If Lil Wayne Played Guitar For…

If Lil Wayne Played Guitar For…

Hey I’m Stevie T, thanks for joining me today. Now everyone knows I love to rag on Lil Wayne for his guitar skills. Or lack thereof. Though I do have to admit that in terms of rappers who play guitar, he’s actually pretty sh!t So I thought it would be funny to see what it would be like if Lil Wayne played guitar for these certain bands. Now I’m not gonna make myself up to look like Lil Wayne for this video, because I can’t in any way look like Lil Wayne. Obviously because I don’t have long hair. So let’s get her started; if Lil Wayne played guitar for: Well, there you have it, it doesn’t get much better than that in terms of guitar playing No, seriously! I got this serious blister on my thumb from using the Lil Wayne technique (ouch) I gotta give it to you Lil Wayne You are a god amongst gods So maybe we were wrong about You, You guitar master You So I’m gonna close up the video in the best possible way Lil wayne playing my all time favorite solo of all time: Comfortably Numb So thanks again for watching and I’ll see You in the next video!

100 thoughts to “If Lil Wayne Played Guitar For…”

  1. It's like someone missing a bunch of notes on Guitar Hero or Rock Band and you just hear those miss sounds all over the place. 😂

  2. If Lil Wayne played for any of these bands (especially Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold) then I wouldn't listen to tgem

  3. He can’t play guitar. He can’t skate. And he can’t fuckin rap. And yet he’s famous. This is fuckin hilarious btw. Seriously!! Can’t believe so many fuckin brain dead ppl like him

  4. I can't imagine the difficulty in this. I suck at guitar, but I'm miles ahead of this level of playing. I can't play like this if I try, yet here's a guitar god playing this horribly.

  5. I love iron maiden and my brother sucks at guitar and thinks hes good so at least lil wayne beats him xD

  6. couldn't we we spare our ears and brains the trouble and just say that the guy plays like someone on his first day playing guitar and trying to suck at it.

  7. Your inexperienced covers of Beast and the Harlot, Through the Fire and Flames, Panic Attack, and the Trooper were so bad, I needed to find true covers, which led me to find Cole Rolland. But I’m also ashamed to admit I’m about on the same guitar skill level as Lil Wayne. I’m definitely more of a drummer.


  8. I really like the parts where Stevie gets in the vibe and plays a few notes right then suddenly remembers he's supposed to suck and goes back to playing like Lil Wayne.

  9. did making this video harm you ? it hurt me to see the suffering… having to lower your skill level to that of a musically challenged/ tone deaf sloth with epilepsy…. really got me right in the feelz..

  10. I don't think 2.4 mil people realise that it was way HARDER FOR HIM TO MISS THE NOTES ON PURPOSE THAN playing FOR REAL! :))))))))

  11. Little did we know, Steve was making fun of ill wayne, when himself couldnt play the songs! Plot twist? I think so

  12. Still a better rendition of Master Of Puppets than the one the Grammys played for Megadeth when they won for Dystopia

  13. My parents had to listen to that shit for days when I bought my first guitar. Now I have kids… the horror is on the horizon

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