Jamstik+ Review, Unboxing & Demo – Jamstik Demo For Guitar Players, Transcribers & Songwriters

Jamstik+ Review, Unboxing & Demo – Jamstik Demo For Guitar Players, Transcribers & Songwriters

G’day guys Dave Tran from GuitarZero2Hero here and in today’s video I’m going to be doing an unboxing and video
demonstration of the jamstik + Jamstik Review portable smart guitar so just before we
get started the awesome guys at jamstik have hooked
up the guitar zero to hero viewers with an exclusive deal. so basically if you head to the link
below in the description and you use the code guitar zero to hero at the checkout
your save a 10-percent discount off a jam stick so I’ve had a bad awake now to play
around with my own Jam stick + so in this video I’m going to start by
unboxing a fresh new Jam stick and then i’m going to highlight how it can
benefit beginners songwriters and then more intermediate and advanced players alright so let’s crack this baby open so
what we have a box inside of books and once we open that up really have some
informational material so just a quick start guide so we then we have our Jam stick wrapped
up in some plastic will pull that out and is the jam stick now the first thing you’ll notice when
you pull this chap stick out is that it’s actually pretty weighty it’s got
some weight to it it doesn’t feel like a toy also you’ll
notice that the strings are real round steel strings which is awesome so
they’re basically exactly what you get on an electric guitar or an acoustic
still stringing top which is great so there’s five frets on this it’s not
meant to be a full-scale neck it is a portable smart guitar after all
and what we have here is a big new button then we also have a directional
pad here now these directional buttons here on
the jam stick can be assigned to do different things for example you can adjust the caper
using the button so if you want to put a cap on second and just push this button
twice and then it’s as if you had a caper and you can just play the normal
chord shapes then we have our battery compartment at the back and then your
speak charging down the bottom here and charging indicate a lot so that’s a jam
stick there are a box underneath this cotton we have included accessories so in the included accessories what you
get is a charging USB cable guitar strap very handy and guitar picks and strap
holders for the strap so basically everything you’ll need to
get going to pick the strap the gym stick charging cable it’s all there so the jam stick + here is compatible
with iOS android pc and mac and also works off bluetooth technology so it’s
wireless you don’t need to plug it in unless
you’re charging basically so I’m going to work on the strap now playing it’s my
mac and give you the video demonstration all right so I got my jam stick on
plugged into my mac i could use bluetooth if I want but i’m just going
to charge the device while I’m at it so let’s get to it now all you need to do
is download the jam stick + apps now you can get this on the app store if you’re on an iOS device or Android
device just get on the app store very the exact same thing so we’re going to go to the gym stick +
app and this is the standalone player so if you just want to join along play
some songs and then this is the app you go to and this is where you take your
settings so as you can see when I just press my fingers down onto the fretboard
it automatically registers on the app here which is really cool and it shows
that I’m playing a G it shows that I’m lying Addie there and
you get your pic of strings here so you you can change it to steel strings 12 string I believe jams to get currently working
on a bunch of new sounds as well so I can’t wait to hear them as well now the jam stick at supports bends as
well which is really cool so you can bend the strings and get that
sound you can move come on ma so it’s really cool so one thing I can tell you is that this
thing is really quiet the strings don’t actually make a stand
by themselves they don’t bring out there not noisy so if you just want to
practice and don’t want to disturb others it’s absolutely perfect and as I
mentioned before the cool capo feature I’ll just demonstrate now so right now we’re in standard tuning
but if we want to keep out on 2nd fret for example we just push this button
twice and on the screen you’ll see it says capo to automatically and your
transfer sports really cool now for people who have
never played guitar before the jam stick + is amazing it has this app called the gym shooter
and all basically teach you how to play the guitar interactively so i’ll just go
into the gym shoe that here we go into lessons GNC chords now just put up one of the
first lessons here which is a very simple JSA called lesson now if you don’t know how to play guitar
all this is amazing because it runs you three is the G chord with the video as
well this will show you each friends that you
have to hear star where the fingers need to be positioned in front and i’ll show
you on spring as well and so that’s the lesson portion of the gym shoot up but
you can also play challenges that’s exactly like a tire and basically
except you’re hitting real notes real strings so it’s way more interactive and
get out of here yeah so you get the idea of that so basically
out of the box if you do not know how to play the guitar all it does not matter because jam stick
