30 thoughts to “Nick Fuentes: Communism vs Fascism”

  1. Why only white people? Because Jews and whites are both a ruling people and whites lost or submerged into the Jewish ruling elite… you're not allowed to identify with you're own people cuz it makes Jews nervous, that's why we are marked for destruction.

  2. The holocaust myth is what's holding together the liberal narrative. If you question it you question the ruling classes legitimacy

  3. Words, conversions, debate and asking for proof while calling in to question a narrative should never be triggering or illegal.

    That's your first hint.

    If you cannot handle these things, consider yourself sidelined.

  4. Obviously the reason for the double standard is that Fascism and National Socialism are evil racist and authoritarian systems while Communism is an economic system for the working class and by principle anti-authoritarian. It's not like Hitler and Mussolini were voted into office by a large majority of voters in their country while Russia had a bloody revolution where the Russian royal family were murdered and dictators were placed in control of the country who massacred and tortured their political enemies and problematic groups, such as Christians. Russia's Muslim populations didn't have a fun time either, some of them were systematically relocated for secretly working together with Hitler. Clearly, one side is much more evil than the other.

  5. To be fair, Inglorious Bastard also has a message to the public: Everybody watches the nazis going to the movies so they can watch their people kill the bad guys (the allies).
    That's suposed to be criticism of modern society. The audience watching Inglorious Bastards is the same as the nazi-audience. It's sorta meta criticism, but it gets lost cause the public is too dumb to realize that.

  6. "This is our WWII" = Caucasians are Nazis, hence the concentration camp BS. It's easy to manipulate the weak when a scoreboard mentality is instilled. We're marginalized in our own rightful countries.

  7. "Communism on a national level is national socialism/fascism, and this is the far right platform" – Richard Spencer


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