Native American Flute : Chuck’s Native American Flute

Native American Flute : Chuck’s Native American Flute

This is the only one of my instruments, that
was actually made for me. It was made by a very dear friend named Chuck, and he put a
bear, and a crow, and a buffalo, on the flute. This flute has a wonderful sound. It’s a very
different sound than the previous flute, and this flute is made, it’s got the six holes.
One, two, three, four, five, six, and it is a short length. This one is made differently
from Ron’s flute. Ron’s flute has a spacer, underneath what is called the bird. Chuck’s
flute doesn’t have a spacer. A little piece of wood underneath the bird, and the bird
isn’t actually shaped like a bird, but it’s still called a bird.

One thought to “Native American Flute : Chuck’s Native American Flute”

  1. very beautiful, thank you!
    I´m from Mexico and i want to get a native american flute, can you give me some advices for buy a good flute by ebay, please?

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