can actually teach you which is really cool also everything
that Jam stick + teaches you can be transferred to a real guitar which is
awesome because my guitar hero back in the day you’d be pushing buttons and
that really wouldn’t teach you how to play guitar properly but this has real
strength real frets everything you learned here can be transferred to a
guitar now the gym stick + is not just for
beginners now for more experienced players and
songwriters it acts as such an awesome midi guitar if you’re a songwriter and
your programming your MIDI you’d obviously using MIDI keyboard and I
don’t know about you guys but for myself I’m a natural guitar player i’m not
really k is piano player so it’s a bit annoying
when I have to use a Medicaid board but with the jam stick class you can use it
as a midi controller so all the scales that you know guitar can be used to
write your songs so I’m just pulled up logic here on my mac i’m just going to
show you how easy it is to write the song and you can just do the exact same
thing on Garageband on your iPad or your iPhone it’s so simple so i looked up the drum
kit to the jam stake here and you can hear that one playing the drum kit with
my guitar so let’s record a call drum bape just loop it like this awesome so now we got the drum beat down
let’s go to a piano now apple is that I hate playing chords on the piano but instantly you just play the guitar chords and sounds just as good as a piano alright so let’s record a piano pot mmm yeah ok so now switch to my string instrument
and you can hear how the jam stick is the midi controller which is so cool so let’s record a whole part on top of
this yeah yeah all right let’s say let’s look at this
and say how that sounds will probably recognize this song inside
kids my MJ intake really cool riff so it’s just that simple to start
writing songs using the jams to control it is so cool it is so much more useful
than a media keyboard if you’re a guitarist so on top of that i’m going to show you
more advanced players something really cool as well so here on Logic what i’ve done is i’ve
added a guitar vs T so this is the ample sound PRS guitar VST so as you can hear
it sounds almost exactly like a PRS if you had it
plugged into a clean channel so this is a bear ers and what you can do on top of that
is add a guitar simulator guitar amp simulator like amplitube it up and have
that so now you gotta shoot him so let’s go
to something a bit more high gain just pretty cool side states for parts and someone about connecticut ave st and the jab stick can
do that as well realistic and tar sands so the awesome
thing is that this Jam stick + can be used on any digital audio workstation so
garage been Logic Pro Tools anything that accepts midi you can use this
instead of a midi keyboard which is so awesome now if you transcribe is out there who
like to eat a bass guitar music in the jam stick + is so easy to use with
guitar pro you may be familiar with guitar / so i’ll just pull it up here so
I’ve just pulled up an empty guitar profile here and I’ve hooked it up with
the jam stick and you’ll see as I play the notes they just instantly register which is so
cool and then you just keep going and just
let’s let’s listen back to this if you’re wondering how do i get to the
high notes and whatnot then it’s so easy you just use the capo function of course
so you just keep pushing up until you get to the right frets you want and see
now i’m playing up at the higher end of the fretboard and it’s all registering
so I just put up a new file i’m going to show you how easy it is to tap out a
song so try to guess what it is all right you know let’s listen back by the way Red Hot Chili Peppers classic
so as a transcribed the jam state plus can save you so much time because you
know what you want to play right so you just play it on the fretboard and then
it’s right there on the screen for you all transcribe and finally for all the
guitar SAT there the jam stick + is just a really cool travel guitar now I
planets wearing been myself and we do a lot of van trips a lot of plane flights
and you know sometimes we just want to get hard to bust out and just have a
fiddle around with you know just to play some songs no down some ideas and you can do that
with a chance to see you don’t have to disturb anyone either and you can just
record songs on your iPad your iPhone it’s really so cool so now i’m just going to jam out a few
songs on the jam stick + just to show you how easy it is to just feel around
on this thing sing along and just use it as a really
cool portable instrument basically don’t mind my saying I’m not much of a singer
but you’ll get the idea there was a secret going David play please the law you No care for music do you it goes like this the fair buy the farm on a major lift the baffled
King composing how yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so as I mentioned before the awesome
Gaza jam stick have hooked up the guitar charity care of you is with an exclusive
deal so if you just head down to the link
below into the card guitar 02 here at checkout or save ten percent off a jam
stick and I just it comes in a variety of colors you got the black one here one
here it also comes in red and blue so make
sure you hit that like button hit that subscribe button if your thoughts
comments and questions below and I’ll see you next time guitar zero to hero Cheers

