19 thoughts to “Making of Metal Gear Solid 4 – The Sound and The Fury 1/2”

  1. You are a great troll, ill give you that. No its not about the characters its just the way the game works, the dividing into chapters, the retarded boss designs/stories, snake no longer has his back to the wall but his stomach which was an iconic mgs thing, the game has like million weapons and they all feel the same and just boring, snake is weak and has lost his jokes, VERY minimal codec interaction which was allways a thing i loved, no original MGS theme -Continued….

  2. ….Snake is old and boring unlike in the older ones where he's strong looks cooler and had some funny sarcasm. Just overall the game is top quality but i just dont think its a good MGS in my opinion, ive finished it 3 times and i just could never really love it like the previous games.

  3. I always hate how they focus on someone like Gregson Williams just because he's a big name composer when he creates only small parts of the soundtracks to the games.

    The other Composers deserve just as much love.
    Norihiko Hibino,Iku Mizutani,Shigehiro Takenouchi,Motoaki Furukawa,Masahiro Ikariko,Mutsuhiko Izumi,Kazuhiko Uehara,Tomoya Tomita,Yuko Kurahashi,Yuji Takenouchi,Tsuyoshi Sekito,Takanari Ishiyama, Gigi Meroni, Kazuki Muraoka, ,Shuichi Kobori,Nobuko Toda and many more

  4. i think mgs 4 looks great but what if they remake mgs 1 twin snakes in these damn that would be super or on the new fox engine man awesome

  5. I understand why kojima wants to retire so badly now
    He basically has to be there for the entire Development cycle and holds everyone's hand through the entire process
    now imagine doing that for 8 games

  6. You are right, i just never liked the moustache boring old guy snake, and the terrible boss designs of MGS4. MGS2 had a vampire, a rollerblading bomb user. MGS3 had an extremely old sniper, with bulging eyes, a guy in a spacesuit with a flamethrower, a creepy tree climbing spider dude with a crossbow…..what did MGS4 have ? some uninteresting robot chicks with a stupid fanservice second fight to them….and thats just one gripe, but its one of the more direct ones for me.

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