In this video, I will use this flute as an instrument to call the snakes does it really works? the benefit and as a media to tame a snake let’s prove it in this video and before you watch this video for more further check out the shirt I’m wearing right now this is my channel’s shirt. it’s the… first? second? ah, the third edition! and now, I’m currently procuding the fourth edition I’ve opened the Pre-order it’s possibly will finish next wee k and you can see the design review at the display here this is the front display. and for the back display will look like this it can be plain like this or we’ll add a logo we make the design pretty simple in ‘venomous’ edition so, for you guys who asked for the update of Panji Petualang’s T-shirt as my merch series you can do a Pre-Order on this number okay?.
So, here is the video. Guys, a waste like this shouldn’t be around here let’s gather it here for now okay? uuh, right now I’m trying to… *blowing the flute* let’s try to call the snakes with this flute around these hay stacks, guys this flute has a different sound with the indian’s because this is a sundanese’s flute. eventhough it has a different sound, it’s still a flute. in this harvesting season the snakes will hunt for they prey. like rats, lizards. etc, guys and they usually live in a hole like this. so, today I’m gonna look for the snakes with this flute just like the indians snake tamer as we know, in india the snakes seems to be controlled by the flutes and I will try to prove it to the wild snake if we… use the flute how they’ll react.
Because there are lots of holes in this rice field and i’ll blow those holes. and we’ll see how they’ll react in this harvesting season, the farmers are in joy because in this year in this season. the harvests are good awesome great, and brings joy. because 90% of the harvest is amusing, guys perfect now, we’re going to try to get close to the farmers there and they are harvesting So here we are there are the farmers harvesting guys the harvest is great, sir? – it’s not bad.
– is it? -well, it’s pretty amusing right?. -well, the price is running low, though So, there is one thing that you should know, guys. when the farmers are planting the rice field I met this sir and when it’s harvesting season I meet with this sir again
It’s cool. At that time, we were herping and didn’t find any snake, right, sir?. – nope. we didn’t hahaha -if anybody found any, the snake will be imported
-the snakes are taken? -they took it abroad. -There are lots of collectors umm, the hunters will searching for the snake around here and the snakes around here are king cobra, and the wooden snake that’s pricey how many tons do you get, sir? -I haven’t weight it yet
-not yet? -i’ll do it at home -by the way, you use the machines now?
-yeah -well, the farming is now pretty high-tech, huh?. *asking other people*
-what’s up,sir? that’s cool, sir. Guys, the great vibe in the village is really comfy, where we can see things that are really homely. okay, then. let’s walk around here. I’ll try to prove and look for some holes that let me to use this flute, guys. -Sir! Thank you, Sir!.
– Yes, yes! okay, let’s go guys! *greeting*
Hello, Sir! what are you doing? Panji: You harvested late, sir? Farmer: Not late. I planted a month difference with the others Farmer: The other have already harvested the plants meanwhile, I’m still waiting.
Panji: That’s why you harvest them late. So, you are giving them pesticide to clean out the pest, right? Panji: Guys, there is a farmer who harvest late. Sir Umat, One of the farmers that plants rice field around here. That’s why he’s harvest late. Panji: but this year, the plants are all good right now, huh?
Farmer: Yes Panji: It’s not bad, right?
Farmer: No, no it’s not. Panji: Have you ever seen a snake around here?.
Farmer: usually, it’s around there. Panji: I’ve been there. I didn’t see any. Farmer: a sanca
Panji: A Phython? Farmer: But it’s really big. Panji: It’s big?
Farmer: Yes, it is.
Panji: Have you seen it? Farmer: Yes, I have. I saw it with Haji Idi. Haji Idi even tried to take the tail but was scared. Farmer: Have you check it again?
Panji: No, I haven’t. Maybe they aren’t showing up yet Farmer: Try to search it around here. Panji: I am curious.
Farmer: Yes? Panji: Usually… uh. Someone said that if we blow the flute, the snake will show up. Farmer: There are some here!
Panji: Yeah, maybe they are. Panji: But I tried to lure them with flute but they didn’t show up.
Farmer: Maybe they are still inside the hole. Panji: Yeah, maybe they are. Do you believe that the snake will show up by blowing this flute, sir?. Farmer: Yes. I saw it.
Panji: from the TV Farmer: Yeah. Panji: It means that he is one of the ‘victim’ guys okay, then, sir. Thank you. I’ll continue searching. let’s continue, guys. to the area that there’s a phyton there. Farmer: Yeah, there is. Panji: There is. So, I am obsessed with this guys a video of a man taming a snake with a flute. Does it really works for taming the snake? That’s why we try to lure the snakes with the flute that I brought, guys. For you guys that feel uncomfortable with my flute’s sound Don’t be mad, ok?. Because I’m not a professional at this. This is an experiment.
So, Please bear with me.
