La Caña – Flamenco Percussion Instrument

La Caña – Flamenco Percussion Instrument

Hello. Today I would like to introduce an almost forgotten flamenco instrument, the Caña, or rather the Caña Rociera. This instrument was used earlier, but also today, in the Sevillanas that were sung on the Romerias. A slashed bamboo cane – as the name says: Caña which is still specially processed here. Masterfully played, it can actually replace one, two, or even three Palmeros. Palmeros are the specialists for the handclaps. And it actually sounds deceptively real to Palmas. I got this Caña in the eighties from a good friend of the Peña Flamenca Sierra Blanca in Marbella. He has mastered this instrument very well – and has produced it professionally in his carpentry workshop. La Caña.

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  1. Hallo.
    Kann es sein das ich ein Buch von Ihnen gekauft habe?
    Flamenco Gitarrenschule Band 2.
    Ist da normal, daß keine CD dabei ist?

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