Guitar Stand Axe Handler, Portable Guitar holder | FUNNY

Guitar Stand Axe Handler, Portable Guitar holder | FUNNY

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  1. If you do not believe the commercial, here is the review from Guitar World.  GUITAR WORLD…..

     The Axe-Handler by Re-Axe. Yes that’s a healthy display of the hyphen. And no, we're not talking about the kind of axe George Washington used to cut down a  cherry tree.

     What we are talking about is an American-made, mega-portable guitar stand that you can stash inside your case or gigbag to save your instrument from being the  victim of a party foul at your next gig or living-room jam session.

     There are two flavors of the Axe-Handler — the Original and the S/O.

     What’s the difference? They both sit on the edge of your coffee table, desk, stool, amp or speaker cabinet and anchor your guitar or bass against gravity. But there  are a few subtle differences. The Original Axe-Handler offers a pick holder. You’ll note the flat cutout that works best if you place your guitar strings-first into  the  holder.

     The Axe-Handler S/O is a multi-tasker. The S/O stands for “strings out,” which means you place the back of the neck inside the soft V-shaped cutout. What I liked  best about the S/O was that I could stand it upright on any table or even inside my guitar case and change strings or do minor tweaks.

     Both Axe-Handler models are made from a durable rubber and are internally braced with steel. This ain’t no cookie-cutter nonsense! They stand about an inch tall  and take up  about as much space as a pack of guitar strings. The weight is comparable to full can of soda.

     You can buy either of Re-Axe’s Axe-Handlers online, but the guys encourage you to check out a local music shop. In fact, the name of the Axe-Handler came from a  music shop.  Instead of dealing exclusively with the big commercial chains, they prefer to stick with local shops all over the US. Check their website below to find a  list of dealers.

  2. Get an Axe-Handler. You won't be sorry. They take up next to no room in your gig bag, and you never again need to worry about your guitar stand pinching your fingers while setting up or tearing down after a gig.

  3. Re-Axe Products, & it's affiliates, are the best! I own several axe handlers & have given a few away. Also, tried to get my local music store to carry axe handlers. I cannot sing their praises enough! ROCK ON!!!

  4. Best portable guitar stand on the market. I cringe when I think of what could've happened to my guitar had it not been solidly held in place by the Axe-Handler. For less than $20, keep your guitar in safe keeping anywhere you go by ordering one, or two, or three, or four! You can thank the Re-Axe Army later.

  5. This is one of the best items to come out. . Great for the studio, the stage, the bed room, and on the road in the hotel… great design.. easy to carry around..fits in you guitar case ..I highly recommend you get one…

  6. Funny commercial, and a great product!  fits in your guitar case, and comes in strings in or strings out models.  All you need is a flat surface, sit the axe handler on it, and lean your guitar on the axe handler, instant stability!!!

  7. Learn more about the Axe-Handler line of Guitar Necessities.  Join our FB Family.

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