How to Play a Funk Groove on the Piano : Bass Lines for Funk Piano

How to Play a Funk Groove on the Piano : Bass Lines for Funk Piano

Hi. I’m Jonathon Wilson on behalf of
We’re learning how to play an advanced funk groove on the piano. This time we’re going
to learn the main focus of any funk groove, the bass line. In our case, our chord progression,
like must funk grooves, is very, very simple. C-dominate seventh to F-dominate seventh and
back. Our bass line has a downbeat that you’d, you want a nice long emphasized downbeat and
a couple of sort of popping offbeat?s. And then a walk up to the other chord and then
it sort of repeats the same thing in F and we go back to C. It’s not very complicated.
It’s pretty funky. Here it is very slowly with a metronome so you can hear how it works. Okay. Things to keep in mind while you’re
playing this. You want a nice strong downbeat and you want to kind of hold on to that note
a little longer. You don’t want your downbeat to be this short note. You want to really
kind of hang on that note and then pop those offbeat?s. The walk can be whatever you want.
Sort of short sometimes, long sometimes, it depends on how you want to do it. But generally,
emphasize the downbeats, long notes, short offbeat?s. The same thing on F, in both cases.
That will really help the groove settle on to its downbeats, which is a real common thing
in funk patterns, is that downbeat is very strong and then you’ve got the back beat to
sort of emphasize those beats two and four. Alright, so let’s take our bass line over
the drums, full speed, keeping in mind some of those funk patterns that we were just talking
about. The other thing to think about is that this doesn’t have to be limited to just those
notes that you see on the page. You can throw in little ghosting notes. It doesn’t even
really matter what the pitch is, per se. You just sort of fall off of a little light ghosted
note on your way down to the walk up. That’s a great place to put them. I’ll throw a couple
of those in as well so you can hear how those sound. Here it is full speed. Okay, so that’s pretty fun. Nice fat bass
line, plenty to build on. It’s still a little simple, but coming up next we’re going to
add a little bit of right hand stuff to make it even funkier.

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  1. Dr4 — good idea. I'll put future series into other keys. By the way — if anybody wants the music for this series, I have a PDF. Just message me…

  2. some of the best tutorials i've seen. Love not only the notes, but the angle of the camera so you can see everything, the sheet music on top, and the big picture at the end. You rock! thanks!

  3. To me funk is so hard to write down, you sort of just have to feel it. The faster version he plays at the end helps way more than going slow.

  4. its simply chord I – IV, dosen't have to originate from a standard. this guy is still brilliant though πŸ™‚

  5. i realized that after you listen to the first one (lead in melody line for funk), the window will get refreshed itself and it continues to the next one.

  6. Mmm… It'd be better as a guide to playing Chameleon funkily. For a funk groove lesson come up with something funky and at least a little original.
    Not a bad intro though. Nice and clean, probably helpful to younger players.

  7. this sucks and so does everything else expert village posts. So do us all a favor and stop posting this crap. I dont know if you noticed that they only post about 2 min of info so you have to visit 20 sites to get the whole thing. BOYCOTT EXPERT VILLAGE!

  8. @whyisitunable or maybe you're an idiot for not thinking logically that the videos would start with the him showing u the left hand then the right hand then put them all together and then showing how you can add variation to the right hand while playing the left hand bass..

    idiot expecting everything to be spoon fed to him instead of using your brain..

  9. I'm supposed to learn how to play 'FUNK' from one of the most vanilla white guys I've ever seen on You Tube? Ok, I need to see more of his videos before I can criticize, but this one was kinda lame…

  10. coming up next we're gonna add a little bit of right hand stuff to make it even FUNKIER !! mhmmmm That's what she said !

  11. @PhotosByHamza You're letting your racism be a block to your improvement as a musician? What's the benefit of that?

  12. @totallyfrozen : Racism? You're kidding me right? It's not Racism it's prejudice and stereotyping. If you're going to criticize me, do it correctly please. It is a known fact that 'White People' are not as funky as 'Black People'. I'm neither, I'm brown so I can go either way…

    Had you noticed, I wrote a disclaimer because I hadn't seen any of his other videos but no, you want to beat down the guy who's keeping the 'White Man' down… LMAO!

    Thanks for the laugh! I needed it!

  13. @PhotosByHamza "I need to see more of his videos before I criticize" AFTER you critcize is NOT a disclaimer. Yes, it's racism (i.e. prejudice and stereotyping based on race). I don't care if you're "brown" or not. I'm Latino and I still think it was unnecessary racism. The idea that "whites aren't as funky as blacks" is ignorant as well. Go learn who Bob Babbitt is and then go think about that funkiness factor again. In any case, I can't take you seriously; it's obvious you were trolling.

  14. Errrr …. why is there text of his script overlaid on the entire video?
    How can I see what he's doing with that?
    (It's the same on his other videos too!).
    Or am I missing something?

  15. Hey all, this is Jonathon from the video. If you like these tutorials, I'm beginning to put my new ones up on my own channel. Just click my name (groovewindow) and sub, if you're interested. Otherwise, carry on!

    @nimm2999 I believe the tempo is 110 bpm for this tune…

  16. Hi Groovewindow. I think your videos are really great. I played a little funk guitar…but never really tried it on the piano. But you really helped med getting started.
    I really apreciate it..thanks :o))
    I play on a digi piano with drum patterns on it…but cant find anything close to your drums
    What is the drum pattern you are using called???

  17. @neandergal

    Take of the brackets and you will land on his page, where the vids are listed.

  18. I think that before the slowed down lesson we should hear the "ditty" played properly first. It also takes so much with the catching up in the beginning, its seemingly longer than the actual playing on these vids.

  19. jonathan that bass run is not using the correct notes. the song is a herbie hancock tune "Head Hunter" . Go back to the drawing board. Also play the song you are to slow play it for the learners. If I was in your class ,I'd would be sleep. to be honest it sounds very "GREEN". Funk is never Green sounding. Funk has to be felt from within. Not sound like its read. Im not hateing on you, just teach the right way!!!

  20. you are wrong at so manny things. he is not playing any wrong notes but he is playing the bas riff in another key than the original song and the tune is cald camelleon and is in the album head hunters, just becaus somthing is close to perfect playd dosent mean it cant be felt from the inside and nothing is wrong or right, music is an free art form like any other type of art

  21. hi! I would like to know more on funky R and B comping for Sitting on the dock of the bay, what should I look for? Thanks I love your lessons

  22. hey, please always begin a piano tutorial playing the "song to learn" in real time in order to show what the viewer will learn in this video.

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