In the Flesh – PINK FLOYD 🔷 Guitar Lesson 🔷 Beginner

In the Flesh – PINK FLOYD 🔷 Guitar Lesson 🔷 Beginner

Hi I’m bobby Crispy this Video is part of a guitar Lesson Series So today i’ll show how to play Intro To in the Flesh by pink Floyd from the wall Album So i’ll play it first And then i’ll show how it’s played Note for note using tabs Here Goes You you you you [Yeah] Let me change Hands okay, I’Ve broken it down Into separate Riffs okay it Starts off Top String Open Second fret Third [fret] Fifth string A open Second Third fret Fourth [String] seventh fret Second String A threat Slide The Same Thing Same Pattern Down to the Second fret and The 3rd fret on the Second String Second fret Third [String] The Bottom Two strings Open – That Perches Can the [little] Solo There [its] Okay and that’s a third string Third string second fret Bend Up Second String Open First String Open Second string [Third] fret so what’s you do that twice [A] [Third] String Second fret Bend Up Second Second fret Third String Open Fourth String Second fret Open Fifth String Second first Open Top string Third fret end Up it and Pull off The Open Fourth String Second fret Then The next Part each Chord you [play] you, play the D for string open That’s The [2nd] string 3Rd fret 3Rd String 2nd fret Move it Up 2 Frets Look at, One fret sixth fret Position [After] The Fifth fret Back to the 3Rd fret 5th Six A threat Okay, next Part okay so let’s Open String Fifth fret [Second] fret Bend Up Second Second fret Regular Position Open okay Top string second fret Bend Regular Position Second fret Fifth String Fourth fret Bend Up Regular Position for Threat Second fret Then Let’s Just play it again you you Then it’s a power Chord They’re Saying Same Thing Is before Fifth string second fret Bend Regular Position Sec [Crack] Open First Second Then [it’s] Fifth string the Fourth fret Bend Regular Position Fourth fret Second Third Fourth Thoughts you And [it’s] Fifth fret Fifth string give it up big Ben Regular Position The Threat Forth The Top String Open Three more Times and Once the Three more Times so [Last] Part There [Is] Okay, that’s A Lesson I hope it’s Been Helpful and Thanks for Watching

90 thoughts to “In the Flesh – PINK FLOYD 🔷 Guitar Lesson 🔷 Beginner”

  1. This is one of my favorite songs on the wall. I can't wait to start learning this tomorrow. I got very excited when i saw it in my subbox :p

  2. Great job as always Bobby!! could you please do a video on Tom Sawyer by Rush (or any Rush song for that matter). as a Canadian, surely you must appreciate how epic they are!

  3. Another great lesson to another song i like.
    I realy like the calm and clear way you teach, it makes it almost easy to learn.
    Your James Woods voice is cool and a bonus also. Many thanks from a fan in England
    Keep on keeping on Bobby 🙂

  4. Bobby fly across (or drive around) the lake to Michigan and come hang out for a long weekend for a vacation, The wife goes to Europe for 2 months every summer, we can hang and Jam!.. LOL!

  5. i was searching for this full song, then i find this video. first i just watched the video, then i subscribed en then i get my guitar and learning it! THANKS BOBBY! 😀 (sorry for the bad english, im dutch….:D)

  6. Nice lesson! You can also play the 2nd fret on the D string instead of low E open for that last note on the mini solo. I think it sounds better,

  7. I see that you have your locking nut above the nut…
    Have you found that too be better than having it on the guitar nut itself?

  8. Thank you. Very well laid out and clearly explained.  I giggled when I heard one of my favorite parts of the Wall album coming from MY guitar!

  9. Hi Bobby, i like the things you're doing, specialy the "how to play" stuff. However maybe its also a idea to make the rest of in the flesh to. I mean when Roger waters start to sing the lirics. So that the song will be complete, i think ,however you know meaby better that its the chords C and G played in a fingerpicking style. i just leave it up to you, when you find the time for it anyway. Kind Regards
    Marc Reynaert(from Belgium)

  10. Hi Bobby! Could you please before or after the lesson show how to play the whole thing, please? Thanks in advance!!!

  11. Am I the only one having a hard time trying to play the "little solo" ? Of course I'm a beginner but everyone seems to find it really easy 😐

  12. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us Pink Floydians.. Is there any chance you might show how to play "Goodbye blue sky"?

  13. I'm confused as to why you didn't include the final note of the solo portion in the tab. You play an extra note, and even at 4:17 you say 4th string, 2nd fret, but this isn't on the tab. >_<

  14. Hi! I had a guitar and I tried to play this song, I notice that the the sound of the 3 top stings is more "week" that yours… Is because you are using some distortions?

  15. thank you. I was having trouble figuring out the solo on my own and this helped. damn it was easier than i thought. haha. Thanks again.

  16. Best Lessons on the Web, Having the Tabs as you explain makes its easy to learn, so many will speak the notes and play it, but their chubby hands are in the way so you have to rewind and listen over and over to figure out the riff, rather than just look at the tab, boom, got it , now I can move on. Thanks for using your brain and helping mine

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  18. Primeiro parte de uma música que consigo fazer tudo,ainda tenho que melhorar bastante,mas jé me senti um David Gilmour,muito grato pela sua aula.Tem mais musicas do Pink Floyd?

  19. Man you are good at teaching this after the third night of trying this I got the first and second parts down. Thanks.

  20. I've noticed that all the songs are very reminiscent of each other, empty spaces, brick in the wall, the trial but you probably already knew that.


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