Guitar Lesson – CRAZY TRAIN – Randy Rhoads – ( Video 2 of 3 )

Guitar Lesson – CRAZY TRAIN – Randy Rhoads – ( Video 2 of 3 )

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this guitar lesson is video number two on how to play crazy train by ozzy So in this video. I’ll show how to play riffs five through seven So riff number five is played like this That’s us when he’s singing. I’m going off the rails So it’s played as a power chord a power chord fifth string open fourth string second fret Top string fourth Second open E power chord which is top string open and fifth string second fret? Then a second string sorry second fret top string fourth fret So just again riff number five slowly your shake if you want you Riff their six is this So that’s like an f-Sharp power cord toshing second fret Top string open they keep your pinky in the same place and back to f sharp, so it’s Then it’s harmonics at the 4th fret like that so play the bottom strings then the top string so it’s okay, then it’s the top string 2nd fret 4th fret 8th Power Chord top string for threat second e power Chord open top string top string second fret fourth fret Then once again same as before the power chords F-Sharp E than the harmonics the fourth fret top string second fret fourth fret then to the D power chord fifth string fifth fret slide it up to Seventh E awkward So once again riff number six slowly And if number seven is this one it’s just power chords, so it’s a Open fifth fret I mean fifth string so Charlie again first Power Chord is top string second fret Asher slide it down A power Chord that’s fifth string open e power Chord open play Twice Ashley F-Sharp Power Chord D fifth string fifth fret move it up the seventh fret Nice, just play it once and slide it down Back to a backward e Power Chord f sharp Power Chord Then back to the D power chord fifth string then the guitar Solo begins okay, so that’s video number two all the rest Okay video number three I’ll show the three fills that are played through the song

62 thoughts to “Guitar Lesson – CRAZY TRAIN – Randy Rhoads – ( Video 2 of 3 )”

  1. dude you suck ass you dont even play it right and its hard to understand because you fail at explaining it

  2. I cannot learn the chorus..i believe its in video one..For some reason i can't understand it. Ive been playing half a year so i don't know why but i can play up to the chorus. Sorry for scolding you bobby, you're a good man.

  3. this kid fails at life this video is pretty easy to understand he even has tabs!!! Doesnt get any easyer. oh p.s. skillerguyvids dont review gum anymore

  4. Obrigado mais estou parando pelo primeiro video =( diifiicill rsrs mais o primeiro ja to tocando!!
    valeww nota 1001

  5. well, i guess u wouldnt call it a solo, its more like a fancy lick…… im talking about the one right after the first verse ends. and the other one…..idk where that is…..

  6. Why is so many people Bitching, this guy is patient enough to show you how 2 play it slow. If your to slow to play this or understand it, then maybe you should be playing Marry Had a Little Lamb and move up from there!

  7. Thanks to these videos i can play it but maybe its easier if you say how the guitar should be tuned. but nice work with these vid's

  8. @BobbyCrispy Nice job…not sure why anyone would think your method is too complicated…perhaps they should try another instrument…

  9. Tabs are unreadable. You had too many or too little dashes in between letters, so the frets matched the wrong strings, and the only way to learn was to watch the fingers. But it helped so thanks.

  10. Great Tone! Another good lesson Bro. You catch all the little quirks. Its a simple song but to play it like Randy did, it becomes a complicated song. Your tabs are perfectly readable and your teaching is excellent. Not sure why anyone would have problems unless the song is above their skills. Keep up the great work!

  11. You are doing a very good job, you don't need to get offended or reply to everyone's stupid or not that stupid questions. Problem is that once you upload here you are exposed to all kinds of people. It says part 2 of 3 for fuck's sake and if that teaching is too complicated for you, try learning how to play the flute instead!!

  12. dont listen to them fools who say your making the lesson to hard, there not at the level you are. your a good teacher watched all 3 lessons never touched guitar then threw disc in an played along with it good job thanks man

  13. if they got the rythm of song they should be able to listen to solo figure out what scale an play it all rock has 3 major scale patterns they use some use 4 not always unless your ted nudgent fan then you better know your scales

  14. If this is too complicated, then you shouldn't be playing guitar. I'm 12, and can play almost this entire song all the way through, minus the main guitar solo, which I am learning.


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