How to Tune a Guitar to E Flat | Guitar Lessons

How to Tune a Guitar to E Flat | Guitar Lessons

Let’s talk about E flat tuning. This is a little tricky to do. A lot of groups tune to E flat in order to
match the singer’s voice a little bit. I can think of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn,
Eddie Van Halen: they like to tune to E flat a lot. This is what I’m doing: I’m bringing E, A
,D, G, B, E, and I’m going to flatten all of them. E flat, A flat, D flat, G flat, B flat, E
flat. What I’m going to do here is find E flat,
and I’m going to tune my sixth string to E flat. I’m going to go to the fifth string, and I’m
going to go to the sixth fret, and I’m going to try and match that. I have to come down to flatten. So I matched that pretty good. Now, from there, I can just use my relative
tuning. My sixth string is the note that I want it
to be, and I can go ahead and tune the rest of the strings with that. I’m going to go to the fifth fret of the sixth
string to tune my fifth string. Once that’s in tune, I can go ahead and do
the same thing with the next one. And then once that’s in tune, I can go ahead
and do the next one, back at the fifth fret still. This is that third string where I have to
go to the fourth fret. And then the last one, back up to the fifth
fret. Now, the thing about loosening the strings,
is sometimes they take a little bit to settle in. You might find that when you play your chord
it’s a little bit out of tune, but if that’s the case you just fine tune and go back through
the same process and make sure that every one of them is in tune. And there you go. E flat tuning.

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  1. sorry, I didn't understand the first tuning because you where holding at the string A at 6 and… doesn't the sound get lighter?

  2. i appreiciate it very much for showing me how to tune 1/2 step down i must have went threw 20 or 30 videos, and i couldnt get it.

  3. @shelbyblacklab and + if he looks at a tuner, it means that he got like 20 tuners around him. becouse his not staring at one way.

  4. nice man helped me alot never knew how to get to an e flat i knew how to tune that way with standard but not for e flat but nice video

  5. Where is e falt on a tuner btw i think its 430 on a tuner but then when i tune to e flat with out a tuner it lower than 430

  6. your supposed to be teaching. your not a professor. im not sitting here taking notes. im watching a video. to learn. go a little slower please.

  7. How is this "tricky?"
    Tune every string a half-step down. If they don't start buzzing like a mother, check your intonation and you're good to go.

  8. If you tune down from E to Eb(D#) i would suggest going up in string gauge.. 10-46 in standard tuning E on a Fender scale 25.5" is pretty tight (Daddario 9.5-44 is easier to bend, i am not fund of 9-42 personally as I find them to soft).. Those 10-46 strings in E-flat tuning will be much sloopier and softer.. So going up to a daddario fusion set like 10.5-48 is recommended..
    On a short scale les pal type guitar (24.75") that have less tension than a fender scale, I think 11-49 in E-flat tuning are really great and musical (Slash uses this a lot). Some might find the top strings a little to stiff on the 11-49 set on a 25.5 fender scale even wehn tuned down in e-flat. Depends on finger strenght and if you are a strummer of a big bender…:-)

  9. 9.5 gauge strings tuned down 1/2 step are almost exactly the same tension as 9's in standard tuning. .I found this helpful so the setup process was next to nothing

  10. If I wanted to play an A minor pentatonic scale in Eb tuning would I just start a fret higher than I would in standard tuning?

  11. I don't know what every chord is supposed to sound E flat so I can't really do anything with your example since when you do it you don't provide enough time to even let it make a sound.

  12. i think you didn´t make it clear enough that you tune it down, some people seem to think they have to match the 5th and the 6th string and snap their e string as it seems in the comments..

  13. Just capo first fret close to fret tune in standard using tuner the remove capo your in E flat i play E flat on scoustic it sounds more richer tone to me .

  14. Hold and Eb on the low E string, then tune the A string to it. Then relative tune. Easier because it's the same note.

  15. si no entendiste y tenés un afinador en el celular, solamente bajá las notas hasta -10. suena bien para mí

    if you don't get this way, and you have a tuner in your phone, just down the notes to -10. it sounds like e flat tuning, i think

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