IRON MAN 🔷Black Sabbath 🔷 Guitar Lesson

IRON MAN 🔷Black Sabbath 🔷 Guitar Lesson

This guitar lesson is well how to play iron man by black Sabbath I’ll play [it] riff then I’ll show how it’s played note for note using tabs I’ve broken the song down into eight wrist, so Start with is the intro Which is encountered as one of the riffs? Shut the top string first fret Bend it Like that you do either do that or what I do is bend it behind the net like that Whichever way, it works for you, okay, and now for the riffs Okay, so this is riff number one Okay, power chords at the top string seventh fret fifth string fifth fret late again slide it up seventh fret Then ten nine Ten nine ten nine backed out [of] the to the fifth again Up to the South you Okay, riff number two is this Okay, top string seventh fret fifth string fifth fret again Hammer on to the seventh seven threat to the fourth string fifth fret love to the fourth fret To do that three times fifth string fourth fret weight again here on to the Sabbath Play the Seventh fret again quickly slide up Okay, riff number. Three is this to move the camera bit? riff number three is this Okay, top string some threat play twice fifth string fifth fret back to [sub] [sub] threat top string six three times on the fifth fret top string open fourth fret Twice on the fifth six Okay, riff number four is this Which is actually the the first half of rough number three? I’ll explain it again Okay twice on the top string seventh fret fifth string fifth fret Top string so throat six three times on fifth fret Okay, riff number. Five is just the power chords that are drawn. It sews like this So that’s backwards at the fifth string seven threat They’re not some threat Okay, riff number six is this Okay, that’s at the seventh fret top string power chord play it twice then top string seventh fret 10th fret fifth string sub threat vegan nice then oh fourth string seventh eighth and ninth And that riff [I] recommend pick all the notes don’t do any hammer ons to get the original Sam Okay, riff number seven is this Okay fourth string eleventh fret slide out to it ninth fifth string eleventh fret 10th noise and then to the service top string seventh fret [lead] again Everyone to the ninth again Okay, and [rift] number eight is this seventh fret of the fifth string pull off to the fifth back to [the] Sabbath, so Then fifth fret hammer on the Sabbath [and] paul for the fifth Same as beginning the roof so I’m fret pull off to the fifth seventh the fourth string fourth fret under the fifth fret Do that again? fourth Hammer than the fifth left to the fourth into the fifth string fifth fret Okay, once again Okay, it was the eight riffs of iron [man] now Structure the song is little complicated. So [I’ve] ripped it down okay, so we start [off] with the intro then riff number 1 1 2 2 1 2 2 3 3 4 1 1 2 2 5 6 6 5 6 6 1 [1] 2 2 5 6 6 5 six 6 Seven 7 Solo number 1 7 7 6 6 6 6 1 1 2 2 3 3 for the Intro 8 8 solo number 2 8 8 & 8 Ok that’s it. Thanks for watching

100 thoughts to “IRON MAN 🔷Black Sabbath 🔷 Guitar Lesson”

  1. Hey Bobby no offense or anything, but in this video you showed the bass guitar parts. lol. I love your other videos though…

  2. if youve noticed most of all of guitar lessons on youtube the people talk like they have a sour throut

  3. im pretty sure when tony plays the first "riff" he plays the open e and d string and bends behind the neck ? im pretty sure anyway.i know its not a big deal just thought id comment on it. really like your lessons ,your a good teacher!

  4. Thanks man like the way you broke things down into riffs. Made things simple and easy to follow. Keep up the good work.

  5. Nice Ministry shirt,what a great album that was! I actually saw that tour in Toronto,like1990 I think?? Im from Buffalo. If you ever have time could you do a Symptom of the Universe cover??? Thanks so much Bobby!!!

  6. man i have seen a lot of your videos
    you are really helpful especially with tabs
    thank you very much i am the only guitarist of my family and i didn't expect that i could play like that

  7. Bobby I never had the confidence to play guitar. Most people didnt have the patience with me to teach me guitar. Just three days ago I came across your stuff and I'm well on my way to playing 3 complete songs. I have tons of confidence now and wish I'd found these videos 10 years ago. THANK YOU SO MUCH BOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. holu hell im fast at learning i suck at guitar and i literely learnt the whole song except the solo in less than an hour this song is easy man 🙂

  9. i'm thinking of getting either an ibanez with a floating bridge which i love or a gibson slash vintage model which i love as well and the only guitars i've seen this week barre one has either been and ibanez or a gibson and i don't which one to pick, i love both models and they're about £4 aprt and i don't which one. HELP MEEEEE

  10. I'm 13 and i've been a fan of rock/hard rock/metal since the age of 9. I've always used your lessons to learn how to play rock songs because for me they are the best on youtube. well done!

  11. its annoying everyone's like "yeah im in a band" and then im sitting here on my own cause my school is a musical wasteland, listening to there skrilexcriment and dubshite 🙁

  12. yes but marty plays it unoriginall and wrong for easier for begginers to learn.If u are a new start at guitar u will understand later.

  13. Nice lesson, thanks man! One thing I thought Id share I saw Black Sabbath last Wednesday in London Ont. and one thing I noticed because Toni Iommi has those prosthetic finger tips on his middle and ring finger of his noting hand he uses his pinky finger more for his playing than most people would so for all his 2 string power cords he uses his pinky. It makes seance but I never though of that until I watched him do it lol. So for authenticity I start using my pinky more for Sabbath stuff haha.

  14. As a beginner I have found your lessons to be very helpful and easy to learn from. I don't use tabs very often except when I get stuck on something, then the tabs help me figure it out. Thanks for the lessons and keep up the great work!

  15. I love your vids bro but that tab is visibly confusing? I have never seen tabs written this way. I had to leave this video.

  16. I'd love if you would play through the whole song without pauses in the end y'a know? Since its hard for me to get into the right flow of the song. But tabs are super easy!

  17. When people ask where I learned to play guitar so well, I always say "youtube…This guy Bobby Crispy, He's my man!"

  18. 5:00 – Riff #5 THE POWER CHORDS. I am VERY interested in how Tony Iommi got those amazing overtones that you didn't get. He used a Gibson SG and HiWatt amps, and had plastic tips on three of his fingers. I will always remember the first time I heard Ozzy sing "Nobody helps him" and Tony answers with WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! The most amazing distorted guitar chord I've ever heard. Makes my hair stand up.

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