Immanuel Abraham – Violinist

Immanuel Abraham – Violinist

(rapid violin music) – I’m Dr. Immanuel Abraham. I’m a violinist and a composer. I was 14 when I
started the violin and I discovered the instrument from a children’s
program I used to watch. – [Children] Shalom Sesame! – It was called Shalom Sesame. It’s a version of Sesame
Street that’s filmed in Tel Aviv, Israel and one of the
guests on the show had been Itzhak Perlman. And I was just enamored
by his playing. He made it look cool and easy. (violin music) And one of those
happened to be correct. It’s a very cool instrument. (laughing) (classical violin music) I grew up in an area of Chicago,
it was inner city Chicago. There was a lot of
violence and crime. I got physically hurt there. Nose broken, I was
burned with a lighter. I was at a knife
point at one point. I had been begging since I was
little to start the violin. And when I was 14, that opportunity arose
spontaneously in a newspaper ad. There was an ad in the
paper for a free lesson. So my family jumped on it. I was very shy as a child and I wanted a way to be heard and music was immediately a path to do so. (bright violin music) And it seems like as
long as I was practicing and the more that I practiced, the more doors that seemed
impossible, kept opening. And that went
straight into college, which I didn’t have plans for. (violin music) And so anything that
was less than an A felt like a failure to me. And so from undergrad I
graduated magna cum laude and then from my masters I
graduated summa cum laude and then summa cum laude
again for my doctorate. And again it was
like the practice, the more you put in to it,
the more good things happen. (violin music) I discovered Mount
Lemon for myself when I came to the
University of Arizona. I had driven here from
the University of Michigan and as an intercity kid, the mountains were
something that I’d, you know seen a lot
in documentaries but I hadn’t really
experienced them and the whole way
up was just really, it was emotional for me. Some of the most beautiful
scenes I’d seen, in my life and so I’ve been up
here plenty since then. And I’ve played
my violin up here. (violin music) I’ve performed in
seven countries now. States will take me
sometime in account. Hey B, how are you? – Good. – Good to see you. Ready to play? What are you gonna play today? – The whole song. – The whole song? Let’s go do it. – Yeah, let’s go do it. (violin music) – I hope to always be able and to always be working
with every age group, with every background,
with everyone possible. Whatever I can offer to
them, I want to give to them. That’s the little
bit I can give back. Good, good. (ticking) So do you hear that? So you hear it now,
how the pitch changes? So if it’s supposed to
sound high, I’ll make a face and I’ll remind you to
say nope, by doing this. Okay but we don’t need to
do it like, you know, aloud, so you’ll go. (violin music) Nope! (laughing) Just think nope,
let’s try again. I really feel that music, music saved my life. It gave me a place to be, it
gave me a safe environment. It allowed me to be heard,
it saved me on many levels. So I have no, no issue
giving my life back to music. It’s a debt of gratitude
if nothing else.

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