Howard Piano Industries YouTube Channel

Howard Piano Industries YouTube Channel

Welcome to the YouTube channel for
Howard Piano Industries. You may be a piano owner who has a piano
that needs some repairs and you’d like to try to tune it or
repair it yourself. Here we show a number videos on our
channel that go through all the different
tasks of how to tune pianos, repair pianos regulate the action so it works well. You may be a brand new piano
technician who is just starting out and needs a little bit of guidance on how to
do some of the more common repair & regulation tasks. So make sure you subscribe to our
YouTube channel to be updated about the new videos that we put out or if you have
any questions feel free to visit our website where we have a number of piano parts tools and accessories
available for sale our website is

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  1. Hi. I wanted to know how much is the price to a vertical piano a complete regulation. Thank you and I'm still learning from your videos.

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