Learn how to play piano with flowkey

Learn how to play piano with flowkey

flowkey is the easiest way to learn piano. You’ll start playing your favorite songs right away and learn everything there is to know about notes, chords and the proper technique. flowkey will show you exactly how to play each note and check if you play along correctly. This will make your practice a lot more effective and ensures long-term progress. So sign up now and play your first song today with flowkey!

11 thoughts to “Learn how to play piano with flowkey”

  1. is there a trial for premium I don't have a Yamaha piano because whenever I look online it says its only available to people who have to type of piano

  2. Flowkey sounds amazing. I used an app called "simply piano" and that helped me learn to play piano as a beginner. Didn't get to finish everything but I wanna try out this one.

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