Joy In Your Community - News Desk on JoyNews (15-7-19)

Joy In Your Community – News Desk on JoyNews (15-7-19)

and in our very first story for this package he was stabbed multiple times with a knife and when that failed to weaken him his attacker used a pick axe to strike him in his back killing him instantly that's the story of Dennis Christie dad see who was murdered in the presence of his six-year-old daughter on Christmas Day as he resisted attempts by and robbers to snatch his vehicle it is one of many crimes confronting residents of the twin communities Tantra Hill Inn at motormouth seven journeys editor Fred Smith was in the community and brings us the fest in the series of reports focusing on the terror visited on residents by and robas 20 communities of at mota popularly referred to as Mar 7 and Tantra Hill sprang up in the 1980s this was due to excess demand for land in Atwater which is home to two of Canada's most prestigious educational institutions the automotive school and st. John's grammar it is arguably one of the best managed communities in Accra and attracts many upper and middle-class professionals personalities such as High Life legend daddy lumba sarkodie coffee be a forum Panzer X black star striker Tony agua former EC boss dr. Cujo a fair return and boxing legend Asuma Nelson ah but a few of national heroes and stars who live or shot to prominence during their stay in mar 700 Hill in spite of the abundance of talent and the affluence in these two communities mal seven and Tantra Hill also face similar challenges faced by many other communities in Ghana poorer roots and and indeed resident here have had to endure the terror robbers who usually come on motorbikes Denis quasi dadsy a 45 year old father of five died on Christmas Day last year he was attacked by armed robbers I've come to his family house to speak to them about the incident which led to the loss of their son's life his brother Nana dadsy was the first we found his body when we went to the back of the building so immediately we had to rush him the police pick up also came over we put him in the back took him to the hospital the doctor came in to examine the wound so he turned his back and we found four four cuts deep cuts on his back and then one very deep cut on the upper part of his left shoulder and then doctor said we came in late and was dead we tried all we could do I beg to you know do CPR I even begged him to inject him with adrenaline anything possible that could at least make him say one or two words but he told me it was late at that time I was with my dad who is 79 years old and my dad had so much confidence during the world and the doctor had already told me he had passed it was I didn't know how to tell him the robbers ambushed Denis as a returned home from hospital where one of his daughters had been receiving treatment so later on the police came to the house and then we found out there was a pickaxe behind the house because it was doing some renovations so there was there was blood on the point of the pickaxe so that indicates that according to them that that was what was that is what he used to pierce him so deep then he had internal bleeding and then died out of the process this is only one of many such attacks which have happened to residents of Malvern and Tantra Hill in recent times those who live in the two communities want the police to step up security they usually come out he died early in the morning or late at night when the roots are quiet and there's less attention waking on my laptop and they surfaced with a catalyst like a few seconds I analyzed the guy I realized that I could take him on so I did and so there was a scuffle but fortunately for me he had to he had to go back on the bike run run away because though a few guys who had seen it from a distance and we're rushing with sticks the baton has been happening right the romance school all at school you know that cave I don't know if there's even a streetlight over there or something because just after seven at six seven eight yes so scary you can pass there do we need the aid of the police against this the SDR job to you know pootatuck's for Chinese Fred Smith twin communities of Tantra Hill and mile seven we'll get more from joinings that it's a Fred Smith shortly or not joy in your community is the first in a series look out for more will be in your community soon but let's speak to the MC for the area MC for gun or get sued Ankara we're grateful for your time here on news days I'm sure you've heard some of your residents this is not a new phenomenon for you has this been drawn to your attention I should ask first hello thank you very much for your time here on newsdesk I'm sure you can hear me now I'm asking if this armed robbery phenomenon has been brought to your attention we've heard from residents discussed extensively at music fools please taking measures to make sure it's kept we have heard information about the newest Asian so describe the assembly Islam has also been informed about nature of our freak line other guide book indicated so for the past three weeks we've been back on you know putting up new streetlights other areas where those people have the country of Darkness to perpetrate their crime as the my serving police has a new commander also put in scratches the place to mix your drink crime down for the people who have some activity so how about in terms of patrols in the area you've talked about streetlights though but the presence of the police in the communities itself is something as well that what I just said that we puttin up the streetlights and then the police are also putting up strategies including the patrol so that they would build and fall they would make the presence of the police built-in in all the corners of the area we have another music meeting tomorrow and we were able to give you vividly what we have already done and some of this for security reasons might not be able to put them online I'd be the way but is it a situation that the police have under control you'd say yes seriously they working assiduously to catch this situation but whilst we have you though was when your community another issue that was of concern to the residents is the poor state of roots is they're simply doing anything about it anytime soon yes you truly have been in my community looking at cannot I don't know that we have the more role I believe in a car we can reward you step one in the object somewhere we have so many rules and it's only if I can say three that are tower and you know the assembly has the capacity to as much the empty is dropping the farm most of the schools have already been aborted except for the fact that is taking a little longer for the contrast is to peer inside and that has been worried for now so we'll be working on them but those under the certainty that comes reshape all you know Westone we are working on as I speak with you we are working on about eight or nine rows within the limits of the assembly but those beyond that supposed to be for urban roads all these I we've been working for them look away and contracted at but I thought we'll be monitoring here because we live in that community as well so we'll be monitoring progress in that community so no that will be on your tails and check in every step of the way we are grateful for your time I get you down Ankara is MC for Gandalf and like I said we live in that community because join use and it's a Fred Smith is there and we'll be monitoring events there but what's the bigger picture I thought Sandra heel and arch water is quite a great community to live in and it looks like you have problems yes there is a great community to live in lovely people unfortunately criminals are taking advantage of the how kind the people are and how close they are with themselves you know so in some of the cases I came across in during this story there's mobile money Vanda very close to where I live that shop has been robbed say five times I between last year and now about five times join News had occasion to go the late last year to do a report on at the time they had been robbed three times now since this report we did the security process was increased and it slowed a bit but the search had two more attacks at this mobile and even the landing show but you had your MC you talked about the presence of street lights as well as presence of police in the area and since these issues were brought to light is that a case well for the presence of the police it will be difficult to ascertain because a lot of the times you see the police vehicle moving you're not sure whether they are on a dream to you know track down criminals or they are on their private beach because a lot of the times they come up I see certain individuals that's if they're going somewhere not actually monitoring activities about the streetlights about the street why three weeks ago a number of them have been fixed well some streets have lights others don't and we there are some places especially where Tantra Hill near Allah the the street where people cannot use at all you had one of the people whose residential spoke to us that after 7:00 you cannot use that road and part is so dangerous it is the same place where understand Franklin Cluedo has had his car you know taking nice from him one time it's the same place where somebody's BMW was taking from last year you know it's a very very dangerous area in mile seven we have to go back again first minute we are grateful for your time here on the news desk and of course join your community like I said will be in your community soon so be on the lookout

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