Guitar Lesson 5 – ‘Ooh La la’ Rod Stewart & NEW Melody! [10 Day Guitar Course ]

Guitar Lesson 5 – ‘Ooh La la’ Rod Stewart & NEW Melody! [10 Day Guitar Course ]

Hi guys, I’m Andy Crowley. Welcome to day five of this ten day guitar starter course. where we’re going to be looking at a new strumming pattern and a little melody for one of the great songs that are fantastic for beginners. It’s just got two chords in it and this is ‘Ooh La la’ by ‘The Faces’. You may not be aware of it, so I’ll just give you a little play through of the two parts that we’re going to go for But I think you’re really going to like it. I wish that I knew what I know now. When I was younger, I wish that I knew what I know now. When I was stronger. So that’s the chorus, and that is the little rhythm part. And then we have this lead part. That can be played just with your first two fingers. So absolutely fantastic for beginners. So those two chords are just played with a D major. Played from string four. And an E minor, which is played like this. So E minor is essentially just an E major chord, but we take off your first finger and it’s just those two notes there. But it can be easier to play that with your first two fingers. So that’s the E minor I’ve played before, E major with our first finger off. But if can be easier just to use your first two like this. And the strumming pattern that I used was playing the root note, so the lowest note of the chord. otherwise known as the base note. And then strumming, which I kind of nicknamed Bob Dylan style folk strumming. So that’s root note, the D. and then strumming the thinnest four strings. And we do that four times of each, so two bars. one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four. And then change to the E minor, where the root note is now on the thickest E string. one, two, three four, one, two, three, four. And that just repeats for the whole song. So one, two, three, four, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo doo, doo, doo, doo, doo So let me give you some tips and help you play this bit first and then we’ll play that melody towards the end of this video, the quick links are in the description below if you want to skip to the single note part. So here is our D chord, played one, two, three, standard D major. Fingers on an angle pointing towards your strumming hand kind of shoulder. And then we pick the root note. and strum and that’s one two three four When you’re doing the single string pick you want to make it just the wrist motion. So just moving the wrist and keeping the forearm still and for the strum just kind of flick everything away. so flick downwards. Slight movement of the arm, but still the movement is in the wrist aswell so just to focus on the strumming action. Pick, just the wrist. strum just let it kind of flow down but a small a movement as possible. One, two, three, four one, two, three, four And staying on those thinner strings will really help to get this sound, I’m using a pick and picking string four. strum four strum one, two, three, four and then we change to the E minor chord. and we then pick the thickest string and strum three, four one, two, three, four So let’s have a play at this together, if you can’t keep up with me with the single note just go for a normal strum every time. So one, two, three, four one, two, three, four Change chord there two, three, four one, two, three, four And it should be nice and straightforward this one. everyone should be able to do this even if it is one of your first ever songs. But try this Bob Dylan style ‘folky’ pattern if you’re up to it. So let’s play that together now really slow in two three four root note, strum three, four one, two three, four E minor, thickest string one, two three, four one, two three, four Back to the D chord three, four one, two three, four one, two three, E minor one, two three, four one, two three, four Now let’s repeat that really slowly And I will sing the words just so that you get how the verse and the chords work together exactly the same chord sequence. And then you’ll be away to practice this straight after this video. Let’s play together in one, two, three, four one, two, change chord one, two, three, four one, two, change to D D, two, three, four one, two, three, four one, two, three, four And now we start the verse Poor old granddad E minor I laughed at all his words D I thought he was a bitter man He spoke of woman’s ways keep it going, back to the D They’ll trap you, then they use you E minor Before you even know D is blind, far too kind Don’t ever let it show chorus, same thing, D chord I wish that I knew what I know now When I was younger, I wish that I knew what I know now. When I was stronger, and pause there. From there it’s just a loop from exactly what you’ve done. So if you could keep up with that, fantastic job. If you couldn’t pause this video now, have a quick practice. Then rewind and have another go along to me. But we’re going to move straight on now, and move on to the lead line which kind of follow the chorus pattern at least in a rhythm point of view. Wish that I knew what I know now. When I was younger. So for this little lead line, we’re going to start with our first finger where it normally is on the D major chord. And pick that note which is the third string, second fret. represented as ‘2’ in the tab above. and