How Much Should I Practice Piano Everyday?

How Much Should I Practice Piano Everyday?

[Music] How long should I practice
piano every day? Are you not getting the
results that you want? Hi, I’m Jazer and I’m here
to answer the question, How long should I
practice piano? Let’s go. The first thing I want to talk
about today is consistency. Consistency is so important when it comes to improving in your piano learning. Let’s say you set yourself
to practice one hour daily. Make sure you are
actually practicing one hour every day as
opposed to squeezing all that practice into that one day before your lesson. For example, if your lessons on Thursday, don’t cram six hours
onto Wednesday. It just doesn’t work as well as compared to
practicing one hour every single day
of the week. And there’s a really good
reason for this. That’s because you
need to sleep on your practice to get
better the next day. It’s a really funny
thing that happens. When you do your
practice for the day, sometimes you’ve realized like nothing really gets
in after a while, but the moment you
take a nap or the moment you
sleep for the night and you come
back the next day, suddenly, the things that you’re learning
suddenly goes into your hands and you start to
be able to perform them without you
consciously knowing you’ve jumped
that hurdle. So remember spreading your
practice over the, over the week because what you want to do is
to practice in little blocks, sleep on it, and it will grow better
the next day. And if you do this consistently
for every day of the week, you’re going to see some massive
improvements over the year. There’s a study that
showed that students who practice 15 minutes a day, four, five days a week, eventually gave up
lessons a lot more than students who practice
30 minutes a day for five days in
their week. And there’s a good
reason for that. When you’re practicing,
not a whole lot, guess what happens
to your progress? It’s not going to be
very good. It’s not going to
be a lot. So what happens
is you put in all this time and effort and money
into your piano lessons, and you realize
you’re not getting that much from it over the
weeks and the months because you’re not
putting the time into practicing before you go
back to your piano lessons. Remember the magic
of piano lessons happen at home. The magic of piano lessons
happen at home. What that means is When you go to your lesson, you get feedback and you get knowledge
from your teacher and what you’re supposed
to do when you go back is to practice all these things so that by the next lesson you
are ready to go. You’re ready to receive new wisdom and
new techniques and new ideas for your next week’s practice. When you go for a
piano lesson, you got to know that that panel lesson is only effective if you go home and you put in the work daily before your next lesson comes. The next thing I want to talk about
is the quality of your practice. A great violinist once said, “Practice with your fingers
and you’ll need all day. Practice with your mind… …and you’ll get it done
in one and a half hours.” Now, the message
behind this quote is that when you sit on the
piano to practice, be really aware that
your time spend there is extremely mindful time and not mindless time. When you sit on the piano, be aware not to play through your music
for the entire hour without really realizing what you’re doing,
if that makes sense. I see students do this
all the time where they practice through their piece and I can see they’re
not giving real thought into, what can I do better here? Perhaps that’s a forte and
that’s a piano. Am I bringing this part out? Am I bringing that part out? Then not having mindful thought processes
about their practice. They’re sort of just running it through for
the sake of practice. I want you to think real in
depth into your practice. Ask yourself some
critical questions. What can I do better here? Perhaps this section I’m
not so good at. Why don’t I do this
section 10 times now, before I move on to
the next part? Ask yourself critical questions, every time when you practice. Try not to run through the piece for the sake of running
through the piece. In conclusion, I think that your practice
time is going to really depend on your life situation and your commitments
to a variety of things. But my recommendation
to students is that they practice every day for at least the length
of their lessons. So if Tom has a one hour
lesson every Friday, I’m going to expect that Tom by next Friday that he’s locked in six or seven hours
worth of practice. Cause he will, let’s say if he doesn’t
practice on Friday, I will expect him
that from Saturday till next Thursday he would
have practiced six days. So six hours worth of practice
before he comes back. So I hope that’s been
helpful for you. Keep up the practice,
because the practice is going to lead
you to greatness. When you do your
practice consistently, over time, you’re going
to see some” really great things happen
for you with piano. So just stay onto it. Great things are
coming your way. How long do you practice
the piano every day? Let me know in the
comments below. I love to find out a little bit
about your piano life. My name is Jazer, remember to like and
subscribe to my channel and I’ll catch you in
the next video. [Music]

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  1. How long do you practice the piano everyday?

    Also, remember to share this with someone who NEEDS to do their practice!!

