[K-POP IN PUBLIC] Ailee (에일리) - ROOM SHAKER Dance Cover by ABK Crew from Australia

[K-POP IN PUBLIC] Ailee (에일리) – ROOM SHAKER Dance Cover by ABK Crew from Australia

hey I'm Josie one of the backups for our cover a room shaker which I hope you really enjoyed we love posting official covers on a youtube channel but sometimes we feel like sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes shots and variety kpop concert with their followers well through partnering with amino sharing and creating stories has never been easier we love the stories features up and you can find our page our avk crew on the amino are the stories feature is really similar to what you see on other social media but main good difference because amino your story is never disappeared so you can browse through and watch our videos whenever you want especially you love the stories feature because it gave us a chance to pull some fun fast-paced content that might not fit at our YouTube channel on behalf of every K crew thank you so much for the love and support that you've shown us on YouTube and we hope you continue to support us on a me know if you try on a screenshot if you folios in the me know on instagram we can give you a shout out and feel free to leave any commentary and feedback about the content you'd like to see from us anyway that's all from me and on with the video turning upside down shake up all that's how to bridge my pitching magic match like chandelier icicles hanging from the ceiling below merry-go-round go Mary you know turning upside down shake a-shake sheikha you might imagine time me attention and me me [Applause] turning upside down [Applause] upside-down

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  2. Why am I only founding out now that there's a K-Pop dace group here in Adelaide where I live and I haven't been apart of it??, btw I love everything that you guys are doing finally showing people that Adelaide does have talent, this is proving to me that if you put your hard work and dream into something good thing will come out of it, much love to all of you.

  3. One thing to remember..when you’re talking on camera always maintain eye contact with the camera..not on others.

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