to go slowly the next part of that riff Same thing D power chord [5th] string pull off to open straight Dean Power cord to the fifth string 10th fret [Hammer] [under] [laws] [4th] [3rd] and [2nd] strings of the [9th] fret [3] times then at the 4th string 8th fret the second string [by] threat pull off Do that twice? so that’s Once again place that as a variation variations of that throughout the song, but that’s mainly house played so it’s again slowly Okay, so that’s riff number 3 ok and Riff number 4 is this Okay, so it’s mostly just power [cords] top string II open top string second fret f sharp power Cord Third fret top string power chord We’re up to thrust a the threat [power-Chord] wait four times four times again four times again [once] more Okay sighs riff riff for one more time slowly Okay, and final griffith in the song is riff number five, and it’s played like this Let’s get power chords top string twelfth fret slide down to the tenth fret So you play it first and slide down the tempo Claire twice? Wait again, let’s light out of the seventh fret by twice weighed against lie down to the Fifth fret 8 by twice Hey, wait again. [just] slide down the [3rd] fret said four times open e power chord Let’s get slowly [ok] that’s the song [song] [strapper] sorry so I’m structure the rough structure Okay So riff one in five times Riff – once riff three three times riff for once Riff – once riff three three times or [four] once Riff – once Riff one three times with [-] – twice Riff three Eleven times that’s over the around like a solo [we’re] four months with – once riff three three times riff for once Riff – riff three nine times Root 3 once riff for once riff three months number Five Watts Okay, that’s a song. I hope you found this guitar lesson helpful, and thanks for watching

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  1. Why do you think that Jason? It's no biggie, but its one of my favourites. Not that you hurt my feelings or something…gotta go cry for awhile.

  2. Don't sweat it Gerald. Jason has no taste. Definitely one of Zep's best. And the louder the better. Song reminds me of a thunderstorm. It has the same energy.

  3. Thanks for this lesson. I live in Holland and follow many guitar lessons from you.
    Can you make a guitar lesson from exodus Down fall?

  4. Hi Bobby, how are you getting the tone for this lesson? I'm a beginner and do not have a great ear yet

  5. This is a good lesson and I appreciate seeing all the different riffs…however, I think you are not showing the first riff correctly. Instead of bending those notes, it certainly looks from the live videos that Jimmy Page is just sliding up–to me it also sounds much better if you just slide up 2 frets. See Jimmy plays this live…videos here

  6. Great lesson, Bobby!! I'm so happy I have found your channel!! You're helping me a lot. Another one lesson that would be a HUGE DREAM for me to practice with is "Rock n' Roll" by Led Zeppelin ("The Song Remains The Same" DVD version).
    It has always been a dream to me to play that one, and now I'm finally able to attempt it (but don't a lesson to practice). Especially the solo part, it goes too fast and I can't get it by ear. Again, Bobby, great lesson. You are the man!

  7. thanks for the lessons, I have a silly question for you, in what key does my guitar need to be tuned for this and most of the songs by Led Zeppelin

  8. Still think my fave songs like this would be easier with a whole middle finger. Half of one is only enough to get in the way. Learning to cheat though, sometimes close to the sound just has to be good enough.

  9. The one and only composer for "Nobody's fault but mine" is the late great "Blind" Willie Johnson. No need for grave looters on Youtube…

  10. You got it spot on man Lot of lessons for this song on you tube are incorrect Very well done 👍👍👍

  11. **TABS FOR THIS LESSON:—Nobody's-Fault-But-Mine.php

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