  2. I don't know of my practice is any good and would like some feedback.

    I recently found a beautiful piece called 'Merry go round of life' from the movie Howl's moving castle. Everyday I sit down for an hour or two and I try to learn as much as I can; trying to mimic the same timing and such. Sometimes I can master 1 bar and sometimes more but I don't know if that's even called practice. I've struggled to find out what "being good at the piano" really means, is it the amount of piece you can play? your skills in sight reading any piece? What is the most impressive skill for the piano?

    Any kind of feedback will be really appreciated, and if you have any questions to further help you answer my question please send them right away! Thank you!

  3. I'm so happy I decided to buy my keyboard 5 months ago! I've been using an app to organise my practice (consisting of scales, technique or sight reading exercises and score practice), it's super helpful. Currently at 110 hours and try to practise at least 30 minutes a day 6 days a week. I can't afford a teacher now, so I'm very thankful to you and other youtubers who make it possible for me to learn. I also hope to reward myself with a better piano if I keep it up for a year (and maybe a couple of personal lessons down the road)! It would be great to find more time for piano practice, but I find it hard to focus on it after work sometimes and enjoy doing sports in my spare time as well.

  4. I make errors when I play, but I tell myself that errors are parts of the practice; sometimes I can completely botch a piece after I have perfectly played it the previous day; sometimes I can't even play any more what I could play the previous day, and it has happened me that I had to look at the musical score while I was perfectly knowing it before, and it's depressing; globally I think that I progress, but it's a progress in "sawtooth", and sometimes it's depressing, I feel like I am not progressing at all; while I can play the five first gnossiennes of Satie by heart, and also the n°7, and the three gymnopédies, without looking at the musical score, I haven't yet managed to memorize the 6th gnossienne, though I have played it numerous times.

  5. Great video! What is the piece called in the very beginning of the video? Love to know! Was it you playing? Amazing! Looked like your hands were flying around so smoothly! Thank you!

  6. I practise 2 hours every single day without any exceptions and I see better resoults than my friends that procrastinate, and then play on weekends for 8 hours.

  7. Great video and so true. I sometimes break up my practice throughout the day, in smaller sessions of say 15 min, then maybe 30 min later, or 1 hour….it depends…. however as long as you achieve something in each practice, you will improve. If I only have 10 minutes spare before waiting to head out the door, I might pick one or two scales and just practice these, or go over just a few difficult bars of a piece I am learning to play. The cumulative effect of consistency is quite amazing. I am an adult learner in my 50's, and have just recently started taking lessons, after not playing piano for 25 years. I am really enjoying the new learning, and wished I had done this sooner. All the best to everyone in their practice

  8. Let's be honest, practice can sometimes get tedious. But practicing with an eye toward regular public performance is a great way to stay motivated. Because now you're rehearsing, which is much more exciting. Even if it's just playing boogie woogie on a public piano in the Metro or pop songs at the local cafe on Friday Open Mic night, it's all good. This way I have a specific task to learn X songs with a fixed deadline. Regular public performance also puts me into a "professional" mindset so when an actual gig comes along, I'm ready with minimal anxiety, because I've already done it before. For example, three weeks ago I was invited to play at a friend's parents house on the spur of the moment. Everyone had a great time. Based on that, I was invited back to perform at a celebration of life event for 400 people in an iconic church. Whenever I see a piano in a public venue, I ask if it's OK to play and then perform whatever I am rehearsing that week. With the Christmas season coming up, I am now adding seasonal tunes to my play list so I'll be ready wherever we visit. If you have a portable keyboard, elder care homes are great places to visit and do impromptu concerts for the staff and patients. One rule I have is to never play anything I don't know or haven't rehearsed.

  9. I just need to improve a little, not learn. My fingering is off some and my sight reading is poor. I don't need lessons, just practice. I just play one or two songs and quit

  10. Hello Jazer,
    I am a retiree (67 yo) and one thing I went back to is to have piano lessons. It’s coming back! Am happy though I have difficulty memorizing. Also, although I know the notes of the piece and practising religiously, I still make mistakes! I just couldn’t perfect the piece. Shall I just accept this reality because of my age? Thoughts? Thanks

  11. If you can't understand the comments that says "practice 40 hours a day" or "Ling Ling" is probably because you're such a sACrILeGiOuS boy/girl. Go watch TwoSetViolin channel and you will understand 😂😂

  12. I just started piano lessons and I have had my piano for 9 days. I ve practiced every day except for one day. I usually practice for an hour… or I do 2 thirty minutes sessions.. one in morning and one at night

  13. If you want to learn something that requires consistent practice go for at least 5 minutes every day. That way you actually practice every day instead of procrastinating because you think you don't have an hour.

