Korean Traditional Songs on Guitar | Funtwo

Korean Traditional Songs on Guitar | Funtwo

Hi. This is Funtwo. Nowadays it’s the biggest holiday season in Korea. It’s called Chuseok. And I played some Korean traditional songs in Guitar. The 1st song is Arirang. The next song is Jindo Arirang. Next, Gunbham Taryung. Next, Doraji Taryung. Lastly, although it isn’t a folk song, I’ll play the jingle of MBC (Munwha Broadcasting Corporation) Thanks for tuning. Have a nice Chuseok and see you next time.

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  1. 추석에 스페샬 선물을 헤주셨네요. 한국적인게 세계적인 것이여~~
    항상 좋은 콘텐츠 감사드립니다.!!

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