100 thoughts to “Jamstik+ Review, Unboxing & Demo – Jamstik Demo For Guitar Players, Transcribers & Songwriters”

  1. i heard the demo but i have observed that i cannot play fast tunes and slow tunes also on the jamstik as there is a difference of about 5 seconds from playing on the jamstik and the sound appearing from the ipad. how to rectify this? please advise. [email protected]

  2. so is the jamtutor app also good to learn songs or is it just learning to play simple notes and get used to the fretboard?

  3. The only feature I would ever use this for, would be the tab notation. But some dumbo when they created the app designed it so that you can't hear the notes you are playing in tab notation mode… WTF? great idea , but still needs a lot of development.

  4. Can it replace a real guitar? I’ve been playing the acoustic for almost a year now and was thinking about buying an electric, can this do the work?

  5. After searching the FAQ, it appears that the Jamstik does not make any sounds of its own, and must be connected to some device, but it does not work with Windows.

  6. This is what I dream. Nice review, can we play harmonic on this guitar, and can we get four string guitar for bass player like me?

  7. Does it work with a slide? It would be so cool if there was a "fretless mode" for playing strings or upright bass

  8. The more I watch the Jamstik the more I want one.  Unfortuately? … It will have to wait but I really do like this 'toy'  😉

  9. It is horrible if you are 1. lefthanded 2. Have a PC 3. Can play more than a few chords and normally use an entire fretboard. The strap does not fit the Jamstik upside down if set in left handed mode. If you have a PC you have to use a cable that has low latency issue. Oh before I forget you cannot update the Jamstik+ if you own a PC or an early OS machine, you also cannot use any of the apps on the website with the Jamstik+ with a PC. The capo button does not tell you what octive you are in. You cannot play harmonics like you can sound on a real guitar also. Jam tutor is not available for PC. All this stuff your failed to mention in your review which isn't fare given I made a purchase on your flash review.

  10. Hello Guitar Hero, how much is exactly the price for this jamstick? I wanted to order one, and I found this website through facebook, http://www.tewxmall.com/jaupeq?fbclid=IwAR3tvwdLGPlKbqXvF7_VVrMaL0FvzGPBvmQpncymtpUDEGgiIt7350k0Jzk they are having a promo of P2499 and if you buy an extra one, it will only cost P1000, so I tried to order two for P3499, turns out, in the cart section, it is still P2499 x 2, almost P5000. Can you please check and see if you would recommend if I buy on this website, or if that website is legit or not? Thanks in advance GuitarZero2Hero.

  11. Awesome review! I wish ik seen this the day you posted it cuz now i want one lol.

    Since you mentioned guitar hero, can you do an impression of Rocksmith? It's a game that has you use a real guitar. Quoted as the fastest way to learn guitar.

  12. Kids today are so lucky. This has got to be the coolest thing ever, I wish I was 30 years younger I'd kill for one of these so I could live out my dream of being Eddie Van Halen.

  13. this is dumb one blue tooth that a lag 2 why they go back time why cant they made it to where it can run off usb with out have to have a battery yourock guitar beats this hands down

  14. Hmm, if you watch the video from 5:00, he explains how "quiet" this thing is when you play, yet if you move to 11:25 you will hear that it's not exactly true 🤔 it sounds like babys first guitar and that noise would drive anyone insane after a short while

  15. It'd be really cool if you can download your own songs onto it songs like you like from other bands and were no songs like nutshell from Alice in Chains Led Zeppelin

  16. Some if Jamstik 7 are defected. String randomly play. Suppier said that some computers making "noise" that effects on jamstik thru usb. But with bluetooth is the same problem. Even thru iOS app it sounds like toy and string are randonly playing. This video is very good ad for Jamstik and its got me. But i was so disapointed in this. Think twice before buy it.

  17. its cool but the neck is too short..it looks uncomfortable position of his hand, I will buy this item if the neck is added 20 cm longer, and it will be cool

  18. I would bareback the fuck out of him. Watched a nasty video today and want to cum inside him. I never wear condoms, the rumors are all true so you can all stop whispering behind my back.

  19. Hi, just wondering if you know where I can buy one in melbourne? The Australian store listed on Thier website is closed. I want to tryout a jam stick 12. And, great review. You do a really good job. Thanks

  20. After reading a number of the comments it appears that a significant number of people do not understand the basic concept of MIDI or a MIDI controller. The jamstik+ does not output audio. It generates a digital MIDI data stream (which can be sent by either USB or Bluetooth) that is fed into an external computer (in various forms including smart phones). That data contains certain information, e.g., the note(s) that is/are played, the amount of pitch bend, etc. The MIDI data can be used by a computer software application to drive audio synthesizers, either internally via software synths or externally (via MIDI output) to hardware synthesizers. To hear audio output from the computer application, e.g., any software DAW, you will need headphones or an external amp and loudspeaker. A Bluetooth speaker (which has an internal amp) will work just fine, but that refers to Bluetooth audio output from the computer, not the jamstik+, which, again, produces no audio signal, only a MIDI data stream. The keyboard analog to the jamstik+ is a MIDI keyboard controller, which also only outputs MIDI data, not audio of any kind, since they do not contain an internal synthesizer, e.g. an AKAI MPK49.

  21. The video shows him running the Jamstick tutor and other software on a mac but on the website I only see the apps available for iOS. Can you explain how this would work on a mac?

  22. not one fret slide semi tone up or down. i just got this and it wont do it without doubling the slide with individual key tones. i will try to turn the non slide off. otherwise… return. If you just play chords and sing this thing is pretty awesome. if you are creative………… its limited.

  23. Jamstik 12 midi out–> laptop usb input–>win10–>Ableton–>true pianos vst= record midi notes and play live sound.
    Will this set up work with Jamstik 12 ?

  24. Great review and awesome demos. I want to learn but is this ok for somebody who can’t play with their left hand? Lost a finger when I was a kid so adjusting all my fingers on the neck and stretching them to reach the lower strings doesn’t work well. Only reason I had to give up violin when I was younger was for this reason.

  25. Hello mate, I have never played the guitar but eager to learn and find this less intimidating. Can I use this device to learn at my own pace and eventually move to a real one?

  26. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video. I was not going to get one because of bad reviews. Now after watching your video, I have changed my mind. Cheers to you, too.

  27. this is literally the best video i've found on youtube about the jamstik+! I'm so intrigued and already have one on the way. learning guitar but this will help on roadtrips and flights when i can't bring the acoustic with me.

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