Guitar Lesson – METALLICA – Fade to Black – Solo – ( 2 of 2 )

Guitar Lesson – METALLICA – Fade to Black – Solo – ( 2 of 2 )

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy This guitar lesson is video number two and how to play the intro guitar solo to fade the black by Metallica Okay, leave me off You play Third string 14th, and we’re on to the 16th fret Then to the fourth string 14th fret let it ring the 14th everyone to the 16th Third string 14th and 16th The second string 14th and 15th Then 14th hammer on to the 15th off to the 14th Then the third string 16th fret Back to the second string 14th everyone to the 15th And play the 14th again Into the Bengt heat fret first string 1715 so that part again slowly is Into the first string 15th fret 17th 14th Second-string 15th Third-string 16th letter vibrate First string 14th 15th 14th Second string 15 There’s shrimp 14th So that part again slowly Into the first string 14th 15:14 Second-string 15 First-string 1715 14th So that part again, there is slowly Enter the fifth string 12 14th 15th The third string 12 mm, 14th 15th Third string 12th 14th Second string 12th 13th 15th First string 12th 13th 15th Stole out of that first ring 12 13 12 so it’s a hammer-on like that The third sir second string 15 First string 17th So that part again slowly is Okay, well there it is whoo the videos were helpful and thanks for watching

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  1. Nice !! Bob u rock !!! Well here's a request from me,can you make a video on U2's "One" both rhythm and solo ? Would be nice to see you make video on this classic !!!

  2. i watched many videos about the intro solo and read several tabs but couldnt get it ryt. but now am so freakin happy that i watched ur videos. ur vids are the best

  3. booby i have a question for u … my fender stratocaster guitar is broken and in the meantime i dont have money to get another one so i ran into a guitar shop that has maxtone guitar's with good prices , is maxtone guitar's as good as fender stratocaster or i should just look for some other guitar brand ???

  4. i learned to play the riffs and intro solo of fade to black from you videos. Thank you for that, but I don't know the ending solo, could you please do a video or video series on that. It would be great and I'm sure many people would like that. Thank you!

  5. @RootbeerInAFrostyMug yes, im searching for the 2nd solo-…. mmm ill make a video for the 2nd solo, it will be the 1st in all youtube =)

  6. Thanks alot, Ive tried learning this on my own using tabs and stuff but this really helped me out alot. Great lesson 🙂

  7. Bobby Crispy, your vids have changed my life. Im a self taught beginner and after a few days of watching your 2 FTB solo videos i can now impress people by rippin out this solo. THANKS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Man Your Rock !
    BTW liltle mistake on 1:51 ..
    the 14 need to be on the second string not the third..
    But Well Done 😉

  9. i cant say that i really like your lessons. i mean it helped me a lot but i think u really explain a bit to slow. You dont have to say the fret and string at every note youre playing. I think that really slowes it down and makes it less clear to understsnd

  10. man to that guy who ses ur going to slow for guys like me who are beginners and havent masterd it it helps us out

  11. One bad thing is that we can't see your right hand. I have problems understanding where and how to play quick places with right hand and when to pick string with right hand and when not to. In slow places it's much more clear how to play with right hand. I'm beginner. I understand what to do with left hand but I don't understant what right hand should do in some places.
    But thank you anyway for your job.

  12. **TABS FOR THIS LESSON:—Fade-to-Black-Intro-Solo.php

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