Be Patient. This is a trial. I haven’t seen ANYTHING. So, Sir Uma said There is always seen a phyton at that corner. But when I checked that area I didn’t see anything Because the snakes doesn’t always stay in one place. that’s why, we should look over around there too. This flute is really out of tune. This sounds really bad. That’s why the snakes doesn’t show up.
They’re running away instead. oh, there’s an uncovered hay here, guys. This can be snake’s trail. Ugh, there’s a hole. but it’s the eel’s, not the snake’s. But if we see closer The snake’s prey is abundance! The water snakes not only eats fish, but they also eats frogs. or the rice field’s toad. I’ve seen some here. There are plenty frogs here. It means that the ecosystem is still stable. But the snake is few snakes couldn’t make holes, guys.
because they don’t have claws. or any body part that can help them to dig holes. So, they can have holes as their nest from the prey. like the rat. they usually make a hole like this. this can be the rat’s. let’s open up.
see it’s big! the hole is narrow from outside. holes like this. it usually. dwelled by the rats.
and the snakes will come inside the hole. when the rat is eaten by the snake.
automatically, this hole is going to be their nest. like that.
So, the snakes couldn’t make a hole. let’s look fot another hole, guys. oh, here is another. see? see?. this can be a snake’s hole. or maybe the crabs. or a water snake. let’s try to use the flute, guys. maybe it can lure them out. oh, dang it.
To be honest. even I’m the one who blow this flute gets annoyed by it. Finally, we found what we’ve been looking for. a snake is seen. a phyton reticulatus is emerged. it’s a retic! see? it’s come inside there. I’ll try to pull it out. this snake is looking for its’ prey and not emerged because of the flute. Remember, NOT because of my flute. oh, oh, its really big! it’s about 2,5-3 meters long, guys. ooooh, see, guys?? I used the flute, and they didn’t get lured by it. they ran away instead.
maybe because of how noisy it is. it’s different with the Indian flute. wait, I think it’s not wide enough for us do snake reviews. let’s get the retic come here this field is close to a residental area. see? there’s a house there. because this field is the farmer’s area to work. See?. the snake is really big. for a size of a wild snake. here it is. Hey.
Woah!. it attacked me! come, come! I’ve got a flute. This flute can’t tame the snake, guys!. chill, bruh. chill. don’t get panicked! I’m doing a flute experiment. if you don’t like it, no problem. we are just reviewing the habitat. if you are staying here, it’s okay. eat up the rodents, okay So, The Phyton. The Retic. They are a non-venomous snake and also gives benefit for farming. because their natural pray is the rats, guys. their natural prey is the rats. and they also put the ecosystem here in balance, guys. They are not a venomous and not a dangerous snake. but if their size is about 5-6 meters long, They probably can eat a human up. and with this size, I think It’s pretty safe. which means that they are not a threat to the people here because they tend to avoid than attack I’m really happy that I can find a snake in this area when it’s pretty hard to find some snakes but it’s here snakes are really good at hiding and doing camouflage, guys. So, it’s not easy to find and track them in a place like this. and now, instead of bothering this snake in its’ habitat. it ‘aint good. I’m gonna left it behind and I’m gonna tell you guys about the phenomena of the snake and the flute. sigh Well, guys.
As you can see. The phenomena of the snakes and the flute. it has already stick into our brain. where the snake, identical with fear of the flute’s sound. some said that, the snake is terrified by the salt. but, in theory, some research result, an experiment, etc. They don’t get terrified by the salt. Why?. because they are not slimy animal and the snake’s scale is similar to monitor lizards’. which is dry . so when they got poured by salt. it wont affect them.
It doesn’t terrified them in any way. The snakes will get uncomfortable by some fragrance or smells because they detect the smell by the jacobson sense. or something that is inside their mouth. that delivers through their tounge to their palatum, guys.
There is a sense called ‘Jacobson’. Meanwhile, for the snake and the flute phenomena It’s The culture of India. Where their tamer has their own uniqueness it’s different with our (Indonesia) culture. The India is significant with the flute. The snake didn’t dance because of the flute’s sound. But because of seeing the movement of the tamer. The tamer will try to provoke the snake until it’s attacking. Why they didn’t wear eyeglasses, when they are facing a Cobra?. So, The Indian and Thailand Cobra can’t spit their poison. Eventough they are cobra. It’s different with the indonesian cobra. That has a trait to spit the poison/venom. In Thailand and India The cobra cannot spit the poison. Well, If you are curious about these snakes from Thailand and India. The Naja Kautia. Naya Naya, or Naja Naja from India. You can googling it by the latin names. The one from Thailand is Naja Kautia. While the one from India is Naja Naja. They are two species of cobra that cannot spit their poison/venom.
Just like King Cobra. That’s why the tamer can use the flute freely to provoke the snake as if they are dancing. well, it’s one of the tamer’s trick. but let’s just appreciate, because it’s their way to entertain and their uniqueness. like that, guys.
The point is, after you see this video. you get that the flute or the salt. They didn’t affect anything to the snake.
Its only a myth. Remember, It’s only a MYTH. I am Panji Petualang,
Salam Lestari!


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