How To Mic A Guitar Cabinet | Tutorial with Glenn Fricker | Thomann

How To Mic A Guitar Cabinet | Tutorial with Glenn Fricker | Thomann

How to mic your guitar cab | Glenn Fricker | Tutorial | Lesson

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  1. I love Thomann, I've been ordering from them for a decade. Glenn is a metal recording guru. However, it would've been better to play the same riff – Ideally the SAME DI signal re-amped to better demonstrate mic changes. Again, love to both Thomann and Glenn.

  2. Hoffentlich verkauft ihr mal bald die Halter für die Fredman Technik, machen das Leben so viel einfacher 😛

  3. Nice to see thomann and Glenn doing stuff together! And a stunning beautiful guitar… As I'm experienced with micing cabs there was not much new for me, but the Warm Audio U 87 suprised me

  4. my 6505/rectifier cab doesn't come to life until volume is around 1…….police volume….lol

  5. is it wise to record the delays and reverbs into the amp and into the mic or is it best to add them after with reamping?

  6. Glenn's delivery of the 411 is much more effective when he's not acting like a pissed off teenager.

  7. It's great to see you two doing a show together. 🙂 Take care! Sam from the machiwoomiapoo channel.

  8. After watching some SpectreSoundStudios videos, I went to watch a Henning Pauly video and there was Glenn Fricker, and now I am watching a Thomann video and there is Glenn Fricker as well…. HELP!

  9. I wonder why everyone talks exclusively about close miking a cab right up against the speaker cone? I have gotten some of my best and most organic sounding takes by placing a mike anywhere from 1 to 4 feet away from the cab. Yes yes yes. It loses the proximity effect and picks up the sound of the room. But so what? I can compensate for proximity loss with EQ.

    Anyway, my point is who in the world actually listens to a guitar amp with their head stuck right up next to the grill? Most of us listen to bands anywhere from 20 to 50 feet away from the stage in a small club. And since guitar amps are designed to project, the sound actually really starts to gel from a distance.

  10. The best guitar tone i have ever achieved was thanks to a Neumann KM184 on centre/on axis, with a Shure SM57 off axis, it sounds massive

  11. Fuck you, glenn xD
    1st time you were called beautiful…so much love in that room 😀
    Great advice – thank you for sharing your wisdom. And thanks Thomann for uploading 🙂

  12. wow i really liked the fredman and the 421 with the shure. double micing the cabs sounds really good thanx Glenn

  13. i also liked the condenser. Hey how would it sound with the fredman technique with 2 condensers?

  14. I've been pairing the AT2035 ( for a while now with the SM-57 on a Vintage 30, as I like the sound of the speaker in the room and wanted to catch as much as possible of that. Works like a charm.

  15. Also,if you have a multi-speaker cab (4×12,2×12) Move the mic(s) from speaker to speaker to hear which one or which pair sound best.

  16. "If it annoys your family, you're doing it right" – Glenn Fricker… The phrase I've lived by my whole life

  17. That was a pretty good all in one guitar recording video 🙂 The only "complaint" I have about this is that it would've been cool if you'd tried to achieve the same tone using cheap gear only, for example with t.bone mics. Would've been awesome to hear Glenn's opinion on how their SM57 clone for example compares to the real deal.

  18. For the problem mentioned @ 13:29, you can get a Portable Isolation Booth to surround the amp. Strongly recommend the one from GIK acoustics, isolates the sound very well in a very controllable way. Also helps attenuate the overall room-loudness from the amp a bit, obviously. You can get very creative with positioning also, which actually ends up playing a huge role in tone. Great option for anyone who doesn't have a very acoustically pleasant room to record in.
    But for shame! No R-121 to pair with the SM57!?!?

  19. You know a standard everyday guitar guy would think these sounds are too bright and no low end but as someone who mixes and Glenn's profession is mixing these bright and tight tones are exactly what a metal mix needs

  20. Hello Kristof,
    It is a bit out of the subject but why there is just Vintage 30 options For Harley Benton Cabinets? I think lots of guitarist will be very happy to have different options such Greenback G12m. I will definitely buy one of vertical 2×12 cabinet if it is loaded with Greenbacks.

  21. I saw that cheeky "lips are sealed" motion from Mr. Fricker when dude said he goes for a tighter sound. Fuck you, Glen.

  22. Hey, when you guys were talking about padding your signal from the mic to the interface, what is a good product/sytem to use for this?

  23. after I watch this video, I went to see Despised Icon video on youtube Live in montreal, When I listended to this, as a new sound engineer, I noticed the bass wasn't centered. don't get me wrong, the mix is awesome!!! but I felt that bass line had some stereo work on it (maybe playing with phase in stereo?, is it possible that the bass line wasn't 100% mono?)

  24. How to mic a guitar cab: Point the mic at the cab, preferably in the vicinity of the speaker. Move it around till it sounds good.

    How to put on pants tutorial, coming up next…

  25. wow, when he said the differences between those 2 can cancel some frequencies makes a lot of sense, freq response, phase shift freqency dependant and much more others differences complements each other to cancel or make frequencies cut through..,.. great experiences from a experimented music cooker

  26. I think the isolated sounds of the 57 and 421 are wrong… I would expect a bright sound on 57 and a dark sound on 421 and not viceversa.

  27. The two very firsts microphones I got for my amp recordings were the 57 and 421. It is always a good place to start for these type of things. I would get the 421 before the second 57 like he did the 57 pairing on account the 421 will allow you to get better bass guitar amp recordings if you choose to do so. Maybe get a second 57 as your third amp mic.

  28. Love the color scheme on that guitar. Especially with the headstock. Just plain beautiful. My favorite color for Jacksons.

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