Modern Drum Beats : How to Play a Calypso Drum Beat

Modern Drum Beats : How to Play a Calypso Drum Beat

The basic calypso… Let’s take a look at that in depth. Typically,
we can play four on the floor for the calypso, as in quarter notes on the bass drum. Along with that, quarter notes on the high
hat. Here’s the tricky part: playing the snare
on the and of two and on four. One two and three four, one two and three four. Sped up…

61 thoughts to “Modern Drum Beats : How to Play a Calypso Drum Beat”

  1. crap sounding kit, terrible drumming, no feel or groove, and wong groove entirely!(it's a soca not a calypso)

    Novices, stay clear!!!

  2. you have no idea what you are talking about, calypso is the mother of soca, soca means 'soul of calypso', the beat IS calypso

  3. well this guy does suck but actually dude soca doesn't mean soul of calypso idk where you heard that, but its a combination of a soul and calypso groove thats how they came up with the word soca

  4. I heard it from Ras Shorty I, the inventor of Soca. Soca (the beat) is african and indian rhythms blended by Ras Shorty I in the 70's.

    The original soca was infused with american soul music, the soca of today (machel, bunji, Iwer etc) is not. How can soca be soul+calypso if what machel is doing (which is infulenced by dancehall and hip hop and not Soul music) still be called Soca?

  5. yes they are connected, i understand that, but they still are played differently…i appreciate that what i said didn't make that clear but if you play a soca and a calypso they are both notated and played differently

  6. This is a Soca and not a traditional calypso. Its a smooth groove, but play with a steel drum band and there might be some rhythmic discrepancy.

  7. You really gotta get out more dude. Before you post something, try knowing what your talki'n about. Stay in your bedroom….

  8. The tricky part for you is learning to tune a drum kit properly…the tricky part for me is trying to keep from laughing at you

  9. you can make all shitty drums sound good, but when giving a lesson it normally helps to have correct information when you tell people the snare pattern is on the and of 2 and beat 4 when your hi hat and bass are giving you the down beats and your actually playing on the uh of 1 and the and of 2

  10. hey, great video, you really broke it down for me and that's good.

    just a quick critique, technically your hi-hat and bass drum are playing on beats 1 & 3.

    your playing and feel are good, though, and thank you for your video.

  11. Sorry, but this is all wrong. No feel, wrong patterns, and the man doesn't even know what beats he's talking about. This is basically rubbish and comes from someone who knows nothing at all about calypso

  12. nah u playing the calypso beat wrong its a litle bit faster and ders sumfing missing i kno cuz i play calypso and dat far from da beat it nah have no calypso song i kno u can play wif that crappy sound u call calypso beat

  13. I have great appreciation for Berklee, but this is a HORRIBLE demonstration of a basic "Caribbean/Calypso" rhythm.

  14. YES FINALLY! I have been looking for a beat based on a song that I have to analyse for school but I couldn't find it for ages! Tango? No. Samba? No. Calypso?! YES! You've saved my life! XD I see there are some haters out there, but seriously I think this video is a Godsend. Thank yooooou.

  15. yo u sick dip son bounce tune ur drums or even better dont touch them u suck son shit yo stop playin the drum its not even tuned

  16. the fucking playin damn when me and my girl on vacation ill let her house sit u need a couple bucks here buy ur self a better outfit

  17. This makes no sense… I was looking for the way in which the beat sounds compared to another beat. Not a 'Tony Roster Jr.'. And also how does the level of talent of this random person on youtube determine whether my school is bad or not? Make a more valid argument next time…

  18. Anyone else notice at the beginning he's playing the (a) of 1 and the (&) of 2 but when he breaks it down he's saying he's playing the (&) of 2 and on the downbeat of 4…

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