Making wall tool holders

Making wall tool holders

I’m trying to get more
organized in my big garage workshop. Right
now I’ve got my pliers and screwdrivers
and such in drawers which is a bit chaotic
and hard to get at. So, I’m gonna make
some tool holder to put them on this piece
of plywood behind my workbench. Most of
the pliers, I can just hang those over an edge
of a piece of wood, like that. Now I need to mount
this about this far from the wall. I think I’ll put it
right about here. Next thing I got to
make something for my screwdrivers and I’ll
make that out of this chunk of maple. Next I need a place
for my chisels. Think a hole about this
size with a slot is ideal. And I think I
need about… 3 and a half centimeters
for a chisel. On the right side I can
just mount it by putting a screw behind one
of the chisels. But on the left side,
I have just the holes for these small chisels
so I’m gonna try to drill a pocket
hole, like this. Next I want to make
something to hold these drill indexes
against the wall. And I figured easiest
would be to make a shelf. So this will be the shelf
and a ledge in front. The things go on here and
to support the shelf, I’m just gonna have a thing
on that in the back, and screw it
against the wall. While I was waiting
for the glue to dry, I cut this little block,
which is designed to hold this
square. Aaahhh. I’m so sick of
this thing coming off. I drilled a
hole in it and now I’m just
gonna screw it on. I still have a lot more
tool holders left to build. But I think this is as
much as I want to cover in 1 video.

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  1. I'm planning on building a drill press , the plans I've seen are very complex, I need something basic any ideas on that ? BTW I love the ingenuity and I will subscribe. edit: the drill I plan on using is a steel housed one way drill, very old school, the type that never fails.. just want ideas.. I have a rough draft in my head but you seem very knowledgeable in the wood craft

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  5. great video, thank you! I'm upgrading my tool storage and so I was looking for diy alternatives to peg boards, which i don't find very pretty.

  6. screws holding racks to the wall should angle down not up they would be self tightening  also don't use dry wall screws they are too brittle

  7. The speed in which you accurately guesstimate the distances and spacing needed is extremely impressive and just a little disheartening.

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  10. To me, it's the person who looks around their shop to find the answer to their need and then creates the answer. It's not about the ideal result but what one does with what they possess already.

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