then we play that note three times one, two, three After the third time one, two, three four We go with our middle finger to fourth fret and we’re going to try to play this whole thing just with our first two fingers, ok? To make it even easier. We’re going to go with your middle finger to fourth fret of that same string one, two, three, four And remember when placing your finger at any fret, it wants to be at this side of the fret area. Not at this side, or in the middle, we want it right up there. and the middle finger right over here. not in the middle Still staying right on the tips of our fingers, staying like this. Rather than being really flat, we’re not holding a guitar, we’re playing notes so we need to bend that first knuckle like this. And again one, two, three, four And we go back, the fifth note is the same note we started with. One, two, three, four five One, two, three, four, five Let me move my picking to short so you can see it. two, three, four, five Then we go fourth fret, but this time on the fourth string. So on the thicker string. And then to the open one, two, three, four, five four zero four zero, on the D string, on the fourth string. If you want to play along with me, join in two three four one two three, four five du, duuu one, two, three, four five six, seven fourth fret to zero To end that little section, it’s a ‘2’ , second fret of that same D string. those last three notes one, two, three one open string second fret from the top three, four three, four And that’s certainly the main part, that should be recongnisable if you listen to the song. As that particular song, this is what a riff for a lead line does, it makes a song recognisable. duu, duuu du, du, du, du, du, duu little bit slower three, four And then the last part of this riff Middle finger fifth fret this time, so this on mine, I’ve got two dots and the second dot is the fifth fret. one, two, three, four, five at the fourth string one, two, three one, two, three, one, two one, two, three one, two one At fifth fret fourth fret and second fret one, two, three, one, two, one So there’s a little bit of sliding happens here two, three the first finger one, two one And then, when I’m moving from fourth fret to second fret I never lift off the string, but I do lift off the fret board, so I’m sliding along the string but I’m not squeezing it, you see my thumb is over at the top, we slide and then press down again, press here slide relax, press down. But never letting go of the string. one, two, three, one, two, one so from the top, this would be one, two, three, four, five one, two, three one, two, three, one, two, one Really slowly now, last time, let’s play this together, give this a really good go guys this is towards the end of the video, the last thing, we can do this. From that first finger where it would be on a D chord here we go in two three four end part one, two, three, one, two, one and again three, four Stretch wise, if your fingers are on an angle it will be easier, or you can go with your third finger for these notes. For any of those higher ones if you prefer but we always want to start on first finger at that second fret. Very last time guys, here we go, one more time, we will do the riff twice in two, three, four And there is our song, so that lead line goes over the rhythm part that you’ve just learned. To copy the rhythm part exactly as I did in the intro, we do Up Down Up at the end. So pick, strum, pick, strum one, two, three, Up, Down, Up Now that does make it much more difficult because that is where we change chord. So I’m not expecting everyone to be able to do that, but if you needed an explanation of it and a demo here it is one last time really slow three, four The best thing to notice on that one is, on the last upstroke that I lift off to change chord. one, two, three, four one, two, three, Up, Down, Up is where we change chords That’s a little chord changing trick for you. Up, Down, Up It’s on the last up strum that you lift off your chord and that means we’re there. We can arrive on the next chord, your fingers are down from beat one. That is absolutely the most important thing when changing chords in rhythm guitar, if there is an up strum on the last beat of the bar, so on ‘four, and’ or even later than that make sure you’re lifting off your chord for that last strum. And it’s the coordination of that that will improve your chord changes. And that is the end of day six, thank you very much for joining me today. The idea now is that you’ll practice this for a further ten minutes along with the other songs that you’ve done over the last days, on the last few days following these videos And then join me tomorrow for day six where we’re going to be looking at some minor chords and some fingerstyle picking in another song. So it’s going to be without a pick next lesson tomorrow, so it’s going to be really for a lot of you guys wanting to learn acoustic guitar. Play some more intricate stuff with your right hand, but still great for beginners. And I hope to see you there, please subscribe if you’re enjoying this course so far and want to check out the rest of my videos. The link is down below in the description and on the screen now. Hopefully I’ll see you again in one of my videos, take care of yourselves guys and bye for now.

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