  14. I practice 1 – 2 hours a day, depending on how much time I have. In rare occasions I'd practice 3 hours in a day, and then the nect day would probably be around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

  15. My advices are: practice as long as you have fun, play as slow as you feel comfortable, compose and play your own music from the first day on.

  16. I been learning for 10 months and practice 1-1.5 hours 5-6 days a week. No lessons though, just pulling knowledge from multiple YouTube sources.

  17. At least 40 hours every day. That includes winning 20 competitions and getting A+ in math, physics and chemistry at the same time.

  18. you are good at the piano but it seems that you have made an effort to make the first arpeggios of that piece sound exactly identical, you need more expression

  19. 20-30 minutes before bed, and 20-30 minutes after breakfast, every day. The leap in progress from having a good night's sleep is amazing.

  20. Being a master procrastinator I've found that sitting 15 minutes a day is good enough. Because my procrastinating brain won't be able to handle anything more than that. Not if I wanna be consistent with it at least. But when it becomes a big enough routine and habit – then I can increase the time.

  21. Ling Ling 40 hours !!!

    Okok jokes aside, what you said makes a lot of sense. Imma gonna forward this video link to all my students now. 🤣 (I'm sure many of them would be guilty of the previous day cramp practice…)

  22. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm just starting to rekindle my piano @60. God's Great Grace! An avid fan from the Philippines!!!

  23. My own melodies come thru my mind but here's the kicker. It happens when i'm about to fall asleep and by the time i wake up i forgot. Should i run to the piano and start the key banging thus waking my neighbors at 11:00pm ? 😁

  24. I don't play piano but I try to get at least 30 minutes a day. If it becomes 90 minutes, fine, if it stays 30 minutes, also good. Consistency >> one time effort.

  25. I play everage 1. 5 hour a day, sometimes not constantly. I took Grade 5 in 2018 and grade 8 next year. It's hard to play more since you have work, study and life.

  26. Thanks! Everything you say makes so much sense!
    I was repeating some part over and over again but could not realy remember it well at that moment, but the next morning I could play it.

    I dont know how to read music btw. but im learning piano from You Tube. About 2 hours a day.

  27. Hi Jazer, I’m really happy to have found you! My lesson is on Thursday and I try to do an hour a day. I’m an adult so I feel my progress is slower that that of a child. If my daughter practiced as much as I do I’m sure she’d be brilliant but she’d rather watch YouTube videos! I’ve sent her this one!

  28. Practice is good, but right practice is how you get better. This means deliberately breaking up the piece per measure, and scrutinizing the minutiae to make sure it is perfect.

  29. I don't know why. But sleeping on it is an actual thing. Like sometimes I'm stuck in a part of a song, then the next day I can pull it off.

  30. I write the numbers 1-10 in a notebook. Each number represents 5 minutes of concentrated practise. I respect very 5 minutes, so on lazy days, I often fill on the numbers 1 by 1 working during advertisements of a football game. On more ambition days I might be able to do 35 minutes at one time. I have lots of shorthand to describe what I've done or worked on. I try to go beyond 50 minutes, but that's my absolute minimum. I use a stopwatch – every minute counts. I don't consider playing stuff I know practising, although I do have a category called "improv". As soon as I started writing everything down, the most immediately thing that I noticed was that I wasn't working as hard as I thought I was. The act of recording everything like this makes me much more accountable.

  31. I just started out, and basically My day looks currently like:

    -wake up
    -go on the keyboard (learning and practicing by a piano learning book) [1 – 2 hrs]
    – Fitness
    -practicing the piano piece that I like to learn currently [ 1h < to as much I have fun playing it]

    For the last 4 days I've been Basically playing the piano almost the whole time I was home. I don't know if it's to much but I see improvement. By learning the basics from the book it becomes easier to play the piece in the evening. Maybe it's effective right now because the piece is not as hard right now and I have a lot of fun. So I play the piano 4h =< a day and do not get bored ^^

  32. Is there anyway to make a habit to play 🎹 everyday is there anyway to actually getting addicted to playing piano everyday is there anyway to make your mood like .. you have to play piano today or you will lose a ton of progress! Please help me get motivated playing consistently.

  33. May i ask, should we do mindful practice everytime we practice or can we neglect it at times when we were just start to finish reading all the notes?

  34. Fantastic knowledge.Thank you. I am 73 yrs young and have been teaching myself the piano for a year now. I just love the keyboard and practice at least an hour a day. My 2 cockatiels are my tutors. LOL

  35. Are you some kind of robots I just started and I do 20min a day. With that time my fingers are killing me so I don't get how you can practice for hours every day? How?

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